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Anzel is a nation that stretches from the edge of the murky marshes of the Bogmire in the south to the frozen reaches of the Great Northern Wastelands, bordered on the east and west by the Muhari Duskdunes and the tempestuous Storm Coast, respectfully. Throughout much of modern history, Anzel has been a part of the Imperian Empire, though there is an impermeable frontier spirit in Anzel that defines the region far better than the emerald flag of Imperia ever could.

Freeport, the largest population center in Anzel, is also the busiest seaport in the world. A corridor of coastal currents converges at the Freeport Docks and grants the city the only safe access to the Unforgiving Ocean, bypassing the tumultuous waves and angry skies that plague much of the rest of the Storm Coast. Piracy is rampant in the Unforgiving Ocean, and Freeport combats this threat via judicious use of merchant marine forces.

Mercenaries and bounty hunters are charged with ensuring the safety and security of Freeport, and indeed all of Anzel. One of the most famous mercenary groups in the long history of Anzel was the Or’Kranna, a group of Orcs charged with the defense of the small hamlet of Greenmeadow in the year 1,032 YP. Now, over a millenia later, the site of the heroic last stand of the Or’Kranna in Greenmeadow serves as a sanctuary and a place of quiet contemplation. Archbishop Vikter Van Drake of the Order of Draconius has a standing order that all who seek to join the ranks of the Order should take a pilgrimage to Greenmeadow. The experience is said to be a spiritual reminder of what true valor and sacrifice means, and that all races, even Orcs, are capable of great courage.