Campaign of the Month: October 2010

Wyrmshadow Campaign Setting

The Current in... A Burden of Prestige

Session C-5

Matt Mann as Reks Relagia
Vincent Pecoraro as S’zeves V’destrii
Marc Greco as Borgamat Cadash
Michael Graziano as Varen Gilles
Danielle Callan as Maerlyn Zau’Ombra
Andrew Kilduff as Moon Duskbane
Christine Scott as Eilora Thalonia

We rejoin our heroes as they rest in the Current safehouse. Moon Duskbane and Maerlyn Zau’Ombra, upon hearing of the possibility of a Drao Plague, depart to meet with a local Current medic named Mysra, hoping to gain some insight from her and ensure that this mysterious disease was not to cause for their recent physical ailments. Auleak departed with the two of them in the earliest hours of the morning, returning before most of the Current party had awoken.

Already awake, as he never truly slept, was Borgamat. Borgamat stood at the window, curtain drawn ever-so-slightly by the pommel of his broadsword, eyes scanning the streets for any sign of further danger, be it Kobold or Order or anything other. One by one the rest of the party awakened, and they began to discuss the many avenues they had at their disposal. Their goal, of course, was to clear the air with the Order of Draconius and prevent an all-out war from erupting between it and the Current. The recent events in an otherwise peaceful and secure Drogynia were likely adequate to spark just such a volatile reaction.

First among those events was the Kobold Uprising, and rumors were already circulating that the Current may be to blame, either directly colluding with Nykathia and her Kobold menagerie, or indirectly by facilitating their access to Drogynia. It was, of course, a ridiculous notion to Reks and the rest of the Current. Nothing in their past behavior would suggest such a thing as likely or even reasonably possible. However, other events in Drogynia may have loosened the already shaky reputation of the Current among the Order’s higher-ups, leading to such speculation attaining a stronger and stronger influence over their actions.

The second major event was the death of Sir Pac Sapius and two of his finest, most faithful paladins at the Barracks Breakout of Kelain three days earlier. The evidence against the Current was overwhelming. Recent inductee S’zeves V’destrii had personally slain Sir Pac, a well respected and quite famous member of the local Order, aided by Yadykath and Auleak, both long-time Current members. Kelain had in his possession a Locket of Recall containing evidence proving that Sir Pac had deliberately planned for Kelain’s eventual rescue to draw Order blood and incite anti-Current sentiment within the Order. However, it was unlikely that such evidence would be accepted at face value without some sort of corroboration.

Finally, the S.N.S. Haiku, a Shidi freight airship on which Reks, Moon, Mae, and Varen had stowed aboard, was the target of a mysterious theft. Precious cargo considered vital by Mame Solenara Calbane of Imperia was stolen, replaced by crates of useless metal scraps. Plastered on the ship itself and even on some of the junk-filled crates was the “C” symbol of the Current, etched into the wood and emblazoned by a fiery purple glow. This purple illumination was strikingly similar to that which S’zeves V’destrii was capable of creating. Further damning, Current member Varen Gilles had killed a dock laborer during his escape from the scene of the theft.

Perhaps, Reks thought, they would have stood a better chance against the Goblins in the east after all.

However, their course was set before them, and they were determined to remain in Drogynia and clear the Current of these charges, one way or the other. Varen had sent out a blanket request to all Current information sources in the area, asking for information regarding the one surviving Paladin from what was now being called the Barracks Bloodbath. That Paladin, according to Kelain, was in on Sir Pac’s plot and, as such, is the only evidence other than his Locket of Recall that would clear S’zeves of any real culpability. If they could find this Paladin and convince him to testify about Sir Pac’s entrapment scheme…

A knock at the door drew everyone’s attention. A single sheet of paper was slid beneath the door, the name “Varen” written across the top, a short, simple message written on the bottom. Varen read it aloud:

“Got info for you. Meet at Drogyn’s Bar – Merchant’s District. Two hours. – C”

After a brief discussion, it was decided to leave the safe house in small groups, each taking different routes to Drogyn’s Bar, each arriving at different times, in order to avoid rousing suspicion. A lump grew in S’zeves’s throat. Drogyn’s Bar again. It was as if there was a noose around his fate and the other end of the rope was tied to that place.

As the note was for Varen specifically, he and Reks arrived before anyone else. They found the bar mostly vacant save for the bartender, two tables toward the front with one patron at each, one man at the bar itself, and a small, secluded table in the corner. Reks took one look and knew that was the table they were looking for. He didn’t know the two people specifically, but even without the hand gestures, Reks knew a Current member when he saw one. One of the people was a half-orc in tarnished silver armor, a large, gleaming halberd perched against the wall behind him. He was nursing a steaming-hot mug of some noxious orcish brew and glancing in their direction. The other person was a stunning half-elf woman, obviously a spellcaster of some sort, rolling a glass orb between the fingers of her left hand while casually displaying the Current’s hand gesture with the other. Reks and Varen each met her hand signal with their own, then crossed the room to join them at their table.

Varen and Reks took a seat at the table, and Reks immediately set upon the half-elven woman with his charm. She politely acknowledged him, but seemed far more focused on the task at hand.

The half-orc introduced himself as Kohvar H’vahl, and his attractive companion as his friend, Eilora Thalonia. The two of them had gotten the word that Varen was looking for information about a Paladin, and they thought they would do a little snooping and see what they could dig up:

“The guy you’re looking for is named Eamon Casill. He’s being held up as a hero because he’s the sole survivor of the Current attack on the Order barracks, and now he’s the poster child for the Anti-Current trend within the Order. Thing is, the guy doesn’t seem too eager to lump himself in with the Anti-Current crowd.”

Eilora divulged that Casill was spending most of his time at the grave of one of the other fallen Paladins, Adelai Kestreńo.

They noticed that more of their group had begun to make their way into the tavern. S’zeves walked forward with Kelain and Borgamat while Auleak and Yadykath waited toward the front, each sitting at different tables flanking the entrance. The bartender began to visibly twitch as the group crowding around the table in the back corner grew larger and more diverse. Kelain quickly went over to him, smiling widely, and placed a fifty-gold note in his hand, telling him to buy a round for everyone, as it was his friend’s birthday. The bartender seemed to buy his story, and Kelain returned to the table, his absence going completely unnoticed by the rest of his team.

Kohvar asked S’zeves whether he was the one who killed Sir Pac, to which S’zeves answered an affirmative. However, S’zeves began to explain his rationale. Kohvar stopped him from going too far, saying he hated that sanctimonious blowhard as much as anyone, but this was bringing too much heat on the Current. Kohvar said that he had many friends within the Order and, as a result of some strange Current member’s crime, now he was guilty by association and they weren’t talking to him anymore. It was making things too difficult to deal with, so he made the trip from Eastport to Drogynia to see what the big deal was first handed. Suddenly, a strident voice called in to the tavern from the street outside:

“Varen Gilliss! This is the Order of Draconius! Come out with your hands up and your weapons down!”

Varen swore, saying that his name was pronounced “Guiles, not Gilliss.” Then, from across the table, Eilora’s ears twitched and her eyes beamed. Varen caught her staring at him and shook his head, gesturing an impatient “WHAT?” with his eyes. She bit her lip for the moment, but the time for questions would come soon. For now, the Order had come to serve an arrest warrant on Varen, and they had to get him and S’zeves out of that tavern immediately.

Reks asked the bartender if there was a back way out of the building, but the man was obviously more frightened and angry than Reks could handle. Kelain stepped in and, with a few smooth words, convinced the bartender to lead them to the building’s hidden exit to the alley behind the bar. Reks shook his head as he left, wondering aloud how Kelain always seemed to get his way. The rest of the team followed him out except for Borgamat, Auleak and Yadykath. They decided to casually stroll out the front of the building and buy the rest of the group a little time to get away.

In front of the bar were a pair of Order warriors, Alistaire and Willis, who immediately asked Borgamat, Auleak, and Yadykath if they had seen a man matching Varen’s description in the tavern. Not taking their word for it, the two Order guards strode into the building to scour it for any sign of Varen Gilles. Behind the building, Reks and the others had collected. It was decided to split up into three groups.

One group, comprised of Kelain, Kohvar, and Varen, would go to find Eamon Casill, hoping he would be found at the graveside of his fallen friend, Adelai Kestreńo. Another group, including S’zeves, Auleak, and Yadykath, would travel to the Drogynia Airship Docks and attempt to secure documentation that would let them know what the cargo of the S.N.S. Haiku was intended to be. They hoped that, knowing that the Order was after, they might be able to either find the missing cargo or at least get an idea how to prove their innocence of those charges. Finally, Reks, Borgamat, and Eilora re-entered the tavern to speak with the two Order guards, hoping to talk some sense into them and, failing that, get some insight into whether or not they were wasting their time even trying to reason with the incensed Order of Draconius. Reks intentionally told Varen not to tell him which group he was going with so that the two guards within the bar, most likely deception-sensing Paladins, would not be able to glean any insight as to Varen’s location during their discussion.

Reks, Borgamat, and Eilora re-entered the tavern to see that the two guards were now questioning the bartender, his nervous eyes twitching, his mouth fumbling for words, great torrents of sweat pouring down his receding hairline. Reks crossed the tavern to take some of the heat off the bartender, gaining the guard’s attention. The older of the two guards recognized him immediately as “Relagia, out of Shidi Ma” and inferred by their proximity that his two companions were also members of the Current. The older, more wizened guard asked Reks and his friends to have a seat and answer a few questions. Reks said he would do so, as long as they would entertain a question of his own. The younger guard, Willis, thought it an impetuous request, but the older one, Alistaire, shook his head and smirked, saying that he was game.

Reks asked them why they were looking for Varen Gilles. Willis looked to Alistaire, who nodded and said: “Varen Gilles is wanted for the murder of a dock worker two days ago at the Drogynia Airship Docks. He is also a person of interest in another case involving stolen property.” Reks asked that the other case was about, but Willis interjected that they already answered his question and it was his turn to answer some of theirs. Reks conceded the point and made good his promise to do so. They asked Reks and the others whether they knew Varen Gilles, and they answered honestly that they did. They asked whether they knew his whereabouts and they answered honestly again, saying that they did not know, but they were in his presence recently.

Alistaire asked Reks if he knew the penalty for abetting a fugitive, and Reks said that he had no intention of abetting a fugitive at all. Willis scoffed at that statement, saying:

“Do you honestly expect us to believe that the next time you see this character, you’ll either turn him in to the nearest Order officer?”

Reks said he had no intention of doing so, but that didn’t constitute abetting a fugitive. He promised that if and when he saw Varen, he would relay everything Alistaire and Willis said to him and encourage him to “do the right thing.” Willis began to protest, but Alistaire said “No. That’s really all we can ask of this man.” Alistaire then placed his fingers to his ear, nonchalantly positioning his Communication Crystal earring against his ear. He listened intently for a few moments, then said: “We’re en route there now.” Willis looked at him and asked what it was. He replied as they walked away that some guards located the “one with the purple glowing arm”.

As Reks, Borgamat, and Eilora exited the bar, they noticed that the two guards were heading in the wrong direction, as S’zeves’s group was heading south and Alistaire and Willis were heading northeast. Reks smiled and said that it was a ploy to get them to run after S’zeves and warn him, allowing them to follow Reks and his group right to their target. Instead, they opted to go to the cemetery, using an erratic travel route, splitting up and rejoining one another twice along the way, just to ensure that no guards followed them along the way.

Meanwhile, at the cemetery, Varen, Kelain, and Kohvar located the grave marker for the fallen Paladin, Adelai Kestreńo. Eilora’s assertion was spot on. Standing in front of the grave, shaking his head and softly whispering a prayer between sobs, was the sole survivor of the so-called “Barracks Bloodbath”, Eamon Casill.

Kelain approached Casill and offered him his condolences on his tragic loss. Casill thanked him, then suddenly became aware of who it was he was speaking to. Kelain was the prisoner that his friend Adelai had died to prevent escaping. Sensing a sudden turn against his favor, Kelain reminded Casill of Sir Pac’s true role on that day, of how he dragged Casill and the other two Paladins, including poor Adelai, into his scheme with him. Kelain asked whether perpetuating such a lie, becoming a hero under such false pretense, was befitting the memory of Adelai, or the duty of a sworn protector of Justice.

Varen and Kohvar added to Kelain’s argument as well, and before long, Casill had crumbled, admitting that he was no longer capable of hiding the horrible truth of Sir Pac’s plot. As Reks, Borgamat, and Eilora rejoined them, they saw Kelain placing a comforting hand on Casill’s shoulder and heard the Paladin say:

“You are right… I will reveal Sir Pac’s plot and my own deception to the Order. I… owe it to Adelai to restore his honor, even if it comes at the expense of my own.”

Reks asked Casill if he could meet with Archbishop Vikter Van Drake, offer him his confession personally, and give him an olive branch message from the Current asking for a face-to-face meeting between Reks and Van Drake. Casill sheepishly revealed that he was to see the Archbishop later that day anyway, as he was set to receive an award for valor as a survivor of the Barracks Bloodbath. He said that he would instead tender his confession to the Archbishop and implore upon him to grant the Current group his counsel.

As Cassil left to make good on his word, Kohvar said that he felt like he accomplished enough in Drogynia, and he had to move on to handle a few personal matters. He bade Reks and company good luck, reminding him that the reputation of everyone within the Current rested in their hands now. He then kissed Eilora on the cheek, thanked her for her help with this situation, and left the group. With that, Reks found a Little Bird and sent out a message to Auleak, telling him the location of a Current-friendly hideout near the Temple of Draconius in midtown Drogynia, and asking him to meet them back there when they were done with their part of the day’s activities.

On the opposite end of the city, S’zeves, Auleak, and Yadykath found their way within two blocks of the airship docks, learning upon arrival that their trip was a wasted effort. The Order had cordoned off the entire building and the surrounding area. There were dozens of guards within view, and many more were entering and exiting from the dock tower itself in a steady stream. S’zeves slumped to the ground, his back to the alley-side wall of a building in the shadow of the dock tower, and forlornly asked whether it would be better if he just turned himself in to the Order. Auleak and Yadykath looked to one another silently, then each of them shook their head. Auleak specifically said that it was a stupid idea, that it would do nothing to stem the anti-Current sentiments within the Order, and they would just have to rescue another Current member again and kill a few more Paladins along the way.

Suddenly, a patrolling Order guard noticed Auleak’s large frame in the shadows of the alleyway. As he moved to investigate, S’zeves and Yadykath saw the guard’s approach and ducked further into the shadows. The guard began to question Auleak, asking what his business was in this area, informing him of the ongoing investigation, and telling him to move along. Auleak, being in a stubborn mood already, told the guard he would move along on his own time, and to mind his own business. The guard was about to protest when Auleak made a threatening, intimidating gesture. Amazingly, the guard backed down, crossing the street and continuing his patrol. S’zeves smiled. Somehow, Auleak always seemed to get his way via violence.

Just then, a Little Bird landed on Auleak’s head, hopped down to his shoulder, and delivered Reks’s message.

A short while later, the entire Current team was reassembled in the basement of a bakery owned by another member of the Current. Kelain received word that a number of Current members were planning a violent protest during the ceremony commemorating Eamon Casill as a hero and officially denouncing the Current. Of course, that was not something anyone wanted to happen, and as Kelain was perhaps the best among them at convincing others to see reason, he departed to make contact with the disgruntled Current groups plotting the protest and attempt to get them to show some patience and hold back on their plans. In the mean time, S’zeves re-iterated his desire to just turn himself in, and Reks mirrored Auleak’s sentiments that it would only serve to further strengthen the Anti-Current sentiment.

Suddenly, there was a sound of muffled argument above their heads in the bakery, an abrupt collapse of a body, then another, and heavy footsteps from armored boots on the hardwood floors overhead. A small group ascended the rickety cellar steps to appear in the bakery’s storage room, and before long, they discovered the presence of several Order Paladins, led by none other than Hector Van Houten. One of the soldiers said: “No sign of them so far, Hector”, and his voice could be heard in response: “Keep looking. S’zeves is here. Count on it.

Varen, Reks, and Yadykath set up an ambush as any of the guards entered the storage room, whereas Borgamat prepared to launch a full frontal assault. S’zeves had another idea, however. He stepped in front of the guard nearest the storage room door, placing his hands in the air, and said: “I want to speak with Hector. He needs to hear what I have to say.” The guard looked to his left, obviously making eye contact with Hector in the next room, then nodded and turned his gaze to stare into S’zeves’s eyes. He stepped to the side, letting S’zeves stride into the main room of the bakery. He could see the bakery owner and his assistant knocked cold on the floor, flour still wafting in the air from the sudden conflagration of Paladins. Standing in the center of the room was Hector Van Houten, S’zeves’s first real friend in this world, now a man determined to be his enemy to the last.

Hector was different than he was when S’zeves last saw him a few days earlier. He was still wearing the same style of armor, but instead of the bright blue and gold fabric, his armor was silver and black. S’zeves attempted to reason with Hector, telling him that Pac forced his hand and set his own men up to die. Hector would have none of it, insisting that S’zeves took his kindness, his generosity, and finally, the best friend Hector ever had. S’zeves, realizing that blood would once more be shed, asked Hector what happened to his armor.

Hector replied: “I am an Avenger now. FOR PAC!”

The battle was met, and it was intense. During the fray, several of Hector’s squad of Paladins were met with the rest of the Current crew. Ascending the stairs to join them, Auleak moved to aid S’zeves while Eilora stayed at the top of the stairs lobbing her Storm Walk power at the Paladins. S’zeves denied Auleak’s help, saying that he had to deal with Hector personally. Hector said that he could not have agreed more, using his newly acquired Sequestering Strike to teleport himself and S’zeves down into the basement, where they could continue their battle personally. S’zeves tried once again to reason with Hector, but his words only served to further infuriate him. Fortunately, Hector’s anger-fueled outburst gained the attention of Eilora, who was standing at the top of the steps. She dashed to the bottom and unleashed her Chromatic Orb spell, which damaged Hector and left him dazed. This opening allowed S’zeves to take advantage and turn the tide of their battle in his favor. Hector was defeated, his Paladin companions slain, and S’zeves now had a very important decision to make.

Hector, if left alive, swore that he would continue to hunt S’zeves down to avenge the loss of Sir Pac. There was no way to convince Hector of S’zeves’s innocence. In his eyes, the blood staining S’zeves’s hand could not possibly be mitigated. Hector would also make life miserable for everyone within the Current in his continuing pursuit of S’zeves. Finally, Hector made it clear that, regardless of whatever evidence he showed about Sir Pac’s motives, he was Hector’s best friend, and Hector would stop at nothing to see him avenged. Borgamat prayed for guidance from the god of death, Veil. Moments later, a small black crow landed outside the window, pecking to be let in. Borgamat allowed the bird into the room, wherein it flew to a rest in front of Hector and began to let out a series of damning caws. S’zeves said he was sorry to Hector. Hector said Vespa would certainly finish what he had started anyway, causing S’zeves to stammer and pause. He wondered… would he have to kill her too?

S’zeves took Hector’s life, not with the blade of his sword, but with his bare hands. He broke Hector’s neck and laid his body down gently, closing his eyes with his fingertips, and began to weep for his fallen friend.

Back upstairs, Kelain rejoined the team as the baker and his assistant were helped back to consciousness. The deaths of these Paladins would inexorably lead to even more trouble for the Current, effectively negating all their efforts to quell the growing Anti-Current movement within the Order of Draconius. Kelain came up with an idea, but involved the baker and his assistant making a tremendous sacrifice. Reluctant, but ultimately willing to do anything to help the Current, the baker agreed to allow Reks, Kelain, and the others to burn down his building with the Paladins and Hector within, hoping it would look like the Order members rushed into the burning building to save the occupants only to be trapped within themselves and die in the flames.

The time had come to proceed to the Temple of Draconius for their meeting with Archbishop Van Drake, assuming that Eamon Casill had made good on his promises. En route to the temple, Varen noticed Eilora’s continued observation of him, and he asked her what it was she was so infatuated with. She asked: “Did you say that your name is Gilles?” to which he responded in the affirmative, thankful that finally, someone pronounced his name right. She was studying his eyes and he became frustrated even more than he normally was. She stammered, obviously struggling for the right words to say. She asked whether he was related to Narys Gilles from Imperia. He nodded and her eyes widened, a faint shimmer of tears welling in her eyes.

Finally unable to sedate his distaste for this woman, Varen asked her “What the hell are you looking at?”, and Eilora replied “I… I think I am looking at my son.” Varen wasn’t sure how to react to that, except to say, as politely as he could muster, that he thought that was both stupid and impossible in equal measure. Eilora couldn’t hide her disappointment at his reaction, but she decided, for the moment, to let the issue slide. Frankly, she couldn’t think of how to proceed with the conversation she knew they had to soon have anyway.

As they approached the temple, a preliminary scan of the area revealed that Casill had indeed come through for the Current. Around the back of the temple, a pair of doors led to a courtyard, where several Order archers stood perched high upon the surrounding walls, and standing next to an impressive Paladin was none other than Archbishop Vikter Van Drake himself. Reks and Kelain stepped forward to make the introductions, tendering their evidence against Sir Pac as he patiently listened. Eventually, after having heard all their testimony and weighed the evidence, including the confession of Eamon Casill, the Archbishop was ready to render a decision regarding the Current’s culpability in the deaths at the barracks three days earlier.

He found the Current innocent, as Sir Pac had entrapped them into a situation that was designed specifically to incite fear and hatred toward the Current within the Order. Upon Reks’s mention of Nykathia and the “Dark Lady”, Vikter grew tense and unsettled. He leaned over to the Paladin next to him and asked him to contact Tarrik Martok immediately. Almost everyone in the group suddenly became quite starstruck at the premise of meeting the legendary Tarrik Martok. However, S’zeves didn’t know who he was, and Varen and Eilora glanced at one another, Varen almost double-taking to see a similar emotion across Eilora’s face as his own upon Martok’s name being mentioned.

Reks asked the Archbishop whether or not he should also contact his father, Daythin. The Archbishop suddenly realized who was standing in front of him, greeting Reks as if an old friend, then giving condolences for the loss of Reks’s mother, Kurai. Vikter said that Daythin probably wouldn’t come if he knew that Tarrik would be there, as Daythin held Tarrik accountable for the death of his wife. Reks said he disagreed with his father’s assessment, but to his surprise, Vikter actually agreed with Daythin to a point:

“When you chase after a tornado, then you get swept up into the tornado, then your doom is of your own making. When you pull others toward the tornado with you, knowing what is at stake and doing so nonetheless, their doom is of your making as well.”

Vikter said that if he had lost his own wife under similar circumstances, if his children had to grow up without their mother, he would likely feel the same kind of resentment as Daythin did. Reks never thought of it in those terms, and began to rethink some of the attitudes he had toward his father over the years. Ten minutes in the presence of the Archbishop and Reks was already getting contemplative.

Vikter reminded them that there was still the matter of the death of the dock worker at the Drogynia Airship Docks two days ago. The evidence in this case, unlike the previous one, pointed clearly toward a guilty verdict. He asked that the Paladin place Varen Gilles under arrest. As the Paladin moved to place shackles upon Varen’s wrists, Eilora suddenly stepped in the Paladin’s way. The Paladin looked to Vikter, then told Eilora that obstruction of justice was also a prison-worthy crime. Eilora then shocked Varen and everyone else, including the Paladin and even Vikter, by claiming responsibility for the murder of the dock worker. Varen asked her: “What the hell are you doing?” She replied, weakly, “Saving your life, I pray.”

Vikter decided to allow the matter to rest until morning, instead offering the Current a meal and the temple’s hospitality for the night. He insisted that Varen and Eilora not leave the grounds, and the Paladin further requested that they all remain within the Temple until they decided what to do about this confession. Eilora seemed satisfied. Even though a conviction of murder carried the death penalty, she was pleased to have bought Varen a little more time, and hoped to explain matters to him before one of them was carted off to trial in the morning.

Vikter invited everyone to an elegant sit-down meal at the temple’s modest dining room. It was an awkward affair, but soon, Vikter made it even more so. Vikter turned his attention to S’zeves. He said that he had never seen one of his people, but he believed S’zeves to be a member of the Shadow Kind. S’zeves remembered that Shadow Kind was a common epithet for Shadar-Kai, but was thoroughly confused, as this was the first time anyone in this world had ever claimed to know what he was. Vikter clarified:

“Over a thousand years ago, the Phoenix King kept a series of journals. They were all but destroyed just before the War of the Night Sword. The Shadow Knight also kept journals…”

Vikter pulled a black-leather book with black pages, the text within scribed in a reflective red foil text. He began to read the Shadow Knight’s thoughts, his reason for committing mass genocide, his reasons for leaving the Drao to thrive while all other races were deemed expendable. The Shadow Knight referred to a race of people who would inherit the world under his shadow, much as the Ancients inherited a world under the Wyrm’s shadow. These people were called the Shadow Kind, and they matched S’zeves’s description exactly.

Even more peculiar were the markings on S’zeves’s arm. Vikter said that he had seen similar markings before, on Auriq Sinystre. He guessed that S’zeves was a Runometrist, and then added that they were scars caused by the abuse of Runometry…

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