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In the early Age of the Phoenix, Imperia seemed to finally be free from the threat of invasion by demons. Without the financial instability of war, there was a rapid overseas expansion, as explorers visited distant lands to bring back rare and exotic treasures. The explorers returned with stories of monstrous races that seemed to fantastical to be true. Initially dismissed as folk tales, some of the encounters were in fact true.

The sailors who visited the island called Freel described winged horses, creatures with the bodies of lions and multiple heads, and inhabitants who changed their shapes to combine the features of humans and animals. In the earliest communications between the local natives and the Imperian explorers, they discovered that the shape-changing creatures called themselves “Weren”. There are many different races of weren such as the ursites, canites and felites and not all weren change forms. At first there was much fear on the part of the imperians. However their superior weapons made them the match of the weren’s natural strength.

It was discovered that Freel contained an abundance of mineral wealth as iron ore and other metals were resources simply waiting to be exploited. After some early clashes, the chiefs of some weren tribes began to trade with the explorers. Such interactions continued over the decades as more and more weren began to leave Freel and settle on mainland Wyrmshadow. The Trade City of Galar Anziil is an example of the fusion of Imperian architecture with Freeli sensibilities and their tendency to integrate natural elements into every aspect of their lives. Weren are not an uncommon sight today walking the streets of any major city on the mainland. Although prejudice against weren is not unheard of, especially during the intermittent periods of war between Freel and Imperia, there is a general acceptance among most civilized groups of humans and elves.