Regult Martok

Regult as he appears in War is Hell. The ancient hero yet lives, over a thousand years after Wyrmshadow: The Night Sword! He doesn't care for Cade.



The ancient hero of the Legend of the Night Sword is not only real, but due to the dramatic difference in the passage of time between Infernia and Materia, he still yet lives, over a thousand years after his ultimate battle against Belthazar at the end of Wyrmshadow: The Night Sword! Now a man in his late seventies, Regult is far past his adventuring days. However, upon learning of the cause for which Laurence and the Dreamers are fighting, and with the promise of discovering the truth about “Stendhal,” Regult has packed up his kitchen, donned as much of his old armor as he could still get around his waist, and embarked on the last adventure of his long and eventful life. He doesn’t care for Cade.

Regult Martok

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