Jaden Vale

Son of Darien and Caerdwyn Vale. Passionate, exuberant, and over-opinionated. Judges everyone by their deeds, not their words.



Jaden is the seventh son of Darien and Caerdwyn Vale, and one of seventeen in the Royal Draconic Brood. This makes Jaden a prince of the Dragons, but his eldest brother, Serapto, is the crown prince, and his eldest sister, Solaire, is considered the brood’s leader as she is the eldest born of the brood. Jaden grew up closest to his mother. As a young boy he grew up to idolize his grandfather Drogyn and asked to hear stories about him every day. He grew up loathing Silas Vale for his past deeds and the life he lead. But he mostly hated the similarities he saw in himself.

The release of the Dragons from their curse has made it possible for their kind to be prosperous once more, and as Caerdwyn and Darien carry the divinity of Dragonkind within them, their offspring can potentially be of any dragon type, metallic, chromatic, or otherwise. Jaden’s dragon form is of a Shadow dragon. When he used it he felt a sadistic, nasty, and overwhelming urge for power. Caerdwyn thought it was unintentional side effects of Testament’s hold on Silas, potentially transferring through the Vale bloodline into Darien, then manifesting in Jaden as well. She took young Jaden to Melchior, who used an alchemical process to lock his dragon form within him. Jaden cannot access any draconic abilities and is not disappointed by it. He feels that the true strength of his people is unattached to their size, their wings, or their breath weapons.

Jaden studied under Melchior and help to draw out his natural abilities. He learns to harness the natural powers passed on to him by him parents and the dead Dragon gods. This energy was explosive and raw, and had little control over it. Melchior had did not worry, feeling that since his dragon form was locked away his true potential was also locked away.

Jaden worries about losing control of powers, his dragon form, or both. Hurting an innocent is his nightmare and plans to kill himself if he loses control. Jaden and his mother have a wonderful relationship, but his father thinks he is a disappointment and shouldn’t be embarrassed of what he is.

Jaden joined the Order to walk in Drogyn’s footsteps, to right wrongs, and help the helpless. But because of who he is he ended up as a diplomat. This is the first time he has seen action and the field of battle. He is proud of his heritage, but also thrilled to finally be able to walk the path of Drogyn, dole out Justice, and potentially escape the foul legacy of Silas Vale forever.

- By Andy Kilduff (Duffpool)

Jaden Vale

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