The earliest name of the Elder God of Justice and Order


Phi’s original form, as an Ancient, was that of a winged centaur-like humanoid over fifty feet in height covered in a gleaming opal-like armor and carrying a massive tower shield and a lance over 100 feet in length. Phi’s wings were like those of a white feathered hawk, and through his helmeted face one could see wisps of long golden hair and the dazzling glow of fierce, piercing blue eyes. Though capable of changing his appearance like many Ancients, Phi was among the most prideful of the Legendary Wyrm’s children and, as such, would always present himself as some kind of armor-clad mounted warrior.


Phi is one of the Ancients, the first race of beings created by the Legendary Wyrm nearly a million years before the Era of Good Intentions. After the Legendary Wyrm rose from its long rest to discover much of its great works in ruins, Phi was one of three Ancients, the Elders, chosen to be spared the fate of their kin. Together with Aos and Nus, Phi was taken from Materia through The Gates to a place called The Perch, where they and their creator could bear witness to the evolution of their kin after the Legendary Wyrm stripped them of their power.

Phi was always a prideful, honor-bound being, but his experiences seemed to conjure within him a great appreciation for the concepts of justice and order. Though aware of the need for balance in all things, Phi was unable to turn a blind eye to those beings or acts which stretched against his rigid code of honor. Phi would come to odds with Nus and Aos often, but he felt duty-bound to act as a lens of ethical scrutiny to their stark, black and white definition of existence. As such, the trio became odd friends to one another, constantly fluctuating between fierce contention and cohesive cooperation. It was for this very reason that these three were chosen among all the other Ancients to be elevated as Elders. However, upon the return of another Ancient, his brother Asmous, Phi joined the Legendary Wyrm and his fellow Elders in returning to Materia to face this threat to the balance and come to grips for the first time with true, unbridled evil.

After sustaining heavy injuries in his battles against the Infernal forces of Asmous, Phi and the other two Elders were forced to abandon their old bodies in lieu of becoming divine spirits inhabiting the realm of their own devising, Arcadia. Phi chose a new being, a dwarf named H’Ruyn, to be the host for his powers, knowledge, and memories. So, too, did his brother and sister, Nus and Aos, decide upon new identities. Thus Phi entered into the cycle of divine death and rebirth, a cycle continuing on to this day, as one host passes the torch to the next in times of great turmoil.

Most recently, the Elder God of Justice chose the Human Paladin Drogyn Martok to serve as the next host of its powers, memories, and divine will. Drogyn chose the divine name Draconius, a play upon his former mortal name and that of the previous iteration of the God of Justice who had passed the mantle on the Drogyn, Hyronius.

For more details on the Elder God of Justice, see the profiles of Drogyn Martok (Draconius) and Hyronius.


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