Campaign of the Month: October 2010

Wyrmshadow Campaign Setting

The Current in... Into the Leviathan's Intestine

Chapter C-2

Matt Mann as Reks Relagia
Vincent Pecoraro as S’zeves V’destrii
Paul Vilbig as Borgamat Cadash
Michael Graziano as Varen Gilles
Danielle Callan as Maerlyn Zau’Ombra
Andrew Kilduff as Moon Duskbane

Reks Relagia, Varen Gilles, Maerlyn Zau’Ombra, and Moon Duskbane received a message via a Little Bird from Auleak, the Bugbear Current member from the Drogynia region:

“This is Auleak for Reks Relagia in Kouten, Shidi Ma. Kelain’s in hot water. Bring help fast, buddy.”

Reks didn’t waste any time in forming a small team to head to Drogynia and help Kelain out of whatever mess he had gotten himself into. Together with the Drao Maerlyn Zau’Ombra, her partner Moon Duskbane, and the mysterious rogue named Varen, Reks stowed aboard the first cargo airship he could find that was heading to Drogynia, the S.N.S. Haiku. As it set sail in the open skies over Kouten, Reks sent a reply via Little Bird to Auleak:

“On the way. Bringing friends. Sit tight. – Reks”

Two long days later, the four Current members were aching to leave the Haiku and stretch their legs, find out how to aid Kelain in dealing with his urgent situation, and get back to Shidi Ma as soon as possible. For that purpose, Varen volunteered to scout a return ship to stow aboard upon Reks-and-company’s success in helping Kelain.

As Reks, Moon, and Mae descended the Drogynian Airship Dock, a 33-story tower on the southern-tip of the city, they overheard the sounds of three people approaching from a few floors below on the same stairwell. They ducked out of the stairwell and hid, Reks attempting to ascertain who it was they were avoiding. It was the right decision to hide, as the trio ascending the stairs consisted of two Order of Draconius guards and an Order dignitary in a tight, white dress. They managed to overhear the woman mentioning that she was there to inspect the shipment that just arrived from Shidi Ma. Oddly enough, these three Order members were there to inspect the very same ship Reks used to smuggle himself and three other Current members into Drogynia.

After the dignitary and the two guards passed safely above them, Reks and company made their way to the ground level, finding themselves in an open park-like area. A few blocks north into the city proper they found a Current safehouse. Upon entering the room, Reks found himself the victim of an ambush, a slender blade poised at his neck. A voice called out from behind him: “Oh, it’s you, Reks!”

From various points in the room, other Current members revealed their presence to Reks’s crew. Among them were Yadykath, the Kobold ninja who had just placed his sword to Reks’s neck, Auleak, the Bugbear who sent Reks the Little Bird, newcomers S’zeves and Borgamat, and finally, none other than Kelain himself. Reks was relieved to find that Kelain was in one piece, but wondered aloud why they were called in.

Kelain introduced Reks, Moon, and Mae to S’zeves V’destrii, the man who just killed Sir Pac Sapius and freed Kelain from an Order lockup alongside Auleak, Yadykath, and recent recruit Borgamat, the Nomoid Avenger of Veil. Apparently, there had been a Kobold Uprising in Drogynia that claimed many lives, all orchestrated by a powerful Kobold called Nykathia. This Kobold had raided Drogynia in pursuit of some sort of object, which turned out to be a magical device called a Chime of Opening. This Chime of Opening was thought to be the key to unlocking a door within the long lost Burning Star Mines. If whatever was on the other side of that door was important enough for Nykathia to risk a massive raid on the Holy City of Drogynia, then the Current couldn’t afford to let her have whatever it was she sought beyond that door.

What’s more, in their raids of Drogynia, the Kobolds left absolutely no stone unturned. They ransacked the cemetery, disturbing the graves of hundreds, ripping the bodies from their coffins, sometimes just ripping right through the bodies themselves, all in search of that Chime of Opening… or so they thought. A smaller, secondary force of Kobolds were unleashed in Drogynia once more earlier that day, which gave S’zeves, Borgamat, Auleak, and Yadykath the opportunity to rescue Kelain from Order imprisonment, but threw the Order itself into utter disarray. For their heinous acts of desecration, Borgamat had been ordered by the Death’s Scythe Sect’s Priest Kraes to kill this Nykathia so that she could face the God of Death for her myriad crimes. Despite their relative apathy to the religious ramifications, Reks and the others agreed that Nykathia needed to die for what she had done, and that she should not be allowed to achieve her wicked goals, whatever they may be.

The Order had erected a formidable brick and mortar wall barring entry into or exit from the Burning Star Mines into which Nykathia wished to go. However, S’zeves and Auleak were able to lead Kelain, Reks, Moon, and Borgamat back to the Leviathan’s Intestine, a small, yet treacherous access cavern slightly north of the now bricked-off mine. Nykathia had been spotted within the Leviathan’s Intestine by S’zevas before, so they hoped to be able to go in and find her there again. Before leaving with the others, Mae became slightly feverish and asked to have a moment to collect herself promising to rejoin the group soon thereafter. Yadykath remained behind to guard her as she rested and accompany her back when she recovered, as he was one of the three who knew the way back to the Leviathan’s Intestine anyway.

Upon entering the Leviathan’s Intestine, the Current discovered that the Kobolds were lying in wait for them. A section of the floor was destroyed that had previously been used by S’zeves and Auleak to bound across a fifty-foot drop into deadly spikes. Two groups of Kobolds barred passage further into the caverns beyond the Intestine, a smaller group consisting of two Kobold Hurlers, two Cleavers, and a Wyrmpriest, and a larger group across the chasm consisting of four more Hurlers, three more Wyrmpriests, and two Slyblades.

The Kobolds on the near side of the Intestine were dealt with in short order, though the Current did not escape these early engagements unscathed. S’zeves had a particularly death-defying moment wherein he leapt through the air over the head of a Kobold Cleaver, spinning upside-down midair and throwing the Kobold the rudest hand gesture he could muster on short notice, then landing on the other side of a five-foot-wide drop that, had the jump failed, would certainly have killed him. It was an unnecessary flourish, a cocky bravado, and it got Kelain’s attention. For the rest of the melee, his eyes were glued to S’zeves’s every action.

Reks managed to position himself strategically and hit a Cleaver with such ferocious force that it caused the Kobold to topple into the chasm and to its doom. Later, the Nomoid Borgamat did the same exact thing to multiple Kobolds. However, it was at that point that the tables of the battle seemed to have turned. The stones from the collapsed cavern floor floated magically from the bottom of the spiked chasm, and a wave of Kobolds descended on the heroes, pinning them in the southern half of the Leviathan’s Intestine. A Wyrmpriest’s icy breath weapon caused Borgamat to slip over the edge of the chasm, a desperate last-second reflex of his forearms, coupled with the assistance of S’zeves, were the only things saving the 300 lb. walking suit of living armor alive. As he clung to the edge of the chasm, wave after wave of Kobold Hurlers lashed out at Borgamat, smashing him with Glue-conjuring crystals flung from their hurl pots.

From toward the back of the group, Kelain muttered a phrase: “Holy Gods in Arcadia, what the hell did he just do?” Reks looked at him quizzically, having no idea what he was talking about. There were only three Kobolds left, and two of them were badly injured. Reks rushed ahead to help Borgamat off the ledge and back to his feet, and thereafter the Nomoid Avenger and the Shadar-Kai Swordmage finished off the remaining Kobolds in the cave. Unseen, a final Wyrmpriest ducked back into the northern passage, likely planning to announce their arrival to Nykathia.

After the battle, the Current decided to take a short rest. Kelain took S’zeves aside and the two seemed to have a fairly deep and at-times heated discussion about something. Reks asked Moon, Borgamat and Auleak if they knew what it was all about. Moon was disinterested, his heart racing for some reason, and he had taken the opportunity to lay down on the cavern floor and rest for what little time they had to do so. Borgamat shrugged a negative to Reks’s question, whereas Auleak just stared blankly toward the northern passage, avoiding the question altogether.

When Kelain returned to the rest of the group, he had a pall of unease about him. Reks asked if he was okay, and he merely nodded, smiled widely, and began to whistle softly a tune that somehow, despite all the recent death, lifted their spirits just enough to give them the confidence to proceed further into the tunnels.

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