Campaign of the Month: October 2010

Wyrmshadow Campaign Setting

The Order & The Current in... To Save The Light

Session O-11 / C-13

Greg Mann as Morik Martok & Khulvos Hooftorn
Vincent Pecoraro as Elosian Sylvres & S’zeves V’destrii
Miguel Correa as Laurence Van Drake & Arekos Rageblade
Christine Scott as Aelanah Beastfriend & Eilora Thalonia
Michael Graziano as Adon Thunderclaw & Edriq Thalonia (formerly known as Varen Gilles)
Paul Vilbig as Saleos Me’Serachte & Borgamat Cadash
Marc Greco as Dante Herahd
Matt Mann as Reks Relagia

    The combined forces of the Order and the Current ascended to the rooftop of the Starmost Tower, ready to face whatever threats the Illithid Gygax had to throw at them…
  • Upon arriving, the heroes found themselves in a rooftop garden. Suddenly, the plants became animated and began to descend upon the heroes.
  • A mind-controlled Kaerysa was using her natural ability to control plants to organize a defense of the tower. A similarly mind-controlled Adon attacks and nearly kills Khulvos.
  • While Khulvos attempts to free Adon’s mind of Gygax’s control, a swarm of revenants bearing the masks of the Ebon League began to flock onto the rooftop and attack the rest of the heroes.
  • Within Borgamat, the voice of Rythael called out to him, saying that the revenants were the reason why Gygax had to be destroyed. He had somehow discovered a way to deny the God of Death his due in the creation of these intelligent undead soldiers.
  • The steeple atop Gygax’s laboratory, which was built at the far end of the tower’s rooftop, was drawing intense energies from the Suncryst in the form of golden lightning.
  • The battle is going poorly for the heroes. Maerlyn is driven to risk everything, even her allies, to reach Gygax as she sees him across the battlefield.
  • Edriq is shot in the chest by a distant sniper on the roof of Gygax’s lab. Another shot, one that would have been fatal, is intercepted by Eilora. The bullet destroys her upper-right leg.
  • The shots came from none other than Narys Gilles, Edriq’s father and Eilora’s mortal enemy. Laurence and Saleos dragged Edriq and Eilora to (relative) safety, performing emergency triage.
  • Maerlyn was nearly within striking distance of Gygax when she was halted in her path by Moon Duskbane in his massive Hybrid form. Moon was mind-controlled. Gygax taunted Maerlyn, saying that he learned of her love for Xaedrin when he probed her mind… among other things.
  • Thinking that Moon would distract Maerlyn long enough for him to make his way back to his lab, Gygax turned his back on Maerlyn. She proceeded to behead Moon and bound toward a now thoroughly terrified Gygax.
  • Meanwhile, Morik and Aelanah managed to wrest Kaerysa free from Gygax’s mental control. At the same time, Khulvos witnessed Adon defeating Gygax on his own, a display of the young monk’s incredible mental conditioning. Adon spun on his heels and immediately defended Khulvos from a revenant attack.
  • Tarrik Martok and his crew, including Reks’s father, Daythin Relagia, arrived via the Farstep Device on the level below where the Order had come through earlier on. Daythin was there to avenge Kurai against the Ebon League. Tarrik knelt down to aid Varen to his feet, saying “The game isn’t over yet, kid.”
  • Out of nowhere, the older S’zeves deflected Maerlyn’s sword strike, his violet crystal blade deftly parrying her crimson Heart of Fire. Maerlyn was disarmed by this attack and the older S’zeves grabbed the red crystal blade and disappeared with it into the shadows. Maerlyn shrieked and fell to her knees, crying out “MOON! WHAT HAVE I DONE!”
  • Gygax was confused by this, but shrugged and turned to continue on his way back to his laboratory, where he and a large number of Ebon Revenants, along with all the equipment and research he had accumulated, and the captive Dr. Aquila, were planning to mass-teleport away to an undisclosed location.
  • Narys Gilles saw Tarrik Martok on the field and immediately took a shot at him. Tarrik deftly swung his sword like a baseball bat and hit the bullet back into Narys’s skull. He then quipped, “Head’s empty, then? I thought as much.”
  • S’zeves shadow-jaunted into the path of the older S’zeves and faced him down. He demanded to know what the older S’zeves’s “deal” was, and why he was helping Gygax. Older S’zeves shook his head at his younger self and said “I’m not. I’m helping you. Come on, S’zeves. Don’t you think it’s about time you woke up?”
  • Narys closes in on Tarrik, who has managed to get Edriq up onto his feet. He hands Edriq his Gunblade and says, “This is your fight, kid.” Edriq smirked and reminded him of his challenge: the first one to kill Narys Gilles wins. Tarrik nodded and said “That was before you earned my respect, son. You’re already a winner. Now let’s show your dad what you’ve learned.”
  • Edriq destroyed his father in a one-on-one fight, despite his injuries. Meanwhile, within Gygax’s laboratory, the Illithid lord was stopped in his tracks by the older S’zeves, holding both his own blade and Maerlyn’s red sword, the Heart of Fire.
  • Gygax told his servants to teleport ahead without him, and they did, taking his mystical equipment and the captive Dr. Aquila with them. Gygax asked his recent savior what he did to deserve being saved from Maerlyn. Older S’zeves said that he wasn’t fooled. Gygax had nothing to fear from the Heart of Fire.
  • As young S’zeves, Maerlyn, Morik, and Saleos reached the lab, Maerlyn, with Moon’s sword in-hand, rushed into the room. Suddenly, there was a massive flash of light as the older S’zeves stabbed the Heart of Fire into the stone floor and swung his sword to shatter the crimson blade. Gygax and Maerlyn both shrieked at the same time, whereupon the older S’zeves became a blur of motion, slicing Gygax into dozens of small chunks. He looked at Maerlyn and said “Sorry, Mae. That’s the way it had to be. And S’zeves? Seriously? Time to wake up.”
  • With Gygax dead, the power holding the Suncryst in stasis was loosed, and the crystal began to spin violently out of control. S’zeves tried to stop it, but he knew it was useless. The crystal would soon destroy the Starmost Tower and, indeed, all of Anzarach.
  • Tarrik, Daythin, and the rest of the Peregrine crew helped the Order and the Current escape through the Farstep Chamber just in time to avoid being swallowed up in a runometric explosion that would destroy the entire Underdark city of Anzarach.
  • In the aftermath of the climactic battle atop the Starmost Tower, our heroes had a massive palaver on the deck of the Peregrine III, docked with the Redeemer, in order to discuss the ramifications of what they just learned.
  • Maerlyn is catatonic, having lost Moon, her sword, and her chance to avenge herself against her old tormenter, Gygax. She opts to return to Dusk and retire from adventuring for the rest of her life.
  • Borgamat prays to Veil and is brought to Arcadia, where the God of Death admonishes his daughter, Rythael, for her unauthorized descent and infusion with Borgamat. He then gives Borgamat a quest, to travel to the Inevitable’s home city of Ce’Virah on the moon and deliver a message for him.
  • Laurence receives a Commcryst message from Crossel, asking for his assistance in Freel as soon as possible.
  • The Order and the Current exchange a few members and take separate paths once more. Laurence leads the Order and a few Current guests south, charting a course toward Freel by way of Muhar and Drakyniar.
  • Upon hearing of Borgamat’s mission from Veil, Tarrik leads the Current, along with a few Order members, to Imperia, making a brief stop in Dusk to drop off Maerlyn and check to see whether Ko’Vasc and the other Drao escaped from the Underdark intact.

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