Ko'Vasc Vo'Dazan

The father of Kurai Deepnight and grandfather of Reks Relagia. A Drao who once worked for Queen Medrahna, but was never loyal to her cause.



Ko’Vasc was a servant of Queen Breianna Nus’Naveidtra of the Drao nation of Anzarach. He colluded with Xaedrin Kas’Avnai, an illegitimate son of Princess Medrahna, to smuggle Drao seeking to escape from the royalty’s oppressive rule out of the Underdark. The final person Xaedrin succeeded in getting away from Anzarach was Ko’Vasc’s own daughter, Ku’Raysa Vo’Dazan. Xaedrin was thereafter discovered for his plot, but in refusing to identify Ko’Vasc, he invoked his mother’s wrath and became a subject of her experiments. Ku’Raysa would adopt the name Kurai Deepnight in her new home on the island nation of Shidi Ma. Ko’Vasc remained behind, attempting to hide any trace of his activities from now-Queen Medrahna and her Shadow Empire allies. Ko’Vasc was eventually captured by Saigen’s Revolutionaries, which is when he met Moon Duskbane, the former Xaedrin Kas’Avnai, and the savior of his daughter.

Later, Ko’Vasc learned that his daughter was a hero in the war to defeat the Shadow Empire, and that she had a child, a white-haired, brown-skinned boy named Reks Relagia. Ko’Vasc eventually met Reks, who initially rejected his grandfather due to his previous attachment to the Shadow Empire. However, soon thereafter the two formed a solid familial bond which would last for decades to come.

Ko'Vasc Vo'Dazan

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