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The Story of the Order
The Rules of the Order
The Adventures of the Order
The Members of the Order (Player Characters)
The Members of the Order (Non-Player Characters)

The Story of the Order

The Shadow Empire left the world a scattered, muddled mess, a chaotic state in which the concepts of justice and peace were almost impossible to imagine, and we in danger of becoming a modern Wyrmshadow’s myth. That was until the return of the Elder Gods: Veil, Ryss, and of course, Draconius. The three Elder Gods helped to solidify Saigen’s resistance into a force worthy of inheriting Wyrmshadow once the Black and Green banners of Shadow Imperia fell once and for all. Faith, and belief in the concept of justice and virtue, became a reality once more. Hope sprang forth, a single flower in a barren wasteland.

Led by Archbishop Vikter Van Drake and an assembly of the faithful, the Order of Draconius has taken upon itself the duty of returning such concepts as justice, order, and peace to the furthest corners of the world of Wyrmshadow. Their members are not limited to the pious, or even the faithful, but to those who uphold the same core values as the Order. The Order is not a religious institution by doctrine, but an officially sanctioned multi-national coalition for justice. Their numbers have declined over the years, but they are still counted as one of the most populous and well-trained para-military forces in Wyrmshadow. At last count, there were nearly thirty-thousand Order members, ranging from the noble Paladins and Avengers to the bounty hunters and mercenaries who bring villainous sorts to justice for profit, to practitioners of the mystical arts, to volunteers and conscripts.

The Rules of the Order

    The Order have a system of laws that govern their actions in pursuit of justice.
  • We shall seek out the wicked wherever they run, wherever they hide, and bring them to justice for their crimes against society.
  • We will aid the downtrodden, protect the defenseless, and uphold the security of Wyrmshadow wherever our footsteps may take us.
  • We will abide by the laws of the nation within which we tread, and we will not usurp the sovereign rights of those whom we serve in defense.
  • We will not turn away a helping hand, but will not turn a blind eye to any crime.
  • We may be called heroes, but we are humble men and women just trying to make a difference. We will not use our acts within the Order to advance ourselves in society, but to advance society itself.
  • We will be vigilant even against the most dangerous of foes, stay standing in the darkest of days, and prevail against the tides of chaos. Such is our doctrine, and such is life in the Order.

The Adventures of the Order

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Chapter O-5: The Order in… Legacy of Glory, Part 1 of 2
Chapter O-6: The Order in… Legacy of Glory, Part 2 of 2
Chapter O-7: The Order in… Trials of Glory, Part 1 of 3
Chapter O-8: The Order in… Trials of Glory, Part 2 of 3
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Chapter O-10: The Order & The Current in… To Slay the Darkness
Chapter O-11: The Order & The Current in… To Save the Light
Chapter O-12: The Order in… Prophecies, Epiphanies, and Tragedies, Part 1 of 3
Chapter O-13: The Order in… Prophesies, Epiphanies, and Tragedies, Part 2 of 3
Chapter O-14: The Order in… Prophecies, Epiphanies, and Tragedies, Part 3 of 3
Chapter O-15: The Order in… The Horns of Agony
Chapter O-16: The Order in… Sailing Through the Maelstrom
Chapter O-17: The Order in… Shi Di Ma Under Siege
Chapter O-18: The Order in… “Against All Threats Great And Small…”
Chapter O-19: The Order in… “…We’ll Overcome And Never Fall.”
Chapter O-20: The Order in Hell

The Members of the Order (Player Characters)

Laurence Van Drake
– The grandson of Draconite Bishop and Shadow War veteran Vikter Van Drake. Devoted to the cause of justice. He thirsts for battle and enjoys striking fear into the hearts of the wicked. (as played by Miguel Correa – MooDog)

Morik Martok
– The son of Melchior and Claire Martok. Very young at heart, adventurous, and curious about the world around him. (as played by Greg Mann – SirDrogyn)

Elosian Sylvres
– A human warlock in service to Revenon, an archdemon loyal to the Pylean Restoration Army. A crafty, cool-headed charmer whose greatest weapon is his razor sharp wit and cunning.(as played by Vincent Pecoraro – SHINenzo)

Jaden Vale
– Son of Darien and Caerdwyn Vale. Passionate, exuberant, and over-opinionated. Judges everyone by their deeds, not their words.(as played by Andy Kilduff – Duffpool)

Rynee Woodsong
– A free spirited, uniquely talented musical artist whose world views are as naive as they are refreshing. Heir to a future she does not want to face. .(as played by Danielle Callan – Danibug727)

Aelanah Beastfriend
– A Current spy within the Order’s midst. A staunch defender of animals and nature. (as played by Christine Scott – ChristineScott720)

Saleos Me’Serachte
– A youthful ranger and recent inductee into the Order of Draconius. Saleos made an good impression on his superiors and was sent to a banquet at the Temple of Draconius as a reward for his efforts. From the moment Saleos opened the banquet hall doors, he slowly discovered a far greater destiny than he could ever have imagined. (as played by Paul Vilbig – Anglaris)

Khulvos Hooftorn
– A Bovite Weren (Minotaur) whose brutal past prompted him to seek the life of a traveling monk. The evils of his past, as well as his old associates, the Horns of Agony, haunt him to this day. (as played by Greg Mann – SirDrogyn)

Adon Thunderclaw
– A Felite Weren and former member of the Sharpclaw Crusaders. Adon joined the Order of Draconius and quickly befriended fellow monks Khulvos and Crossel, even undergoing an ancient monastic ritual to bind their destinies together as a Sankatte. (as played by Michael Graziano – CitrusAssassin)

The Members of the Order (Non-Player Characters)

Crossel Martok
– Raised as the eldest “son” of Tarrik and Lucinda Martok. Silent, willfull, and virtually fearless. A master of battlefield patience, he is unflappable and impossible to intimidate.

Roena Martok
– The daughter of Tarrik and Lucinda Martok. Proud, stubborn, and independent.

Hector Van Houten
– A veteran of the final battles of the Liberation War. Hector lost his legs during the Shadow Knight’s final attack on Infernia. Considering what happened to so many of his friends and loved ones on that fateful day, Hector counts himself fortunate. He is a friendly, helpful, and dutiful member of the Order.

Vespa Tigh
– Born and raised within the Holy City of Drogynia, Vespa was a free spirited young Order initiate, flirtatious and naive, until the Kobold Uprisings of 25 YE. The uprisings, and most specifically, the death of her commanding officer, Sir Pac Sapius, heralded an end of innocence for young Vespa, and earned the young Order Invoker her first true personal enemy, a Current member named S’zeves V’destrii.

Sir Pac Sapius
– A single-minded Avenger of Draconius and life-long member of the Order. Sir Pac holds the tenets of his faith in the highest regard, and he finds the Current to be not only a distasteful bunch, but a potentially dangerous one if left to their own devices. His motto is: Suffer not the sinner.

Mame Solenara Calbane
– An Imperian aristocrat and honorary Knight Champion of the Order of Draconius. A beautiful, graceful noblewoman. Holds Rynee Woodsong in highest regard.

Willis Danakis
– A young, brash, somewhat naive knight in the Order of Draconius. Alistaire Cambul’s partner-in-arms, and personal guard of Mame Solenara Calbane.

Alistaire Cambul
– A wisened knight in the Order of Draconius, and the chosen bodyguard of Mame Solenara Calbane.