Moon Duskbane

Stoic, aggressive, and easily frustrated. Moon was a victim of the betrayal and abandonment of the Drao upper echelon, and he still carries a great deal of anger toward his former people.


Stoic, aggressive, and easily frustrated. Moon was a victim of the betrayal and abandonment of the Drao upper echelon.


Xaedrin was born the 3rd son of Queen Nus’Naveidtra. She decided her sons he would be a sacrificed to the Drao dark goddess. His mother Medrahna, worked him into her plans with the demons.

Xaedrin was raised as a Drao lord of privilege. He was well trained in fighting, combat tactics, and murder. Xaedrin did all of this and more. He did all his Queen and mother asked and expected of him. He was your typical Drao, brutal, untrustworthy, and evil. He served his mother well until his own squad of warriors turn on him and imprisoned him.

Xaedrin awoke, but only sometimes. When he did he was writhing in pain and screaming to be killed. During the brief periods of time when he was not being experimented on, he talked to the other prisoners; all were Drao, and most were from his own house. Even his men, who turned on him, were now experiments.

After time the experiments began to start taking effect. He started to change. First only during the full moon, then at random, and then when we willed it. He took the name Moon Duskbane and vowed to be different from his people.

Moon was introduced after Shadow Quae was liberated. He came to Saigen in chains, revealing that Cordelia (their captive prisoner at the time) and her mother, Medrahna, had betrayed the Drao to the Demons, and most of them were kept in the dark about it. Saigen didn’t care, saying that their kind was “always trouble”, ordering that Moon be incarcerated until he could decide how to deal with him. Moon went Werewolf, beat the hell out of the guards, and grabbed Saigen by the throat. He said that if he was the enemy, Saigen would be dead. He then released Saigen and reiterated that most Drao were not guilty of anything other than being led by corrupt traitors to Wyrmshadow. Saigen was convinced, as Moon could easily have killed the leader of the resistance had he really been the “enemy”. So, Saigen released him and agreed to consider his words.

Moon became a member of the resistance. He went with Melchior Martok, Daythin Relagia, and others to Freel, where he met other Weren. Unable to connect to the Drao anymore due to the experiments Testament’s demons had done on him, he also found that the Weren weren’t “his people”, and realized that he was pretty much alone.

After the war, he met a woman with a similar past, remembered meeting her back before the Loyalist’s War (Crash and Burn) and when he heard her story (captured, imprisoned, and experimented on my Testament himself in the Chaos Engine at the core of the world), the two formed an immediate bond.

Mae and Moon when on to help found Dusk, the first above ground Drao city .

Moon Duskbane

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