Sins of the Fathers: Dual Techs

Shadow Assassination
S’zeves and Reks simultaneously dash toward a common foe from opposite directions. Reks leaps into the air while S’zeves crouches low to make an upward arching strike. S’zeves’s Shadow Jaunt forms a beam of shadows between himself and Reks, and in an instant, the two change places, having connected with their attacks with devastatingly speed.
DailyReks and S’zeves – Dual Tech
Standard ActionMelee
Target: 1 Enemy within Reks and S’zeves’s speed.
Attack: Combined Strength of Both Participants vs. Reflex
Hit: 3[W] + Strength from Both Participants
Miss: Half damage
Effect: Until the end of the turn, any allies that attacks the target receive a +1 bonus to their attack rolls.

Cosmic Bond
As Varen lunges toward an unsuspecting foe, Eilora casts a powerful cosmic enhancement upon Varen’s weapon while simultaneously dazzling the target and weakening it’s defenses for the strike.
DailyEilora and Varen – Dual Tech
Standard ActionMelee
Target: 1 Enemy within Varen and Eilora’s speed.
Attack: Twice Varen’s Melee Basic Attack Bonus versus AC
Hit: 6[W] Varen’s Dexterity Eilora’s Charisma and enemy is dazed (save ends)
Miss: Half damage and target is dazed (save ends)
Effect: Until the end of the turn, any allies that attacks the target receive a +1 bonus to their damage rolls.

Crushing Assault
Auleak and Borgamat charge a common foe from opposite directions, Auleak hurling his club at the enemy’s chest while Borgamat thrusts his sword at the enemy’s legs, then, if they succeed in felling the foe to the ground, they each follow up with a tremendous downward strike to their vulnerable target.
DailyBorgamat and Auleak – Dual Tech
Standard ActionMelee
Target: 1 Enemy within Borgamat and Auleak’s speed.
Attack: 2-hits, Strength versus AC.
Hit: 2[W] + Strength. If both attacks hit, enemy is knocked prone, and both Borgamat and Auleak slam their weapons down on their vulnerable prey, causing an additional 2[W] damage from both of them.
Miss: If one attack misses, then half damage and the target is not knocked prone. If both attacks miss, then no damage.
Effect: If the target was knocked prone, until the end of the turn, any allies that attacks the target receive a +3 bonus to their attack rolls.

Rushing Charge
Moon takes on his full beast form and Maerlyn climbs onto him as a mount, Moon charges their target, grabbing the enemy with his vicious fangs and lifting him into the air for Mae to land a devestating vertical slash that has a chance to take the enemy’s head from it’s shoulders.
DailyMoon and Maerlyn – Dual Tech
Standard ActionMelee
Target: 1 Enemy within Moon’s speed in beast form.
Attack: First, Moon hits with Strength vs. Reflex. Then, if he hits, Mae hits with Strength versus half Fortitude.
Hit: Moon does twice his melee basic attack in Beast form and holds the enemy up for Mae to strike. If Mae then hits, she causes 2[W] + Strength damage and the target must make roll 10 or higher on a d30 or is decapitated.
Miss: If Moon’s attack misses,Mae can still strike, but at normal Melee damage and with no threat of decapitation,. If Moon hits and Mae misses, Moon can throw the enemy to the ground for an additional 2d6 damage, leaving the enemy prone.

Thundrous Chaos
Morik thrusts his arm into the air, back to back with his cousin, Roena, and from the area over their hearts, a spiraling coil of energies, travels upward, encircling their arms, and launches into the air. It then comes crashing back down onto their target, causing tremendous damage and causing a random effect to harm their foes or aid their allies.
DailyMorik and Roena – Dual Tech
Standard ActionArea Burst 1 within 10 squares,
Prerequisite: Morik and Roena must be occupy adjacent squares.
Target: All enemies in burst within 10 squares of either Roena or Morik.
Attack: Morik’s Charisma and Roena’s Intelligence versus Fortitude
Hit: Target in center of burst takes 3d10+5 Lightning Damage. Lightning then spreads to all others in burst and causes half of that damage to each of them.
Hit: Roll a D30. Use the following chart to determine the secondary effect:
Random Effect:
1 – No Effect
2-5 – All within burst are dazed (save ends)
6-10 – All within burst take 5 ongoing psychic damage (save ends)
11-20 – Any ally that hits with an attack against this enemy until the end of the encounter gains 1d6 temporary hit points.
21-25 – The enemy in the center of the burst suffers an additional 2d10 Lightning Damage, and all adjacent to him suffer half that damage.
26-29 – The enemies in the burst are confused and will likely strike at their own allies (save ends
30 – Roll twice and gain both benefits, discounting a roll of 1 or a duplicate roll of a previous benefit.

Guilty Verdict
Lawrence bashes an enemy with his shield, knocking him into Crossel, who uppercuts the foe into the air, where Lawrence meets the enemy midair with a devastating downward thrust of his sword.
DailyLaurence and Crossel – Dual Tech
Standard ActionMelee
Target: 1 Enemy within Crossel and Laurence’s speed.
Attack: Laurence’s Strength versus AC for the Shield Smash. Crossel’s Strength versus half the target’s Fortitude for the Uppercut. Laurence’s Strength versus half the target’s Fortitude for the Downward Thrust.
Hit: 1d8 Laurence’s Strength for the Shield Smash, enemy is weakened (save ends). 3d6 Crossel’s Strength for the Uppercut, enemy is dazed (save ends). 3[W] + Laurence’s Strength for the Downward Thrust.
Effect: After downward thrust, the target must make roll 10 or higher on a d30 or is decapitated.

Cursed Storm of Arrows
Aelanah nocks six arrows and prepares to fire them toward one or more foes as Elosian reaches out with his gauntleted arm, a dark cursed cloud wrapping around the enemy or enemies, pulling them into the air, holding them vulnerable for the coming storm of arrows
DailyAelanah and Elosian – Dual Tech
Standard ActionRanged 10 (Elosian) 20 (Aelanah)
Target: 1-6 Enemies within 10 squares of Elosian who is also within 20 squares of Aelanah
Attack: Elosian’s Charisma versus Will to hold the enemies for Aelanah’s attack. Aelanah then must make an attack roll only against those enemies Elosian failed to hit with his Cursed Cloud. That attack would be as a normal Ranged Basic Attack.
Hit: 6[W] Aelanah’s Dexterity Bonus Elosian’s Charisma Bonus.
Effect: Aelanah and Elosian maintain combat advantage on these enemies until the end of the encounter.

Retributive Rhythm
Jaden unleashes a burst of Avenging Light toward his target, the divine assault magnified by the haunting sound of Rynee’s song: “Whispers of Divinity”. The damaged foe is afflicted by a Crisis of Faith, forcing them to choose where their loyalties truly should lie, whether they should run from this battle, continue the fight, or join the Bard and the Invoker in their efforts as an act of contrition.
DailyJaden and Rynee – Dual Tech
Standard ActionRanged 10
Target: 1 enemy within 10 squares of both Rynee and Jaden.
Attack: Jaden’s Wisdom combined with Rynee’s Charisma versus Will.
Hit: 4d10+ Jaden’s Wisdom + Rynee’s Charisma
Effect: The enemy rolls a d4 to determine the effect of the Crisis of Faith.
1 – The enemy pledges to join Jaden and Rynee’s side until the end of the encounter.
2 – The enemy throws down his weapon and surrenders.
3 – The enemy flees the encounter altogether.
4 – The enemy chooses to continue to fight. If this occurs, both Jaden and Rynee gain combat advantage against this enemy until the end of the encounter.
Note: Certain individuals will not be susceptible to the Crisis of Faith effect. In these cases, assume a result of 4 on the die roll.

Sins of the Fathers: Dual Techs

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