Fliq Nerino

An idealistic young priest in service to Draconius. His righteous fury at times got the better of him.



A young human male who was taken to Stonehaven as a refugee after the second rise of the Shadow Empire and resulting death of his parents. Many of the citizens of Stonehaven had a hand it raising Fliq, including Masen Sternhammer and Viktor Vandrake, the latter of which he viewed as an older brother. His connection with Masen led him to join the crew of the Peregrin as an adolescent and become a capable deckhand. When Drogyn, Vale and Boris returned to Materia, Fliq was immediately taken by the heroic words and deeds of Drogyn and, accepting his divinity, became among the first of his priests. Fliq played a large part in the liberation of the vampire-infested Quae Elfien. He steadily grew in ability, though his “righteous fury” would sometimes get the better of him, leading him to bend the rules of Drogyn’s tenets and occasionally take some dark liberties, though he always struggled toward the greater good.

Fliq Nerino

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