One of the many hosts of the Elder God of Justice


Hiram Lochran, the man who would one day become Hyronius, was the epitome of deceptive appearances. By all accounts, Hiram was short, overweight, and balding, with a ruddy, beard-covered face whose sharp, attentive eyes were all that betrayed what lie within this outwardly unimpressive specimen.

As Hyronius, he finally revealed what he truly was, an incredibly powerful warrior. Hyronius appeared to be very tall, broad in the chest with a muscular physique, wearing gleaming mirrored armor and a plumed, visor-less helmet. As he appeared to Drogyn Martok, Hyronius carried a broad-bladed crystalline sword and rode atop a pegasus donning the same type of dazzling mirror mail as Hyronius himself wore.


Hiram Lochran was passed up time and again for promotion to the Knight’s Corps, but he was not distressed by this. No, Hiram was enthusiastic about his life’s mission, as the master trainer at Her Majesty Empress Phae VI of Imperia’s premier training academy for the future leaders of the nation. Despite his awkward appearance, which was the main reason for his constant denials for Knighthood, Hiram was an amazing warrior and perhaps the best battlefield tactical mind of his time. He realized, though, that he served Justice far more effectively by molding young minds and creating the heroes of the future.

During the Freeport Uprising of 1,741 Y.P., a group of armored insurgents rallied a force to attack the academy, hoping to slaughter the fledgling knights-in-training and other young initiates before the would have a chance to contribute to the good of Imperia. These upstarts were well trained, mounted cavalry in possession of enough siege power to take on a border fort, and they set their sights upon a school full of frightened kids and their nearly-as-frightened instructors. However, Hiram Lochran was not frightened. He knew that he had an army at his disposal, and he knew exactly how to repel these invading forces long enough for reinforcements to arrive from the war front, a week’s time. In that time, though the odds were very much against them, Hiram succeeded in rallying his students and their instructors into an effective fighting force, employing complex war strategies their enemy commanders could not hope to overcome, and survived the entire week having diminished the enemy forces by half and only suffering seven casualties of his own.

Unfortunately, one of those casualties was Hiram himself, as he died shielding a young man from shrapnel flung from a catapult outside the academy walls. As reinforcements arrived expecting to find the academy in a state of utter slaughter, they found the students, children of the high houses of Imperia and those of the knights fighting bravely at the war front, safe and well. For Hiram’s part, he was awarded the title of Knight Master of the Emerald Guard, the highest rank ever bestowed posthumously in Imperian history.

However, Hiram’s work was not done. As he died, he was chosen to be the new God of Justice, a role for which he was destined. Taking the divine name Hyronius after a character in an ancient Imperian play called “I, Ashvar”, the new God of Justice would carry the weight of the world’s honor for over 250 years. When he and his fellow Elder Gods foresaw the coming of a paradigm, they each realized the time had come to find new hosts. Drogyn Martok, Hyronius’s choice, was a retired paladin of the Order of Hyronius and the ancestor of Regult Martok, the hero of old whose had safeguarded the Night Sword for nearly a thousand years. For Hyronius, it was a natural choice.

However, after the return of the Shadow Knight, Hyronius and the other two Elder Gods were forced to entrust their powers to their new hosts in an unconventional manner, saving the souls of these three men at the moment of their deaths and returning them to life twenty years later in a much darker world, with little guidance to their new found powers and responsibilities. Hyronius, like all those who had come before, would fade into that place all dead gods go, in the memories of the new gods and the gods yet to come.


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