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The Story of the Dreamers
The Adventures of the Dreamers
The Dreamers and their Allies (Player Characters)
The Dreamers and their Allies (Non-Player Characters)

The Story of the Dreamers

Rumors have long been spread of a common dream shared by a number of special individuals throughout Infernia. This dream is not a lofty aspiration or a flimsy, naive shared desire, but a literal mental image that haunts a large number of Infernians from all races and walks of life. The people who have experienced this dream, even if only once in their lives, are forever changed by the experience. Though they share no common bonds other than the same vivid dream, there are those who believe the Dreamers may pose a very real threat to Lord Asmous the Foul and his rule over all of Infernia.

The dream is of a great hero, the Sylvres, which is the Pylean word for savior. This Sylvres is said to be a stranger in a strange land, who went to fight for his Infernal brethren in Gods’ Country. Infernians refer to Materia as Gods’ Country because that realm is the only one that the gods seem to care about. The dream depicts the return of the Sylvres, his rise to power, and the fall of Asmous the Foul at his feet. Though the details of the dream are quite vague, the fact is that a great number men, women, and children, from elves to humans to tieflings and demons, have had the same images in their head. The Dreamers have not gone unnoticed by those in power throughout Infernia, and they are being hunted down, enslaved, or killed because of the dream. For some Dreamers, their shared peril, along with the possibility of aiding in the creation of a free Infernia, have led them to organize, rebel, and take a stand. They have embraced the dream. They are the true Dreamers.

The Adventures of the Dreamers

Chapter 1: Hellbound
Chapter 2: War is Hell Preview: Life in the Cauldron
Chapter 3: The Waking Nightmare
Chapter 4: The Dreamers
Chapter 5: Escaping the Cauldron

The Dreamers and their Allies(Player Characters)

Sir Laurence Van Drake
– An avenger from Materia who came to Infernia via the Kouten Hellryft on a quest to hunt down and kill Stendhal, a fiendish dragon whose machinations, and connection to Ar’Kulat Fa’Sado, make him a threat to all of Wyrmshadow. Laurence has become a great ally to the Dreamers, and he could even be said to be their leader. (as played by Matthew Mann – Darknova)

– Upon emerging on the Infernian side of the Kouten Hellryft, Khulvos, Crossel, and Adon were each forced to make a hasty, deadly decision. Crossel and Adon sacrificed their bodies in order to destroy the Hellryft, but before their souls could be extinguished, Khulvos used his unique spiritual gifts to reach into their dying bodies and pull Crossel’s and Adon’s souls into his own body. Due to the mutative nature of the Infernal aether and the explosive destruction of the Hellryft, the body of Khulvos was altered to reflect the three souls that resided within, and a new being was born. Crodonvos.(as played by Greg Mann – SirDrogyn)

Shaden Liixe (Leech)
– Leech was found on the Bone Dust Road en route to the Iron Fist fort north of Lake Solus. He was a mercenary soldier whose entire party had been destroyed. He had been badly injured and left for dead, but thanks to Crodonvos, Leech would eventually make a full recovery. He is a Dreamer, one who shares a common vision for the future of Infernia, and he believes that by following Laurence on his quest to save his friend Elosian, he may someday see his dreams become a reality.(as played by Paul Vilbig – Anglaris)

Daegys Sahii
– An Elemn (Blue Elf) Dreamer who escaped from the Cauldron, a slave labor camp in the City-State of Farlan in Infernia. Daegys travels with fellow escaped prisoner T’Saira Behntrilo. The two follow Materian holy knight Laurence Van Drake on his quest to find and rescue Elosian Sylvres, a man who may be the savior Daegys and so many others have dreamt of.(as played by Michael Graziano – CitrusAssassin)

T’Saira Behntrillo
– A female Aer Tiefling with a wicked temper and the brutality and cunning to back it up. She is a Dreamer and, like Daegys Sahii, an escapee from the Cauldron. She currently follows Laurence Van Drake, a human who, despite her prejudices, T’Saira has come to respect and believe in.(as played by Christine Scott – ChristineScott720)

Cade “Blindsight” Haarkoth
– A blind Kao whose innate gifts enable him to bend ambient light and grant him magical sight.(as played by Derek Romano – Cade)

Flipity “Snufflechuck” Pluplah
– ...relax. This is a joke. It has not yet been established who Vin’s playing as yet. I thought this would be a funny placeholder.(as played by Vincent Pecoraro – SHINenzo)

Impington “Impy” Impstein
– Formerly the familiar of Elosian Sylvres, coming back to Infernia freed Impy to pursue a new life. Unfortunately, that new life was that of a slave in the Cauldron. Impy preferred his old master, so he partnered up with mean ol’ Laurence to rescue Elo. Unfortunately, Infernia is a dangerous place, and poor Impy didn’t make it to see his old friend Elo again.(as played by Paul Vilbig – Anglaris)

The Dreamers and their Allies (Non-Player Characters)

– An Incubus who worked in the Acquisition Processing ward of the Cauldron slave labor camp in the City-State of Farlan. Lone hid the fact that he, too, was a Dreamer, as he believed that he was destined to one day meet the legendary Sylvres, the savior of Infernia, and aid him on his quest. Lone was too late to prevent Lord Niska’s men from absconding with Elosian Sylvres, whom many suspected as the dreamt-of savior. He sought the aid of several other Dreamers, including Daegys and T’Saira, in freeing Laurence and Crodonvos from their cells and seeking to prevent Elosian’s captors from getting him to Lord Niska’s manse in the far-off city of Glyph. Unfortunately, Lone was forced to sacrifice his own life in order to buy Laurence and his new allies time to make good their escape.

– The great-grandson of the legendary blink-dog Caenus, Cackle is a Dire Hyena with amazing intelligence “for a dog.” Gifted with a speech-enabling collar and his grandfather’s ability to “blink” from one location to another, Cackle has formed a strong bond with the heroes. He was especially fond of Impy, and the little imp’s death was a sobering moment for Cackle. Like most of the heroes in this tale, Cackle is a Dreamer.

Warleader Braddick
– The leader of the Iron Fist mercenary clan and Leech’s former commander. Warleader Braddick is an Azer. He witnessed the heroism of Laurence when the Materian holy knight helped defend the Iron Fist’s fort from a gnoll siege. Braddick transferred command of Leech to Laurence and made the Materian an honorary captain in his mercenary regiment, swearing to honor his debt and aid Laurence as Laurence aided him.

– A Great Troll and one of three brothers who once ruled a massive stretch of the Vastlands, from the Tethys river to Mt. Sin. Tagar’s eldest brother, Traag, was corrupted by an archdemon sent by Asmous the Foul. Traag, under the influence of the Archdemon Testament, murdered Tagar’s youngest brother, Tarog. Empowered by demonic aether, Traag was turned into a brutal, savage monster incapable of listening to reason, and Tagar knew that he stood no chance against his wayward elder brother. Traag cast Tagar out of their lands and turned them over to the Legion of Asmous. Since then, Tagar has been a wandering barbarian, a former warlord left destitute and alone. Eventually, Tagar fell victim to an agent of the archdemon Niska, who used a magical device to sap Tagar’s will and force him to do the agent’s bidding. Laurence and his allies came to the aid of Tagar, unsolicited, and ever since he has traveled along with them. You see, Tagar has been having this recurring dream…

Cylia Stormdawn
– A human of unknown origins, Cylia was raised in seclusion within a hidden grove called the Sanctuary, mystically hidden from the rest of Infernia by ancient sorcery. It was located within the center of three monoliths called the Standing Stones, in the Wilderlands north of Farlan. The Sanctuary was a tiny paradise in the middle of hell itself. Within the Sanctuary were spiritual creatures called Slivers, creatures whose bodies were recycled physical materials, and whose life force was a fragment of a former living soul. Cylia grew to form a symbiotic relationship with the Slivers, and though they have no real intelligence or will, they seem to respond favorably to her, and defend her from those who would do her harm. Cylia was also a Dreamer, and she sought out Laurence and his allies in order to join them on their quest.

Regult Martok
– The ancient hero of the Legend of the Night Sword is not only real, but due to the dramatic difference in the passage of time between Infernia and Materia, he still yet lives, over a thousand years after his ultimate battle against Belthazar at the end of Wyrmshadow: The Night Sword! Now a man in his late seventies, Regult is far past his adventuring days. However, upon learning of the cause for which Laurence and the Dreamers are fighting, and with the promise of discovering the truth about “Stendhal,” Regult has packed up his kitchen, donned as much of his old armor as he could still get around his waist, and embarked on the last adventure of his long and eventful life. He doesn’t care for Cade.

S’zeves V’destrii
– The Emerald Knight of Imperia doesn’t belong here. He didn’t come here, but, somehow, here he is. S’zeves has one great mission in life at the moment, and that mission is to get back to Materia before he misses his own wedding. He can’t wait to get home, because nobody here gets him. He would tell them all to go to hell, but… you know.

– It wasn’t long ago that Borgamat thought he had fallen out of favor with Veil, God of Death. As it turned out, Veil simply had no use for Borgamat, and he was granting the Soulforged Avenger a brief respite. Borgamat joined the Current shortly after the fall of Ar’Kulat Fa’Sado, becoming the Boatswain of the Raven, a Blacksail Merchant Marine airship captained by fellow Current member Reks Relagia. After Laurence suddenly and mysteriously switched places with S’zeves V’destrii, the betrothed of Roena Martok and a man Melchior Martok called “quite important”, Borgamat aided Tarrik Martok and Laurence in seeking the Belt of Champions, an artifact said to grant its bearer access to an exclusive Hellryft hidden somewhere in Idrahaal. However, Laurence vanished once again, and S’zeves never returned. Borgamat was ordered by Veil to use the Belt of Champions himself, bring it to S’zeves in Infernia, and then aid Laurence on his own quest. There was just one caveat, however…

Elosian Sylvres
– Elosian’s return to Infernia did not go exactly as he had imagined it would have. Upon the moment that he emerged from the Kouten Hellryft on the Infernian side, Elosian and the rest of the Order crew he was with came under attack from a massive invasion force. He and his companions were beaten and subdued, but not before two of his allies made the ultimate sacrifice in order to destroy the Hellryft and foil the Legion of Asmous’s plans to invade Shidi Ma. Elosian was separated from Laurence and his other remaining allies, his familiar was stolen from him, and his demonic right arm, his link to his Archdemon lord, Revenon, was torn from his body and left on the ground to rot. Since that moment, nobody has seen or heard a thing from Elosian. Laurence and his band are currently en route to the City of Glyph, where they hope to learn of Elosian’s fate and, ideally, free him from his demon captors.

Darien Vale
– The son of a god and the inheritor of the divinity of Dragonkind, Darien Vale has a narrow mind and a near-limitless sense of entitlement. In this way, he is quite like his father, the God of Death, Veil. Darien’s kingdom was usurped by his own son, Prince Jaden, who has begun a war to conquer all of Wyrmshadow to be ruled by the dragons. Darien was captured and imprisoned, left to sit and watch as his son destroyed the good will built between Dragon and man, the last vestige of Thoron’s legacy burning to ashes before Darien’s very eyes. When a Current strike team came to his tower and freed him from capture, Darien was shocked to discover that it was Tarrik Martok he had to thank for his new-found freedom. However, it was the Belt of Champions that Tarrik was after… a rematch, after all these years. Darien, as a Black Dragon King, was still young and in his prime, whereas Tarrik Martok was a human being of nearly fifty years, and hard years at that. Laurence Van Drake stepped forward to take Tarrik’s place as the challenger. Darien fought against Laurence, who suddenly called upon an unknown, obviously demonic, source of power to defeat Darien. Realizing this was his chance, Darien forced Laurence to kill him, just so he could finally get his father’s, the God of Death’s, attention. Darien made a demand of his father and the other gods. He demanded to be elevated to a state of godhood, to be made the patron deity of Dragonkind, so that he could undo the damage caused by his wayward son. The three gods agreed to give Darien three tests to prove himself worthy of such an honor. Darien was soon thereafter rendered completely human, robbed of all his divine and draconic powers, and made subordinate to Saint Borgamat the Reaper.

Maerlyn Zau’Ombra
– Maerlyn has been locked in an asylum for the mentally deranged and dangerous in Quae Elfien ever since she stabbed S’zeves V’destrii near the end of Fa’Sado’s War. She insists that S’zeves V’destrii ruined the world, that he changed everything. However, in her mad rantings, Maerlyn occasionally has been known to foretell a future event with stunning clarity. Scholars in the Rynee Windsong Memorial Hospital in Quae Elfien have been studying her case ever since. Recently, and quite unexpectedly, she began talking about Laurence Van Drake, the end of the world, and someone she calls the Phoenix Queen…