Campaign of the Month: October 2010

Wyrmshadow Campaign Setting

The Order in... On the Road to Yonsalyre


Greg Mann as Morik Martok
Vincent Pecoraro as Elosian Sylvres
Miguel Correa as Laurence Van Drake
Christine Scott as Aelanah Beastfriend
Danielle Callan as Rynee Windsong
Andrew Kilduff as Jaden Vale

Within a dimly lit tavern called the Singing Stirge, sitting at the furthest table from the door, eyes glued to the entrance, was a young man named Elosian Sylvres. Elosian was a warlock, a ritual spell caster who had formed a pact with a demon named Revenon of Stalakh. However, this demon’s Infernal nation of Stalakh was part of the Pylean Restoration, a massive resistance coalition that had been fighting a violent civil war against the forces of Lord Asmous the Foul for over 25 years. Revenon had followed the youthful exploits of a human thief, finding him resourceful and charismatic, open-minded while purposeful and insightful. This young thief, Elosian, was exactly the kind of being Revenon needed to recruit into the Stalakhi war efforts.

Elosian bore upon his right arm a Pact Glove, a skin-tight metal gauntlet through which he could channel Revenon’s aether and wield his fiendish power. It was also a method by which Revenon and Elosian could communicate with one another, an illusory, blade-toothed maw appearing in the palm of Elosian’s hand, but only to his own eyes, and the voice of Revenon resounding from within that mouth, but only to Elosian’s ears.

A silvery-skinned Dragonborn entered the tavern, accompanied by a young man a few years Elosian’s junior, wearing red cloth armor and carrying a fancy-looking falchion. These were the men upon whose arrival Elosian was awaiting. The voice of Revenon called out to him:

“Remember, you are to use no deceit, make no false claims, in joining the Order. We don’t want there to be any misunderstanding. We are allies. Do you understand?”

Elosian murmured an affirmative, to which Revenon said that he believed Elosian was the right choice for this assignment, and that he would do well on behalf of the Pylean Restoration. The Dragonborn, Crossel, crossed the tavern to offer Elosian a handshake, introducing himself as Crossel Martok of the Order of Draconius, and introducing the other young man as his associate Morik. Crossel jokingly asked Elosian for a more memorable, less complicated way to refer to him. The warlock said: “You can call me Elo.”

The two men sat down to hear Elosian’s reasoning for seeking out an Order recruiter like Crossel, revealing his relationship with the demon Revenon, informing Crossel and Morik of the ongoing war between the Pylean Restoration and the evil legions of Lord Asmous. He was sent to join the Order because they share a common goal with the Pylean Restoration, and having an agent of their will among the Order would facilitate a most effective cooperative effort between the Order and the Pylean Restoration Army (P.R.A.).

Crossel consulted Morik, whose only concern was a division of priorities and loyalties. Elosian reassured the two Order members that there would be no conflict of interests because they all wanted the same thing, the eradication of demonic interventions within Wyrmshadow and the hope of a free Infernia.

Crossel noticed a familiar face across the room, that of Laurence Van Drake. Laurence was an Avenger of Draconius, a righteous warrior of vengeance against the enemies of justice and law. As Crossel approached Laurence, he immediately noticed a large number of empty Yale mugs strewn about the lone soldier’s table, a half-full mug of Yale still clasped in Laurence’s hand. The avenger seemed preoccupied with something, but Crossel decided to forgo intrusion into Laurence’s personal life. Instead, he beckoned for Morik and Elo to join Crossel at Laurence’s table. Morik seemed visibly uncomfortable with the idea, which Crossel realized was due to Morik’s reticent attitude toward the Martok family name. Elo didn’t know that Morik was a Martok, but Laurence did, and if Laurence made mention of that, Morik would have been embarrassed. Crossel leaned in to ask Laurence to keep Morik’s surname under wraps around the “new kid”, a request Laurence was happy to oblige.

Crossel asked if Laurence would be willing to take Elo into his unit. Laurence was confused at first, because he was never deemed ready to command his own unit before, and it seemed that Crossel was making him an offer. Crossel qualified his request by saying he would have to pass it by Captain Sapius first, but he was certain there wouldn’t be a problem. With that, Crossel called for another round to be brought to their table by the tavern’s lone waitress, saying that a celebration was in order.

Across the tavern sat a lovely young elf woman, her hand resting gently on the top of her cougar companion’s purring head. She observed the Order’s celebration from a distance, smiling subtly at their rowdy antics. Sometimes the Order’s men surprised her, as they had a reputation for being stuffy and pig headed most of the time. Seeing them in this relaxed atmosphere reminded her that, despite their excessive reliance on law and structure, they were still decent people deep down. This young elf woman’s name was Aelanah Beastfriend, and she was secretly a member of the underground syndicate known as The Current.

Eventually, Crossel announced that he had some paperwork to turn in so that Elo’s membership in the Order would be legitimate. Morik, too, had to leave, eager to rejoin Roena and get her away from that smooth-talking Current bard, Kelain. Crossel told Elo to be at the Order barracks at the corner of Sawkin Street and Grand Concourse Avenue. With that, the four Order members dispersed.

Elsewhere and later…

Five figures strolled along the Grand Concourse Avenue, through Concourse Park, toward the Drogynia Airship Docks. The docks were a 33-story gleaming glass and granite tower, thin and mololithic as it rose, then blooming at the top three stories like a five-petal flower. Airships could be seen docking and setting sail from the docks above. A 20 foot square platform held afloat on magical energies smoothly ascended and descended the tower’s central structure. Two of the five figures approaching the docks, guards with the Order of Draconius, craned their necks skyward to catch a glimpse at the remarkable building. The other three travelers, a pair of lovely women and a silent, serious young man, seemed preoccupied with other matters.

One of these five was a young wood elf by the name of Rynee Woodsong. She was busily jotting the musical notes of a tune she was sweetly humming into a small black notebook. Rynee was eager for the opportunity to relax, tune her lute, and see where this new melody might lead her. Just the thought of it brought a smile to her lips. Her happiness was an inverse mirror to the stoic young man striding beside her. His name was Jaden Vale, and he was far more concerned with the moment, far more interested in their assigned task, and far removed from the blissful ennui of Rynee.

The fifth of this small group was a beautiful, blonde-haired, blue-eyed human dressed in a tight, flowing white dress. She was Mame Solenara Calbane, a knight of the Order of Draconius and a member of the Imperian aristocracy. Like Jaden, Mame Solenara was stoic and serious, but unlike Jaden, this was not Solenara’s usual disposition. She seemed concerned about Rynee specifically, obsessing with maintaining her youthful exuberance, her innocence, and her vivid, artist’s naiveté. Solenara had often brought Rynee along with her on missions, not as added protection or muscle, but as a reminder of her own innocence, innocence that the past few years had begun to quickly erode from under her feet. A woman of over forty years, she still looked like she was in her early twenties, but she felt dreadfully old and achingly out of touch with her old self… except for when she spent time with Rynee.

This mission, however, was of such dire consequence that Rynee’s presence caused Solenara more distress than calm. This, after all, could be the dreaded moment when Rynee stopped being the exuberant, charming, vigorous young woman Solenara so cherished. This could be when Rynee stopped being special, and Solenara was in dismay over that very real possibility. As the five members of the Order of Draconius reached the entrance into the Drogynian Airship Docks, Solenara politely turned and gave a half-hearted smile to Rynee:

“My dear, I would… prefer it if you remained here. I think it would be best to examine the shipment from Shidi Ma personally before summoning you up to meet me. Jaden, would you be an angel, stay here and keep an eye on dear Rynee?”

Both Rynee and Jaden agreed to remain below while Solenara entered the docks with the other two guards flanking her. Rynee eagerly, gingerly skipped across the street to find a comfortable seat on a park bench near a gentle, bubbling brook. Jaden rolled his eyes, folded his arms, and stayed where Mame Solenara ordered him to stay. As far as he was concerned, Rynee was still within eyeshot, and this was the Holy City of Drogynia after all. What harm could possibly befall them there?

Rynee busied herself with her lute, fidgeting with the D string as she always did, never really satisfied until it was just right. It was an old lute, but it was her favorite since she was very little, and despite everyone telling her to just get a new one that wouldn’t always go out of tune, she could never bear to part with it. So focused was she on getting the D string to emit a perfect note that she didn’t notice a trio of Kobolds slowly creeping up on her, readying their weapons for the kill.

Suddenly, a fiery translucent skull shot through the air nearby, crossing over Rynee’s right shoulder and crashing with a resounding splash into the brook behind her. She looked up just in time to see the three Kobolds about to ambush her, a strange man standing behind them. This man, donning a black, pinstriped suit and dark sunglasses, wearing a gleaming gauntlet on his right arm, was Elosian Sylvres, recent initiate into the Order of Draconius. Jaden noticed the Kobolds and the man in the black suit, running as fast as he could to come to Rynee’s aid. Rynee stood from her comfort, cursing the interruption, and lashed out at the nearest of the Kobolds. Approaching the battle from the east- and west- sides of the Grand Concourse Avenue were Morik, Roena, and Laurence Van Drake. Suddenly, the three Kobolds found themselves horribly outnumbered and outclassed, and they began to attempt a full retreat.

Rynee smiled, took a deep breath, and returned to her park bench, going back to work on her lute. For her, combat was just another form of art, so leaving the battlefield to pick up her lute once more was akin to a painter switching from one brush to another. The Kobold that Rynee had struck with her sword made the mistake of crossing paths with the inebriated, surly form of Laurence Van Drake, who battered the creature to the ground with a savage thrust of his small shield, driving the Kobold hard into the ground and quite nearly knocking it unconscious in the process.

As the Kobolds struggled to escape, a pair of arrows sped through the air from the overgrown Redberry bushes lining the Concourse Park entrance. These arrows found purchase in one of the fleeing Kobolds, while a tawny-coated cougar dashed out from the brush and sank its claws into another terrified Kobold. The arrows were fired by Aelanah Beastfriend, who had been following Elosian in secrecy ever since he left the Singing Stirge Tavern earlier in the day. These Kobolds, had they escaped, might go on to cause even more damage to the beautiful Holy City and its inhabitants, and Aelanah couldn’t sit by and let that happen any more than these Order members could.

However, the Kobolds stood no chance of making good their getaway, the last of them crushed by a brutal swing of Laurence Van Drake’s broadsword followed by a fierce Eldritch Blast from Roena Martok. As the last of the Kobolds fell, a sudden, eerie calm filled the area, followed by the first few lilting notes of Rynee’s song wafting warmly on the air. She had finally gotten her lute in tune, her eyes closed to the violence before her, her soul lost to the music flowing from her fingertips.

Aelanah slunk back into the overgrown Redberry bushes while everyone else’s attention was drawn to the entrance of the Airship Docks across the street, where Mame Solenara and her two guards rushed out in a panic. The two guards frantically searched up and down the Grand Concourse Avenue while Solenara crossed the street and beckoned Rynee and Jaden toward her. Mame Solenara said that there had been an unexpected complication, to which Jaden replied: “We know! Kobolds in Drogynia!” Solenara became confused, shaking her head before seeing the three Kobold corpses on the ground nearby:

“The Kobolds are peculiar, but they are insignificant compared to this. A member of the Current, young, thin, wearing a blue mask, came out of the docks and ran off. It is imperative that he be found. Alive.”

Eagle-eyed Morik spotted a patch of broken glass on the road in front of the tower, glancing up to see that windows on the twentieth and twenty-fifth floors had been broken. He noticed disturbed areas of the glass, indicating footprints heading east along Grand Concourse Avenue. The guards sped off in that direction, giving Morik their thanks for his attention to detail, which also impressed Mame Solenara. She then said: “Rynee, my dear, would you walk with me for a moment? There is something I need to discuss with you…”

While Rynee and Solenara walked off with one another, Roena, Morik, Laurence, and Elos introduced one another to Jaden. Morik recognized Jaden almost immediately, as did Roena, though they obviously didn’t make much of an impression on Jaden as he didn’t really seem to recall them, or if he did, he didn’t seem to care.

Aelanah had noticed during the battle what Solenara and the two Order guards were so upset about: a blue-masked member of the Current named Varen, who darted out of the building and headed to the eastern merchant’s district. With Morik’s aid, the two guards were now hot on Varen’s trail, and Aelanah felt that Varen might need her help, and so she went off looking for him. She knew of a few Current hideouts in that general direction.

Rynee and Solenara returned from their private discussion, and Solenara went immediately to speak with Laurence Van Drake. Laurence was still intoxicated from his long, hard afternoon of drinking away his problems, and so he was perhaps a little unsophisticated when dealing with a superior member of the Order, and an Imperian aristocrat no-less. Solenara told Laurence that he was to assemble a team of no more than six to make an immediate journey to the Halfling city of Yonsalyre about four day’s travel to the east. There, he was to find a Halfling pharmacist by the name of Dr. Aquila, ensure his safety, and convince the doctor to move his practice to Imperia, where he would be safe. This raised Laurence’s suspicions, and so he asked several questions. First, he wanted to know why he was to bring no more than six with him to Yonsalyre, to which Solenara answered: “Any more would likely raise unwanted attention from the Current.” Second, he asked why the doctor should relocate, and what he had to be afraid of. Solenara replied: “We have reason to believe that the doctor’s life is in immediate danger from the Current, and the only way to ensure his safety is for you to do exactly as you have been requested, my good knight. As an Avenger of the Order, you are required to do no less.” Laurence agreed to this quest, and Solenara said: “you leave on the morrow. Gods speed to you all. Take care of sweet Rynee, will you, Jaden?” Jaden nodded an affirmative, and Mame Solenara went to rejoin her guards in their pursuit. Morik wanted to accompany them, but the guards discovered the same thing he did, the glass footprints seemed to have been intentionally wiped away after about a half a block’s distance, a few straggling onlookers, likely Current members themselves, had possibly done so to aid this blue-masked young man in escaping their capture.

Laurence recruited Morik, Roena, Rynee, Jaden, and Elos for the quest to find Dr. Aquila. Morik was confident that Crossel would want to be the sixth member of Laurence’s team. In the mean time, if they were to make a long journey in the morning, Laurence believed it would be in his best interests to return to the barracks and get some much needed rest, hoping the obligatory morning-after hangover didn’t further complicate matters.

Meanwhile, Aelanah Beastfriend succeeded in tracking Varen. He was wearing someone else’s black hooded cloak and escorted by two others, one a tall, attractive Drao woman, the other a short, squat creature wearing a gray flannel overcoat twelve sizes too-big. Current members along the way must have hastily thrown them disguises in order to facilitate their escape. From beneath his hood, Varen noticed and looked up into the eyes of Aelanah. She non-chalantly flashed him the Current’s hand gesture, and he nodded and beckoned her to follow the three of them inside a Current hideout. They made their way through the hideout, a seedy teahouse filled with the sound of low jazz-like music and heavy pipe smoke, to sit at a small, round table in the far corner of the place.

Varen told Aelanah and the two others seated at the table, Maerlyn Zau’Ombra and Yadykath Rathsqar, that they had a huge problem. Apparently, the ship that Varen, Reks, and the others had stowed away aboard, the S.N.S. Haiku, was supposed to be carrying something really important, something Mame Solenara of Imperia said was: “vital to the future of our fragile peace.” Whatever it was, it wasn’t on board the ship, and they found signs that the freight had been hijacked and stolen by The Current. Then, they found Varen, knowing him to be a Current member, and gave chase. He managed to escape, but it looks like someone is setting the Current up as the fall guys for this theft.

Whatever this cargo was, it was important enough to send a “big shot” like Mame Solenara Calbane all the way from Imperia in order to inspect it. Everyone at the table believed that whoever had this cargo shouldn’t be allowed to keep it, and if it was that important to “our fragile peace”, then it should probably be returned to where it belongs before all hell breaks loose and The Current becomes a pariah. It was mutually decided that someone should try to find out what was supposedly taken from the S.N.S. Haiku and report back on the Order’s progress in their investigation. As she had ingratiated herself to the Order by aiding them against the Kobolds in Concourse Park earlier, Aelanah volunteered to be the Current’s spy within the Order. She left at once to find the Order team, knowing that by now, they should be heading back to their nearby barracks at the corner of Sawkin Street and Grand Concourse Avenue.

On the way back to the barracks, the Order team saw signs of the recent Kobold Uprisings, flattened, exploded buildings, charred scorches and marks of blood on the streets. Jaden and Rynee were unaware up until then that there had been any Kobold activity in the city at all, much less multiple large-scale invasions.

When Laurence and his team arrived back at the barracks, they found a massive convocation of Order soldiers, paladins, and avengers lining up outside the building, crowding the doorway leading inside. From outside the crowd, Morik made out the presence of Crossel from within the building, calling out his name, then calling it out again even louder, eventually drawing the Dragonborn’s attention. Crossel glanced at him, then held up his finger, telling him to wait a moment. Crossel and three other Order knights knelt down, disappearing from view for a few moments, and a sudden, somber silence filled the air. When they stood, they were supporting the body of a fallen paladin… the body of Sir Pac Sapius.

As the body was taken from the barracks, every Order soldier along the path aided in some way to carry the weight of his body, every one of them certain to touch his armor and hold him up over them at least once, in an Order of Draconius tradition. After Laurence had done his part, tears welling in his eyes, he suddenly became very angry, shouting out: “How did Sir Pac fall to a bunch of Gods-damned Kobolds?” Near him, a sullen, angry Elf Warlord, another member of the Order, assured him: “This wasn’t the work of Kobolds. The Current did this to Pac. The Current did this to all of us.” The Elf, unbeknownst to Laurence and the others, had up until recently been an advocate for the recruitment of S’zeves V’destrii, the very Current member who was most culpable for Sir Pac’s death.

Roena began to panic, insisting that there must have been some mistake, that the Current couldn’t have been involved, begging Crossel to tell her that Kelain wasn’t involved at all. Crossel replied: “Sir Pac and two other Paladins of the Order were killed by a Current strike force that was sent to break Kelain out of the barracks earlier today. That makes him an accessory to Pac’s murder, I’m afraid.” Roena was so preoccupied with Kelain’s innocence that her seeming lack of reverence for poor fallen Sir Pac infuriated Crossel, who took her chin into his hand and reminded her, far too harshly, where her loyalties should lie and for whom her tears should be falling. Roena ran off, beside herself in grief, while Morik lambasted Crossel for coming down too hard on her. Morik said: “Crossel, what the hell are you thinking? She knows where her loyalties are, and you know it.” Crossel was still heated, insisting: “She’s got to grow up sometime, Morik” to which Morik replied “Making her feel like shit isn’t going to make that happen, Crossel.” Crossel cooled down in a hurry, admitting his fault and rushing off to find and apologize to Roena.

Roena had ran into a nearby alleyway and collapsed into a seated position, tears flowing heavily, panicked sobs of: “It can’t be true” muffled between bursts of unrestrained wailing. She was overwhelmed with grief, so much so that she didn’t even realize that there was someone standing right there next to her. A warm, furry, whiskered face pressed under her clasped, tear-soaked hands and forced itself against her cheek, rubbing its soft, gentle chin against her face. She instinctually pet the large cat as it tried to console her from her worries, then looked up to see the Eladrin girl, the archer, that had aided them earlier in Grand Concourse Park. She was still sobbing, but the pretty young archer knelt down to ease her down from her panicked distress. Suddenly, Crossel rounded the corner, barely noticing the Eladrin girl’s presence, and took Roena up into his arms. He said “I am so… so sorry, Roena.” Roena buried her face into his chest and let her tears flow, but a few moments later, they heard the sound of the funeral pyre being lit nearby, looking over to see Laurence doing the honors personally.

Crossel then noticed the Eladrin and offered her his hand. “I’m Crossel Martok of the Order of Draconius. You are?”

Aelanah introduced herself, and Roena, having recognized her as having helped them fight off Kobolds in the park earlier, vouched for Aelanah. Crossel asked if Aelanah had any interests in joining the Order, grimly looking to the high licks of flame raising from the funeral pyre, saying grimly: “We can now use all the help we can get.” Aelanah didn’t waste any time thinking it over, saying she would definitely like to help in any way she could. Roena excitedly said that they could probably use her company on their mission to Yonsalyre.

Laurence and the others, with newfound resolve, decided not to wait until morning to begin their journey to Yonsalyre. Laurence wasn’t drunk anymore, the death of Sir Pac a most sobering experience. Morik mentioned that now, this mission was far more personal, and he wouldn’t dream of doing it for a profit. Roena reminded him of his “dream” and that he would need all the money he could get his hands on to make “it” happen, to which he nodded and said: “I know. You’re right.”

Without further delay, the Order group departed Drogynia via the Braony Trail heading east. As the party approached the Kabuhm-Braony Crossroads, they began to notice signs of recent combat. Blood was spilt upon the road and had recently dried up. A two-story stone building had recently been broken into, a new, steel door mounted to replace a shattered, wooden door, shards of which were loosely stacked in the field adjacent to the building. Crossel called for the party to halt, gesturing with his hands for Morik to glance northward toward the Kabuhm Trail and Roena to watch the crossroads proper while he, Elos, and Laurence began to scout ahead. Aelanah suddenly called out a warning, as she saw the glinting reflection of Goblin eyes in the near distance, and these Goblins were attempting to flank the party. A battle ensued between the Order of Draconius and the Goblin Highwaymen. This was the first true test of the Order group’s ability to work as an effective combat unit, and it was a glorious success. During the fight, Morik heard the Goblins’ leader bellow in Goblish to his men that they musn’t let this party get past them at all costs. Before long, all but three of the Goblins were dead, one of them a Hexer, one a Blackblade, and the last one their leader, Kizzik Kelket. Kizzik, realizing that he had lost and that he had no viable means of escape, recognized the symbol of the Order of Draconius, stabbed his gleaming blue short sword into the ground, and offered Laurence Van Drake his surrender. Laurence responded to the surrender by bashing Kizzik’s face in with the edge of his shield, knocking him deep into unconscious.

The battle was won, and with no casualties on their part. However, it was long after midnight, and most of the heroes were utterly exhausted. They decided to hold up within the two-story building for the rest of the night, tying the Goblins up so that they could be interrogated. Among these goblins’ possessions the party found a total of 300G in gold notes, four hand crossbows, a small masterwork scale armor in black metal, an intact Hexer’s Rod, and a faintly glowing blue sword that Jaden identified to be a Frostbrand Short Sword. The heroes divvied up the spoils before settling in to the stone building for the evening, Jaden claiming the Frostbrand as his own, giving up his portion of the gold notes in exchange for the moderately powerful weapon. Elosian was consulted by Revenon via the Pact Glove on his right arm, told by Revenon to claim the Hexer’s Rod immediately.

Kizzik was the only one who could speak Northern Common, so he was woken up with a splash of icy-cold water to his face. Laurence, Morik, and Crossel interrogated the Goblin, eventually getting the Goblin to begin spilling his guts figuratively out of fear that they would spill his guts literally. Laurence had a cruel streak that was very effective during interrogations, a skill which Crossel noted in his favor, even if it turned some of the party’s stomachs in the process.

Kizzik and his warband were approached by a human wearing a black cloth mask with a white skull painted over the face. Morik immediately recognized that as the telltale mask of Deadaim and the Ebon League. This man, who did not give the Goblin his name, paid the war band 600 gold, armed them with genuine swords and crossbows, and gave Kizzik the black armor and Frostbrand Sword, promising that if nobody from Drogynia reached Yonsalyre by high noon in three days’ time, there would be a further 600 gold and enough of those Frostbrand swords for all Kizzik’s men. It was an offer too good to refuse. He didn’t expect a force as powerful as the Order of Draconius to be who he was meant to ambush.

The implications were dire. They needed some rest in order to reach Yonsalyre in any shape to find and defend Dr. Aquila, but if they tarried too long, they would most certainly arrive too late to prevent whatever was supposed to happen before high noon in three days. They made the decision to rest a few short hours only and then leave immediately upon the first light of the new day, about 5:00 am, or three hours from then. Kizzik was made a deal, that if he told the Order everything he knew, if he told them the truth, that they would let him go. Even though he was reticent about telling the truth, he eventually did so. However, they never promised him when they would let him go, of the circumstances under which they would, so they decided to hold onto Kizzik for just a while longer, much to his chagrin. Laurence knocked him out again and told everyone to get some sleep. They had a long couple of days travel ahead of them if they were going to reach Yonsalyre in time. Revenon explained to Elosian that he had done very well this day. The demons long suspected that the Ebon League, once allies to the archdemon Testament, were still operating in some capacity. Stopping them could only be to the benefit of the Pylean Restoration. Also, the Goblin Hexers, like Elosian, were drawing their power from some demon within Infernia. As long as Elosian kept that Hexer’s Rod within a short distance of his Pact Glove, Revenon believed he would be able to back-trace the Infernal Aether from the rod to its source and, perhaps, find out who in Infernia was aiding the Ebon League.

After everyone else was asleep, Aelanah Beastfriend crept outside and gave a faint, lilting whistle. A tiny robin flew toward her from the branch of a nearby tree, landing on the end of her bow and giving a friendly whistle back to her. She smiled at the bird and took it in hand, speaking gently toward it for a few seconds, then patting its head and telling it to take flight. She double-checked to make sure nobody witnessed her sending the Little Bird message, and was relieved to realize she had not been seen. She crept back in, curled up next to her cougar, Azrielle, and fell fast asleep…

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