Dr. Garth Aquila

A faux macabre Hafhie obsessed with the appearance of creepiness, but also a talented doctor in the fringe medical field of Forensic Necropathy



Dr. Garth Marenghi Aquila was a resident of Yonsalyre, but his morbid fascinations led him to become the shame of the town. Oddly enough, Dr. Aquila was so oblivious to the opinions of others that he truly believed they all secretly loved him, but felt unworthy of him, so they hid their love beneath a faux loathing. He moved to a hill overlooking Yonsalyre, a hill separating the village from the nearby graveyard, and paid a wizard to cast a Darkness spell on it for him, just to add to the creepy ambiance. He called his new sanctuary and “clinic” his “Dark Place”.

Dr. Aquila dabbled with forces he had little understanding of, and due to his incredible ego and lack of obvious common sense, believed that anything he accomplished was a praise-worthy feat. He created a lab assistant and nurse, Vygor, out of the remains of patients foolish enough to trust the Doctor with their routine health care concerns. He boasts that Vygor’s upper left bicep was originally a hip flexor “donated” from a man who refused to stop being sick, no matter how many times he came back to see the Doctor. In truth, he Doctor was so impressed with the man’s upper leg musculature that he intentionally failed to save his life in order to make use of his contractual “donation.” All patients of the Doctor are forced to sign a waiver tendering their organs to his research into the cause, and eventual cure, of diseases.

Tragedy creates strange bedfellows, as this thoroughly dispicable little man happened to be one of the few skilled Forensic Necropathists in the world, and the only one who had done extensive lab study on the dead tissue of Drao. His experiences made him a prime candidate to help Mame Solenara in her quest for a cure to the Drao Plague, and it also made him a target for those who wish the plague to go on unimpeded…

Dr. Garth Aquila

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