Fallen Archangel of Justice.


Art by Mike Scott (that’s me)


In his life before ascension to Arcadia, Belthazar was known as Melchior Belathos, a lean, athletic human with wild, long blond hair and an ever-present carefree grin. He was every bit the opposite of what he would grow to become as the Archangel of Justice.

Belthazar, when he was in service to the God of Justice as the leader of his Seraphim warriors, was a tall, imposing figure donning brilliant golden armor, brandishing an incredibly large broadsword crackling with plasma energy and donning a pair of bright, white angelic wings and a fiery halo. When he wasn’t wearing his closed-faced winged helmet, Belthazar’s skin could be seen to be as golden as his armor, and his hair was cut short. Belthazar may bear a sour, disapproving expression at some times, or a full-on rage at others, but unlike in his previous existence, Belthazar is never seen with any expression that could be mistaken for a smile.

After casting himself down from Arcadia, Belthazar’s armor lost much of its lustre and his halo began to fade, sometimes winking out entirely. However, in some few moments of extreme need, he could call upon an inner wellspring of divinity, regaining his old appearance even if only for a short while.

Toward the end of his life, Belthazar was not much more than a wraith, requiring to spend the majority of his time within the body of a host. For a time, this host was Drogyn Martok, who would later become the God of Justice himself. He also resided within the body of Morkhan Latmour, an undead Drao warrior formerly in service to the Shadow Knight. It is not known if he ever took any other hosts, but it is quite likely that he did. In those cases, Belthazar looked exactly like the person he was inhabiting, and his presence could not be detected by anyone other than the host himself.



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