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Built upon the ruins of Sylverton, the site of the fateful final battle against the demonic weapon Traag, Drogynia is a holy district devoted to the celebration of the return of divinity to Wyrmshadow. The city is named after the human Paladin, Sir Drogyn Martok, who died at the end of the Age of the Phoenix only to return twenty years later, during the Age of Shadow, as the reborn God of Justice.

Drogynia is the home of the Order of Draconius, a military organization that heeds the rule of no nation or sovereign power, but follows strictly and faithfully the doctrines set forth by Saint Fliq Nerino and Archbishop Vikter Van Drake during the Liberation War. In fact, every aspect of both the Order of Draconius and the City of Drogynia is framed around the foundation of the fateful words of heralds of the Age of Enlightenment.

Fliq’s Sermon

Fliq Nerino perished during the final battle against the Shadow Knight. Prior to his death, Fliq was one of the first to spread word of the return of the gods to the world. For his sermon, Fliq commemorated the fateful return of Sir Drogyn Martok, Silas Vale, and Boris Silverstem…

Out upon the deck on rainsoaked boards.
Drenched and bare and weary from His wake.
Brought below and lashed to mizzenmast.
Looked upon the face of man again.
What dread! The time had passed him so far by.

Woke upon the fields of endless dead.
Faced with vacant bodies far and nigh.
Rapt in shadows dark, dank, and arcane.
Fear for what it was He once had sown.
Now had come another’s time to reap.

Eyes affixed to vacant skies above.
Cold the wind that blew across the dale.
Dark the times had become for this place.
Under ruthless watch of scornful souls.
Shown the tragic end these people face.

These three Men had come back from their doom.
Brought to life beyond the ides of yore.
Plucked and brought before a Broken Home.
Sent upon a journey wrought with pain.
To bring about the end of our dark days.

Vikter’s Sermon

Vikter Van Drake was a member of the crew of the Peregrine, an airship that supported the last vestige of freedom in the world, Stonehaven. Upon the return of Sir Drogyn Martok, Silas Vale, and Boris Silverstem, Vikter and his young compatriot, Fliq Nerino, became the first followers of the reborn gods of Wyrmshadow. There was a time during the Liberation War when the three gods had cause to go to Arcadia, and their absence started to have an effect on the morale of the Liberation Army. Vikter’s sermon was a rallying cry to take the absence of the gods as a challenge and an opportunity…

Brothers and sisters, let us count ourselves among the most important souls that have ever lived, for as in the days of old, we have lived and breathed and walked alongside the Gods.

Our Lords have graced us with a righteous test, my children. They have watched our triumphs and seen our convictions and nurtured our souls for this, the moment of all our lives, when the free men and women of Wyrmshadow take the reins of our destinies under our humble control.

Now, we rush off to do battle once more. Again, unto the breach we must endeavor. You look troubled, brothers and sisters. You look to the skies above and ask why the Gods would leave us before we go off to rekindle the flames of this arduous conflict yet again. You fear that our successes depended upon their blessed presence and, without them with us, we cannot win.

Our Gods ARE with us always, my children! They guide us in our deeds every day. Gaze unto the works their guidance wrought! This wondrous place, these new allies… our newfound strength. All of what you see is due to our hard work, but effort alone does not win the day, Through our faith, we now stand on the precipice of a glorious new age. This dark empire that has shadowed our days, my children? It is crumbling beneath the might of our God’s convictions. The Shadow Knight cowers for fear of a people united in faith against his tyranny.

It is the will of the Gods, my friends, that we are victorious in the days and weeks ahead. Ask not when or if the Gods shall return. I tell you, brothers and sisters, look at our achievements, our alliances, our strength, and rejoice, for the Gods have never left our side at all.