Campaign of the Month: October 2010

Wyrmshadow Campaign Setting

The Current in... Legacy of Pain, Part 1 of 2

Session C-7

Matt Mann as Reks Relagia
Vincent Pecoraro as S’zeves V’destrii
Paul Vilbig as Borgamat Cadash
Michael Graziano as Varen Gilles
Danielle Callan as Maerlyn Zau’Ombra
Andrew Kilduff as Moon Duskbane
Christine Scott as Eilora Thalonia

As the Current continued into the Bugbears’ domain, they found a passage blocked by magical darkness. Eilora made short work of this, and they found themselves in a large inverted-cone-shaped room with a brilliant light pouring in from a pinpoint hole hundreds of feet overhead. The floor was bowl-shaped, with standing water in the middle of it. The room was also full of Bugbears, including one that was wearing impressive black armor with a black jewel embedded into his forehead. He was juggling a pair of daggers and taunting the Current, asking them why it took so long for them to spring his trap.

Auleak freaked out, screaming “RATHOS!”, and lunged ahead toward the black-armored Bugbear, who grinned at him antagonistically. Battle ensued, Auleak nearly died (got nasty scar on his lower-right jaw), and Rathos escaped using a vial full of yellow glowing fluid, smashing it against a nearby wall and diving through the spilt potion. Borgamat tried to chase and wound up on his ass. Eilora identified it as a Potion of Portable Passage, a one-time-only potion that would only have gotten him into the next corridor. They gave chase, but to no avail. He had used several more potions in the twisting corridors beyond, giving him too big a head start.

While resting from the fight in the cone-shaped room, Auleak explained who Rathos was: A member of his tribe and the one responsible for killing Auleak’s entire family and exiling Auleak from the tribe. Auleak apologized, saying he couldn’t help himself. Rathos was atypical for a Bugbear, duplicitous, manipulative, not direct and forceful like the rest of his people. Auleak said that his people were never so organized, and seemed to be armed much better, trained much better than they used to be.

The light from above gave off a strange hue, blacklight, and descending through the light came an Angel of Death, Rythael. She called Borgamat forth and sent everyone else against the far walls in a flurry of inescapable pushing winds that also deafened them to the conversation she and Borgamat shared. She revealed that Borgamat was soon going to confront a being considered an enemy of the God of Death. Rythael descended in order to offer Borgamat her power in exchange for a share of the glory of reaping this enemy of Veil. She said that Veil was impressed with Borgamat, the only one of his kind to choose to worship the God of Death, despite the fact that Borgamat, like all Nomoids, was essentially immortal. She revealed that she wanted to be the youngest Archangel of Death in Arcadian history, and she thought an Infusion with Borgamat would be a great way to ensure that destiny. Borgamat agreed, asking for the name and identity of this enemy of Veil. She said his name was Gygax, and he was a notorious Illithid Necromancer and former associate with Testament.

The winds subsided, and though nobody else could hear the events that just transpired, they could all see the angel infusing herself with Borgamat, the visual looking like she was actually donning Borgamat as living armor. For the briefest of moments, her crimson, glowing wings and laser-like halo became a part of Borgamat’s body. Then, the effect faded. Reks remembered the tales of Sir Drogyn’s infusion with Belthazar, as did Kelain and several others. They also remembered the later, beneficial infusions with Grail and Kleyde. Rythael, within Borgamat, said to him internally that she hated being compared to the traitor Belthazar and that “dinosaur” Kleyde. She was going to prove Borgamat’s friends wrong about her, and become the youngest Archangel of Death in history. Borgamat was already starting to have second thoughts, as this was obviously a teenage girl ranting in his mind, and he could not shut out her voice.

The team continued onward and eventually came to discover the cries of a young Drao girl. She was beaten and obviously violated. She had broken shackles on, and after a brief panic at seeing Auleak (who left the area to save her added grief),Kelain calmed her down and convinced her to tell them her story. Her name was S’Vetya Ka’Zavosra. She was with a group of Drao kidnapped from Dusk. She overheard the Bugbears referring to the Drao as “specimens”. She managed to escape by levitating her chains around her… attacker’s… neck and strangling him to death. She took his keys and made her escape, then became lost until they came along. She didn’t see Rathos pass by this area, so he must have taken another path. However, she pointed the way back toward where she and the others were being held prisoner.

Kelain and Yadykath decided to get her back to Dusk. Reks and some of the others protested, but Kelain used his charms on Vespa, getting her to agree it was the right thing to do. She gave him a compass that would lead him back to them when he was done. She told him to hurry. S’zeves noticed that Vespa seemed quite enamored with Kelain, and began to immediately grow jealous. Kelain left to take the young Drao girl home, but not before the Drao girl noticed Reks and asked him if his mother’s name was Ku’Raysa Vo’Dazan. Reks didn’t know his mother’s original Drao name, only her chosen name in the Shidi language, but somehow, he knew this to be his mother’s name all the same. She revealed that a Drao she met within the Bugbear’s camp had a picture of Reks (same hair, eyes, and skintone) as a baby being held by Ku’Raysa Vo’Dazan, with Reks’s name written on it. The Drao’s name is Ko’Vasc. She does not know how he came to possess a picture of Reks as a baby, but knew him to be a very kind man.

Kelain left with Yadykath and S’Vetya, leaving the rest of them to proceed ahead and continue their quest, now with the added inspiration of avenging poor S’Vetya. Reks was perplexed about how this “Ko’Vasc” could have a picture of him as a baby with his mother, and why he would know her original Draoish name. S’zeves was preoccupied by Vespa’s apparent attraction to Kelain. Borgamat was trying to ignore the rants of Rythael. Moon and Mae took their doses of Deepseed Extract and wondered how long they would last if their supply of the concoction ran out.

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