Fallen Seraphim Angel robbed of his Arcadian powers and forced to live as a human. Returned in Broken Home as an Archangel in service to the God of Justice, Draconius.



Night Sword: Grail fell from the sky sometime in 980 YP, about twenty years before the beginning of our story, crashing into a field of clover owned by Greenmeadow resident Saldrek Weathersley. It was very late one midsummer’s night when Ol’ Saldrek heard the sound of a tremendous impact outside his window. Rushing out to investigate by the light of an oil lantern, he discovered a child, a boy not more than five, with bloody scars on his shoulder blades and a cold ring of black stone on the ground nearby. The boy’s impact left a huge crater, but despite the brutal force, the boy was breathing… barely. Calling out for help, Ol’ Saldrek was eventually aided by Friar Fendlewyk in lifting the child carefully and bringing him into Ol’ Saldrek’s farmhouse. Fendlewyk noted upon leaving the field that he saw a shower of wafting leaves in the air that he could have sworn looked more like feathers.

Grail’s injuries would heal far faster than normal, and Friar Fendlewyk surmised that there was indeed something divine about the child that fell in Ol’Saldrek’s honey farm. However, both he and the farmer believed it would be in the child’s best interest to keep the circumstances of his arrival a secret, even from him. For Grail’s part, all he could remember was that his name was Grail, and that he was very far from home. Ol’ Saldrek raised Grail to adulthood on his own. When Grail was fifteen, news reached Greenmeadow of the death of the Phoenix King, and soon thereafter, a world war broke out that would last for fifteen years. Grail was unusually fit and mature for his age, and he felt an inescapable call of duty that beckoned him to enlist in the Imperian army. It was against Ol’Saldrek’s wishes, but eventually with his blessing. The day he left would be the last time he would see the old honey farmer alive.

After fifteen years away from home, Grail returned to a Greenmeadow far different than the one he had left. Gone were the quaint farmhouses and sweet-smelling fields of barley and cherry blossom. In their place was a shanty town, a relative squalor full of shady folk from all across the globe. Greenmeadow had become a refuge and a hideout, a seemingly lawless frontier town in a country that no longer existed. After serving Imperia for fifteen years, he had never heard of the fate of Anzel or his hometown of Greenmeadow, but it was that exact lack of interest in this town that made it so appealing to these sorts of people. Worse still, it seemed that the only justice in town was meted out by a band of Orcish mercenaries calling themselves the Or’Kranna, led by some mysterious leader called Warmaster Aganon. Grail decided to seek out the counsel of Friar Fendlewyk, hoping to get to the bottom of all these changes. Little did Grail know that he, like Greenmeadow, would never be the same.

Broken Home: Male Sephirim Archangel in service to the God of Justice, Draconius. Former PC from the campaign Wyrmshadow: The Night Sword.


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