Sharakh Hexan

Mentally unstable Felite monk


Sharakh in Hybrid form at the beginning of Good Intentions

Art by Mike Scott (that’s me)

As a Felite Weren, Sharakh is capable of morphing into any of three forms, that of a jungle cat (in his case, a massive tawny-coated tiger), a human with noticeable tiger-like characteristics (hair color, striped tattoo-like markings on his skin, long, sharp claw-like finger and toenails, pointed ears and sharp canine teeth), or a powerful hybrid form, which is Sharakh’s most oft-chosen form to inhabit.

In hybrid form, Sharakh stands just over seven feet tall and weighs slightly less than 500 lbs, all of which is lean, feline muscle. He has a shaggy coat of orange, tan, and white fur with black stripes over all of his body. His hands and feet are padded in the palms and soles like his feline form, but have long fingers and toes like his human form, and each have retractable, razor-sharp claws that Sharakh has trained through martial arts to withstand incredible physical force without so much as chipping or dulling.

In either human or hybrid form, Sharakh wears the traditional clothing of a warrior monk, loose-fitting emerald-colored pants and a dark blue sash knotted around his waist. In all three forms, he wears large green prayer beads around his neck, the beads appearing to be a collar when he is in full tiger form.

In Broken Home, Sharakh is twenty years older and badly scarred, no longer able to move most of the left side of his body. However, midway through the campaign, after sacrificing his life to save the lives of others, the God of Nature, Ryss, brought Sharakh back as his avatar. In this form, Sharakh had all the youthful vitality he had at the beginning of Good Intentions, but also had a pair of massive, tiger-striped angelic wings and a large, golden halo over his head.


Sharakh has an innocence to him at the beginning of Good Intentions that begins to erode as the game reaches its halfway point. By the end of Good Intentions, Sharakh is thoroughly trapped in his own unstable mind, and his disheveled, detached expressions are perhaps more intimidating than his physically impressive appearance.

In Broken Home we see an older, crippled Sharakh Hexan, a victim of decades of abuse and degradation at the hands of Queen Medrahna of Shadow Quae. He had lost control of much of the left side of his body, but in the process he reclaimed his sanity and, eventually, leads to his salvation. At the moment of his heroic martyr’s death, Sharakh is given life anew by Ryss, the God of Nature, taking on the form of Ryss’s avatar on Materia.

Sharakh was one of the many victims to fall to the restored Shadow Knight at the end of Broken Home, his soul one of the few that could not be restored as a result of the circumstances surrounding his demise. However, his sacrifices more than atoned for his former sins, and Sharakh Hexan would go on to be revered as a great hero to the peoples of Wyrmshadow, and a shining example for all Werenkind to aspire.

Sharakh Hexan

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