Campaign of the Month: October 2010

Wyrmshadow Campaign Setting

The Current in... Legacy of Pain, Part 2 of 2

Session C-8

Matt Mann as Reks Relagia
Vincent Pecoraro as S’zeves V’destrii
Paul Vilbig as Borgamat Cadash
Michael Graziano as Varen Gilles
Danielle Callan as Maerlyn Zau’Ombra
Andrew Kilduff as Moon Duskbane
Marc Greco as Dante Herahd
Christine Scott as Eilora Thalonia

Our heroes ventured further until they came across an old, decayed Draoish sign, warning all who passed that beyond this point was officially regarded as the Underdark. For some, this was a homecoming. For others, it was a dreadful sign that their lives must have gone very wrong somewhere.

As the Current heroes continued onward, they could actually tell that they were delving into the Underdark. Physical light was less effective here. Torches only cast their light half as far as they once did, and even when an object was held directly under a source of light, it seemed dim and was difficult to differentiate from the hand of the one holding the object. After a brief discussion about taking extra precautions and avoiding unnecessary risks, a discussion that primarily targeted young S’zeves, Moon heard the sound of a distant cry that was suddenly silenced.

After a few dozen footsteps, the heroes found themselves surrounded by Giant Trapdoor Spiders. Several Current members fell into web-filled pits cleverly disguised by the devious, intelligent spiders. The spiders descended from above to begin collecting their prey, including Eilora, whose foot was snared in one of the spider’s web pits. As she was dragged up into the bleak darkness above, the rest of the Current had their hands full battling off the spiders. Eilora was nearly free, using her magical abilities to daze the spider lifting her, when the magical light from her star fire spell illuminated another hapless adventurer who had just recently fallen prey to the same trap. It was the source of the brief, silenced cry for help a few moments before the Current encountered the spiders.

Eilora used her dagger to slice apart the webbing that held the other man’s arms to his body, and he proceeded to arch his back and fry the spiders above with a burst of magical fire of his own. Together, Eilora and this man, Dante Herahd, climbed down the webs to rejoin the rest of the Current. Once all together, the heroes made short work of the spiders, who retreated back overhead and into the dark, shrieking in pain and bitter rage.

Dante told his story to the Current. He was conscripted by the Drao of Dusk to seek the cause of the recent abductions, and he went headlong into these caverns unabashed. Reks suggested that he was unwise to make such a journey alone, and Dante agreed, admitting that he had previously been accompanied by a small group of companions, but they were killed by Bugbears, and when Dante attempted to flee the Underdark, he was caught in the spiders’ trap. This was, fortunately for Dante, only mere minutes before the Current happened by. Determined to continue searching for the missing Drao, as he had promised, Dante pledged to follow the Current’s lead and fight alongside them.

Varen, Reks, and S’zeves scouted ahead and discovered an underground stream and a large open-air cavern, where a dust beach wrapped around the edges of the stream. There was a bridge, and several Bugbear tents lining either side of the stream. Varen could make out the form of several dozen Drao captives, chained to the far cavern wall on the other side of the stream, a trio of Bugbear guards pacing in front of them and accosting them with random pokes of their jagged spears. At the shoreline were several more Drao captives, guarded by three more Bugbears. These Drao were being forced to drag nets through the stream and catch Hookfish and other horrid Underdark river foods.

Realizing the danger that a sudden frontal attack could pose to the prisoners, it was decided to first form a solid plan of attack. That all changed, however, when one of the Drao prisoners at the shoreline decided to make an escape attempt. The Drao conjured magical Darkness and leapt into the stream. One of the Bugbears ran over to the bridge and drew a crossbow. The flow of the river brought the Drao directly beneath the bridge, and once he emerged from the other side, the Drao would be exposed. Reks wouldn’t allow that to happen, drawing out a shuriken and letting it fly into the side of the Bugbear’s firing arm, throwing his aim off and saving the Drao escapee’s life.

The Current rushed into the fray, with Eilora and Dante taking up the rear and providing as much distraction as possible, creating the illusion that there was a whole army coming in to attack the Bugbear tent village. It was an attempt to bluff the Bugbears into turning their attention from their prisoners and onto the Current instead. For a short while, at least, the attempt proved successful. Reks, S’zeves, Varen, and Moon began to attack the Bugbears on the bridge while Borgamat and Maerlyn sought to make his way across the stream and get between the Drao and their captors. Unfortunately, this put Borgamat and Maerlyn in severe danger, and it was up to Dante and Eilora to come to their aid.

After a long and bloody confrontation, the Current heroes succeeded in defeating all but two of the Bugbears and freeing the lion’s share of the captive Drao. As the two Bugbears escaped, one of them set off an explosive device that caved in the entrance to the chamber they escaped through. The Drao who was attempting to escape approached Reks and pledged his eternal thanks and loyalty. He, like S’Vetya, recognized Reks upon laying eyes on him, saying that he was prophesied by Ko’Vasc the Seer to be the “half-breed savior of the Dark Elf race.”

Tired from their battles against the Bugbears and the spiders before them, the Current made camp in the Bugbears’ tent village. During their rest, Varen, S’zeves, and Borgamat scoured the Bugbear tents, finding several potions, some mining equipment, and a crude map that the recent explosion just rendered useless.

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