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The Story of the Current
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The Story of the Current

The societies that grew from the ashes left behind after the Shadow War were largely patterned after those that had fallen in the Shadow Knight’s twenty-two year reign of terror. The Current grew out of the idea that rather than grasping onto what the world had lost, the people should embrace the wild, unfettered world they had at hand. The Current, as a result, is a union of like-minded individuals who live not as citizens of any nation or members of any established social order, but as individuals free from the confines and boundaries imposed by such institutions. According to Current members, they are the only truly free people in all of Wyrmshadow.

Led by an enigmatic trio whose identity is among the most well kept secrets in all of Wyrmshadow, The Current is said to have as many as ten-thousand members, and those numbers are growing. They are considered a rogue organization by many nations, and are actively pursued by the militias of most cities as a criminal enterprise. They often defend against such charges because they discourage theft for excess profit. In fact, the Current is far from an evil organization, and is largely accepting of members from all walks of life.

The Rules of the Current

    The Current has several simple rules. They do not advocate anarchy, nor do they encourage disregard for the rights of others.
  • The world must be protected from Tyrants, even if they seem like Heroes. The Shadow Knight was once considered a hero. Look how that turned out.
  • If we kill, it has to matter. We don’t kill for fun or mere material gains. We kill to protect, defend, or improve the world.
  • The land we walk on, its trees and oceans and skies, are all we have to leave our children, so they are all that we really hold sacred. We can live without destroying, so we should try to.
  • We do not worship gods just because we know them to exist, but we are ever resourceful, and we will not turn down help when it is offered.
  • We will be labeled criminals and outcasts. We will be captured, tortured, and killed for these common thoughts we share. Let’s live as much as we can until that happens, and try to make our deaths mean something worthwhile.
  • We are everywhere and nowhere at once, an ally and an enemy at once, and the only truly free men and women in all of Wyrmshadow.

The Adventures of the Current

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Chapter C-21: The Current in… “…On The Journey To The Rest Of Our Lives

The Members of the Current (Player Characters)

Maerlyn Zau’Ombra
– Independent, decisive, and impatient with the ignorant. As one of only a handful of survivors from Testament’s Chaos Engine, Maerlyn has carried a wealth of emotional baggage and became a reclusive hermit for much of the past two decades. (as played by Danielle Callan – Danibug727)

Moon Duskbane
– Stoic, aggressive, and easily frustrated. Moon was a victim of the betrayal and abandonment of the Drao upper echelon, and he still carries a great deal of anger toward his former people.(as played by Andy Kilduff – Duffpool)

Reks Relagia
– The son of Daythin and Kurai Relagia. Rebellious, energetic, and charming. He hates boundaries and resists rules and laws whenever they contradict his agenda. He is a good man but doesn’t like rigid authority figures, and will break the law if he believes it will ultimately generate a greater good.(as played by Matt Mann – Darknova)

S’zeves V’destrii
– A fugitive from a different time and place, S’zeves is a member of a unique race, a practitioner of a unique skill set, and a mysterious addition to The Current’s already eclectic menagerie.(as played by Vincent Pecoraro – SHINenzo)

– A Nomoid member of the elusive Death’s Scythe religious sect. A relentless hunter of those who defy the will of Veil, God of Death.(as played by Paul Vilbig – Borgamat)

Varen Gilles
– Callous, stoic, and at times quite rude. A misanthropic orphan who fled Imperia at a young age, eventually joining The Current in the Shidiman capital of Kouten.(as played by Mike Graziano – CitrusAssassin)

Eilora Thalonia
– A graceful Half-Elven Sorceress and the mother of Varen Gilles.(as played by Christine Scott – ChristineScott720)

Morik Martok
– The son of Melchior and Claire Martok. Very young at heart, adventurous, and curious about the world around him. Morik belonged to the Order, but had much more in common with the Current, and he eventually migrated to the less restrictive group.(as played by Greg Mann – SirDrogyn)

Arekos Rageblade
– A goliath whose memories were destroyed by the Illithid Gygax during his insidious experiments. Arekos befriended Khulvos, another of Gygax’s prisoners. After they escaped, the two were practically inseparable. However, when the time came for both Khulvos and Arekos to decide which faction best matched their personal goals in life, Arekos opted to join the Current. The two good friends would never see one another again.(as played by Miguel Correa – MooDog)

The Members of the Current (Non-Player Characters)

Kelain Iolius
– One of the most charming and friendly members of the Current, and perhaps their best recruiter. Kelain is a bard, but more than that, he’s everyone’s best friend.

Yadykath Rathsqar
– A Kobold ninja and loyal member of the Current. A good friend of Kelain and Auleak. Harbors a fierce hatred of all other Kobolds.

Auleak Qrolnar
– A massive, terrifying Bugbear and loyal member of the Current. Yadykath’s best friend and an old ally of Reks Relagia.