Melchior Martok


Above: Melchior as he appeared during Wyrmshadow: Broken Home.

Above: Melchior as he appeared 25 years later, in Wyrmshadow: Sins of the Fathers


Melchior is the one of twin sons of Sir Drogyn Martok and his second wife, Ayla of the island of Paradisla. His father was slain by the fallen angel Belthazar only hours after his birth, in the year 2000—the final year of the Age of the Phoenix. Millions died during the dawning of the Age of the Shadow. Ayla fled to her homeland with the infants. Melchior and his brother Tarrik grew up in the village of Stonehaven which was settled and protected by their late father’s loyal friend and ally, Crossel.

Despite the many deprivations and hardships that came from living in the Age of the Shadow, Stonehaven became the safest refuge from those fleeing the empire’s cruel reign. His mother soon fell in love with and married Masen Sternhammer, who raised Drogyn’s sons as if they were his own.

Melchior grew up under the watchful eyes of both Crossel and his adopted older sister, the dragon Caerdwyn. His closest friends growing up were his brother and Lucinda the daughter of Silas Vale who was being raised by the Sternhammers. Melchior was considered a genius, but he frequently felt that having to live up to the Martok family legacy was a heavy burden. Great things were expected of him and secretly feared he couldn’t measure up.

As more and more refugees arrived on Stonehaven, the fledgeling settlement had persistent shortages of food and supplies. The solution was obvious. The community would survive through piracy. Food and materials would be attained by raiding Imperial ships and supply depots. Since use of magic was illegal except for those trained and liscensed by the Empire, use of firearms had increased dramatically on Wyrmshadow to fill the void. At first Melchior’s contribution was relagated to his role as the son of the community’s leader, but through the brave actions of the crew of the Peregrine and Melc’s organizing skills, Stonehaven flourished.

When the Martok brothers were ten years old, Caerdwyn left Stonehaven to join her fellow dragons. It was a traumatic even for young Tarrik, as both boys were very close with their big sister. Shortly after she left however, Ayla discovered she was expecting a third child. The birth of their new brother was a rare joyous occasion on Stonehaven.

Crossel would gladly have given his life in defense of the Martok brothers or Lucinda Vale, but once Ean Sternhammer was born he decided that since he couldn’t be everywhere at once it was time to teach the twins how to defend themselves. Whereas Tarrik’s fighting style fused two distinct styles – Melchior preferred to wield his mother’s staff. That was not his only weapon, however.

When the young boy exhibited natural magical skill it became obvious he was born a sorceror.Since use of magic was illegal except for those trained and liscensed by the Empire, it was impossible for anyone to learn to cast spells, the only way for an enemy of the Shadow Knight to use magic was to be born with the ability. Melchior was the only Sorceror known to live on Stonehaven. Ayla was afraid when she learned of Melchior’s gift, because the Empire was known to hunt down any reports of unauthorized spellcasters. Melc, however, considered his abilities the best form of self defense possible – it meant he could never be disarmed.

Everything changed the day the twins met a beautiful young girl named Claire Gaspar. It was love at first sight for the brilliant but shy boy. When he turned sixteen Melchior proposed to Claire and she accepted. This gave Tarrik the courage to ask Lucinda for her hand, and the brothers had never been happier. At the close of the ceremony in which Tarrik married his childhood sweetheart a gigantic dire raven appeared and carried off the bride. It would be years before Lucinda Martok would find her way back to herself.

During the war Melchior joined with Silas Vale, Viktor, Blight, Claire, Maros and Crucia. They arrived in Marus Akuai to form an alliance, only to discover that the nation was in the midst of a fifteen-year-old civil war. Conditions for the Aguillan Freedom Fighters all but convince them to side with the resistance. However, Melchior insists they get info from both sides first. They learn that Tiberon’s regime has been secretly controlled by a demon named named Orius. They were able to defeat Orius and save Tiberon but Crucia was slain during the battle. Maros left his home city, still in chaos, but knowing his people would no longer be discriminated against. Much like Sir Osar Tiberon was an honerable leader who was blameless in the crimes committed in his name.

When he was twenty-two years old, he faced the most significant battle of his life. Along with his father, Vale, Belthazar and the angels Feiste and Kleyde, Melchior led the contingent of mortals during the final battle with the Shadow Knight. He stood shoulder to shoulder with Maros, Daythin, Kurai and Burok T’orn as they faced the deadliest threat in the history of the world. They emerged victorious.

Melchior’s first child was born to Claire Gaspar Martok inYear one of the Age of the Enlightend (AE). He was soon elected the first Governor of the new country of Stonehaven.

Melchior Martok

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