Amducias Basara

On his own, Amducias is a talented bard. However, with is band, Rageferno, he is far more than a mere magical minstrel. He is a true guitar hero!



A Glyphian Tiefling born with an innate musical talent and a rare sense of moral responsibility, Amducias Basara learned to play the guitar at an early age. He is a gifted musician with a penchant for magic items. His axe, Guttermouth, is a magical weapon charged with electrical aether. The weapon has magical guitar strings on its handle that only appear when he holds the axe like a guitar.

Amducias founded a band of like-minded musicians, Rageferno, and set out to make a name for himself, hoping to one-day make it out of Glyph and down to Pylea, where his moral sensibilities carried more weight. He and all the rest of his bandmates are Dreamers, sharing the same recurring dream of a savior who will come from a faraway land to carry them from the darkness…

Amducias Basara

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