Regult Martok

A shiftless, swashbuckling rogue with a past shrouded in mystery.


Description to come.


Regult suffered from some sort of massive trauma to his head about ten years back, and as a result he could not remember anything from before this time. He awoke from a coma in the care of a hospital in Freeport owned by the local robber baron, and in order to pay for his months of bedcare, he was forced to work as hired muscle. Regult had no memories of who he was before, or of how he got injured, and nobody seemed to know or care to tell him if they did know. He developed a general distaste for life, and became something of a shiftless rogue as a result. The work to pay off his debt to the robber baron left a bad taste in Regult’s mouth at first, but after a while, it felt just like any other job, and the remorse and shame gave way to an acceptance, even a twisted sense of satisfaction.

After a year, Regult tired of working for someone else and decided to flee from his debts in Freeport, opting to go it alone. He enlisted as a Merchant Marine and sailed around the world, remembering skills he had in his past without real memories to place them in context. Whoever he used to be, he was a very skilled swordsman. He gained a reputation among the Merchants Guild as a hired hand that took care of business and did so efficiently. However, soon even this opportunity would go up in flames, as his old employer set a bounty on Regult’s head, effectively ruining his career as a Merchant Marine. Forced to go underground, Regult was starving and had to steal food and money just to survive. In his darkest moments, he considered turning himself in to the bounty hunters and accepting the Robber Baron’s justice: a yardarm noose and a too-short rope.

Regult met a weasel of a man named Spindle, a pickpocket and cardsharp who had a plan for getting together enough money to pay off the Robber Baron and getting the bounty on Regult’s head lifted for good. In exchange for his services, Spindle would get half the loot and all the credit for the crimes they committed, which was obviously something Regult wouldn’t want anyway. Together, Regult and Spindle moved up and down the Western seaboard, from Southport all the way to Greenmeadow, where Spindle said he had a “cherry” of a plan that should just about repay Regult’s debt. Regult agreed, even though Spindle refused to divulge every nuance of his plan, eager to be rid of the filthy scumbag of a thief and get some semblance of a normal life back. It was a mistake that would change Regult’s life forever.

Regult Martok

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