The Legendary Wyrm

The creator of the world of Wyrmshadow


A three-headed, three-tailed, six-winged dragon-like creature standing over 5,000 feet tall with a wingspan so massive as to blot out the sky to those beneath it. The world’s name, Wyrmshadow, is a testament to this fact.

The Wyrm’s body was a kaliedoscope of ever-changing hues with a layer of translucent outer scales that seemed to reflect the cosmos itself, a starry sky always reflected on its front with a bright, blue, sunny day always reflected from its back. The three heads were each unique in form, one much like a snake, one more crocodile-like, and one a great-horned head like that of a triceratops.

Each of its six eyes glowed a different color, and each of its three faces spoke in a different voice in pitch and tone, some obviously female, some decidedly male, but always the same words and always spoken together.


Not much is known about the Legendary Wyrm, as not even it ever learned the truth behind its origins. Awakening long ago on a barren and desolate world and filled with a mysterious, yet undeniable urge to create a new world from the ashes of the World Before, the Legendary Wyrm would go on to form the continents and oceans, the clouds and rains, and the creatures and plants that would inhabit the world.

The Legendary Wyrm has not been seen since the Age of the Demons over 50,000 years ago, when it is believed that the Demon King Asmous succeeded in delivering a mortal wound to the Legendary Wyrm, forcing it to retreat into hiding within the Wyrmscar Caverns deep within the bowels of Materia, never to be heard from again.

The Legendary Wyrm

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