Campaign of the Month: October 2010

Wyrmshadow Campaign Setting

The Order in... Legacy of Glory, Part 1 of 2

Session O-5

Greg Mann as Morik Martok
Vincent Pecoraro as Elosian Sylvres
Miguel Correa as Laurence Van Drake
Christine Scott as Aelanah Beastfriend
Danielle Callan as Rynee Windsong
Andrew Kilduff as Jaden Vale

Our story begins on the main deck of the Starlight, the Order airship that just rescued the party from Yonsalyre. The ship is en route to Drogynia. After a brief discussion about the preceeding chaos, the destruction of Yonsalyre, and the narrow escape of Dr. Aquila thanks to Rynee, Laurence decided to find a quiet place to sleep below-decks, taking a bottle of Yale with him as he went. Roena followed him down, shared a drink with him, and… let’s just say things happened. (Hint: What happened was sex)

Soon thereafter, the Order arrived at the airship docks in Drogynia. Mame Solenara Calbane greeted them at the docks, flanked by her trusted men, Alistaire Cambul and Willis Danakis. Solenara was overjoyed with Rynee for safely delivering Dr. Aquila to her, and took a brief walk with Rynee, explaining that the diplomatic corps had received an extradition request from Prince Vasshion of Quae Elfien, demanding that Rynee return to him at once. Solenara said that she could only use the excuse of duty to the Order for so long, then she thanked Rynee once again before having Dr. Aquila loaded onto her private airship and taken away to her labs in Imperia.

The Solstice Festival

Meanwhile, Laurence, Crossel, Mardak, and Elosian went to the Temple of Draconius at the center of the city. Laurence was scared for his grandfather, despite Solenara’s assurance that she had just met with the Archbishop and he seemed fine to her. The letter, according to Crossel, was most likely bait to lure Laurence out into the open, a trap set by that mysterious attacker on the Yonsal Road. When they arrived at the temple, Archbishop Van Drake was there, performing a Birth Rite for a newborn baby. The Archbishop finished the ceremony, then came to greet them. He said that neither he nor any of his people wrote that letter. He was disturbed at the presence of Elosian, and although he begrudgingly agreed to Crossel’s idea of making the alliance with Elosian’s demon liege, Revenon, he had very personal reasons for hating the idea. He then told Laurence to stay with him for a moment, and the others to go out and enjoy the festivities, as the Solstice had arrived, and the streets of Drogynia would be full of excitement that day.

He privately told Laurence that later, at a banquet in the temple, he wished to give something to Laurence. He confessed to have been very reticent about Laurence’s choice of becoming an Avenger at first, but now, he saw more and more of Drogyn in Laurence everyday, and he knew that it was the right choice after all. He said that Laurence’s parents look down upon him with pride.

Aelanah left to meet with her sister at the Concourse Park at a pre-designated area. There, her sister, Kaerysa Windblossom, told her that their other sister, Sarah, had a premonition about today, about something terrible that was going to happen here later in the day. That was why Kae had come to Drogynia to begin with, and why she summoned ‘Lanah here to meet her. She asked Aelanah’s help in averting this pending disaster, and of course, Aelanah agreed to aid her. In utmost privacy, Kaerysa explained their sister Sarah’s plan.

Morik, Roena, Jaden, and Rynee went to a Comm House, (OOC – a building not unlike those used to send telegraph messages back during the late 19th century) where they contacted Jaden’s mother, Caerdwyn, Morik’s father, Melchior, and Roena’s mother, Lucinda, all in an attempt to ascertain whether or not their parents might have a clue about who could be behind all the recent activities. The fact that it was likely a powerful spellcaster capable of drawing upon demonic energies led to some speculation of whether Lucinda Vale, formerly known as The Reaper, could have been involved. Luckily, it seemed that they ruled out any possibilities of that. However, overall it was a reminder to each of them why they left home to begin with. None of them got along all that well with their parents, it seemed.

With that, everyone went out to enjoy the activities on offer at the Solstice Celebration, a bi-annual fair where there were competitions, raffles, and other such activities. After spending the majority of the day partaking of the festivities, Elosian decided to find an attractive woman and have sex with her. He did so, but left the experience with a moderate rash and an itchy groin he would not soon forget. (Note from the future: It never stopped being funny!)

In their travels, they learned of the confession of one of the Paladins of the Order, who revealed that Sir Pac had organized the bloodbath at the barracks on purpose in order to incite hatred among the Order toward the Current. It seemed that, even though the Paladin confessed, there were many who continued to harbor ill will toward the Current, and they learned of a growing movement, a sect within the Order calling itself the Anticurrent.

The Banquet

They were summoned to the banquet at the Temple. Aelanah excused herself when they arrived and were seated. Revenon told Elosian that there was a demon-thrall present in the room somewhere. He told him to be patient, so as not to spook the thrall. Revenon wanted to track the source of this thrall’s energies, hoping it would lead him to whoever was supplying the Goblins, Kobolds, and gods knew what else. Suddenly, one of Solenara’s men, Willis Danakis, stood from his seat alongside the Archbishop, and sunk a dagger deep into Vikter’s chest.

Chaos erupted, Willis began to run, flashing the Current hand gesture, and Solenara, in shock, ordered his immediate capture. Laurence rushed over to his Grandfather, finding him already dead, and unresponsive to magical healing. As Willis attempted to escape, a slime slipped off of his face, sinking into the drainage grates nearby. Willis looked confused as all those in the room sunk their deadly blows into him, actually asking “What have I done?” before he died. The slime was the true culprit!

Crossel and Mardak grabbed the drainage grate and tore it from the floor, and everyone began to give chase. The slime proved elusive and quite powerful. It ran all the way to the aqueduct, where it latched onto the face of a sleeping vagrant, the vagrant smirked at them and screamed “Down with the Order!”, then flung himself toward them, the slime detaching again as it’s human ballista smashed into them. It then dove toward freedom, the waters of the aqueduct below him.

Suddenly, the waters began to part beneath him, and the slime smashed against the dry bottom of the aqueduct’s water basin. It looked around, confused, then arched upward to regard Kaerysa Windblossom, who was floating overhead and parting the waters of the basin. She told them “Shoot it with lightning!”

Within, from the shadows behind the altar, Aelanah appeared and beckoned Laurence to follow her. He did so, but was angry and confused, wondering why he shouldn’t be chasing down the creature that just killed his grandfather. Aelanah told him that his grandfather was not dead, and led him into the antechamber behind the shrine, where he saw a man in black robes leaning over a metal chest. It was the Archbishop!

Back outside, Revenon told Elosian to plant his glove against the slime so that he could sample it and hopefully lead Elo and his allies to the source of its power. He did so, and it was revealed that the demon was there, in the temple, back at the banquet hall! Elo and most of the rest rushed back inside, Kae and Morik remaining behind to finish the slime. Both Kae and Morik seemed to fall a bit in love with one another.

The Holy Flame of Greenmeadow

Back inside, in the antechamber, Vikter revealed to Laurence the reason for this ploy. It was to draw out their true enemy, someone within the Order who had been sowing seeds of dissent, someone who sought to usurp his power. This plot to assassinate him was revealed by Sarah Silverstem. Vikter revealed that Aelanah’s real name is Aelanah Silverstem, and that she, Sarah, and Kaerysa, are the triplet daughters of Ryss, the god of Nature. They were also the founders of the Current! Finally, Vikter presented Laurence with the Holy Flame of Greenmeadow, the same Flaming Greatsword once wielded by the Archangel Grail and later by Sir Drogyn Martok. Laurence took the blade in hand, and Vikter said: “This was all to draw out our enemy, and they have revealed themselves to us. Laurence, let’s go deal with her now.”

Back in the banquet hall, Solenara announced that she was taking over the Order in the absence of the Archbishop. She declared that the Current was responsible for the assassination of Vikter, and now, the entire Current organization was to be considered a hostile threat to the safety and security of Wyrmshadow. Vikter’s voice called out “Not so fast, usurper! Laurence, arrest that woman, if you can call her that.”

Solenara protested, demanding an explanation. Vikter said that he now saw through her façade, and she may as well give it up. She shrieked in anger and dropped her human guise, taking on the form of Kalbaeon, an archdemon! As Elosian entered, Revenon wondered how it was possible that she was here, because he had seen her there in Infernia only weeks prior. Someone must have opened a Hellryft large enough to bring her there! Morik entered, mouthing the words “What the f#$k?” Rynee was beside herself, unsure how to react. Kalbaeon said that it was Rynee that she despised most of all, with her endless optimism and naïve outlook on life. She said it would be her pleasure to wipe that innocence from her pathetic face once and for all. As she began to lunge toward Rynee, Jaden stepped in the way…

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