One of the many hosts of the Elder God of Nature


Ehlon appeared to be a grizzled hermit, broad in the shoulder, but hunched over from years of abusive physical labors. Ehlon, as a host of the Elder God of Nature, could take on nigh infinite physical characteristics, including that of a woman, whose appearance could tap into the maternal comforts of both man and woman. Being that the original Elder God, Aos, was female, the ability of Ehlon to do so was perhaps not so strange after all.

However, most commonly, Ehlon appeared to be an old human ranger with a great mess of wild, wiry gray hair and sparkling, wild eyes.


Before Ehlon was selected to become the next body of Aos, the man lived to be a ripe old age and died alone in his cabin in the Anzel Wood, 200 years before the Era of Good Intentions. His original name was Ehrahl Buckmere, but as is common with hosts of the three Elder Gods, he changed his name to Ehlon shortly after coming to terms with his new role as God of Nature and the Balance.

Ehlon, also known as Elona to those who saw the God of Nature as a woman, held the mantle of divinity for two centuries, a respectable time to be certain. However, sensing an impending paradigm and need for a new host, Ehlon found a young human ranger named Boris Silverstem, a man who reminded him of his life before the divine doctrine would claim his soul. Ehlon appeared to Boris to be a real old hermit in the woods, befriending and nurturing the ranger during his time in Anzel Wood, even inhabiting the old cabin he once used to live in.

However, after the return of the Shadow Knight, Ehlon and the other two Elder Gods were forced to entrust their powers to their new hosts in an unconventional manner, saving the souls of these three men at the moment of their deaths and returning them to life twenty years later in a much darker world, with little guidance to their new found powers and responsibilities.

Ehlon would appear once more, as a memory apparition, to a Boris still struggling to come to terms with his divinity. After aiding Boris in accepting his fate as the God of Nature and the Balance, Ehlon would fade into that place all dead gods go, in the memories of the new gods and the gods yet to come.


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