A red/green dragon, Singe serves as the personal advisor and bodyguard of Queen Caerdwyn. The two do not otherwise get along very well.



Singe’s egg was laid by a green mother, Ember, and had a red father, Burnskale. She was hatched in Wyrmshadow after the mass exodus from Draconia, and finding her way to that Lost Realm is a strong personal desire of hers. She was raised alongside Prince Jaden and has always harbored a deep romantic attachment for him. However, her every advance was spurned, at first because Jaden seemed to loathe his draconic nature, and later because he had already been seduced by another cause, global dominion by dragonkind. Singe currently fights alongside Caerdwyn, Jaden’s mother, in the True Order of Draconius. The two do not get along very well.


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