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Founded by Thoron, King of Dragons in 21 YS, Drakyniar is a haven for dragonkind in Wyrmshadow. Forced to abandon the mystical realm of Draconia, Thoron and his exiled people returned to Materia in order to aid the Liberation Army in their war to wrest control of the Wyrmshadow from the cruel grasp of the Shadow Empire. In the latter half of the Liberation War, Thoron commissioned the Nomoids of Windjammer Isle to construct a new earthbound home for the dragons, a safe haven within which all dragons, regardless of their breed or kin, were safe and regarded as an equal citizen under the eye of Thoron.

After the fall of Thoron, rule of Drakyniar fell into the hands of Darien Vale, the Black Dragon King and son of the God of Death, Silas Vale. Together with his Queen, the half-red, half-gold dragon named Caerdwyn Martok, Darien brought about an age of isolation, forbidding all dragons from leaving Drakyniar without his express consent. Later, Darien’s eldest son, Jaden, would rise up to overthrow his rule, rallying a force of dragons under his wing, and declaring the Impero-Drakyniar War.