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The cradle of human civilization, Idrahaal is an island nation 1,800 Miles off the eastern coast of the main continent of Wyrmshadow. Named after the legendary human hero, Idrahl, this ancient civilization was once considered the most influential and powerful nations in all of Wyrmshadow. Many of the great legends of the world originate from Idrahaal, as the Idrahli people were notorious for relying on oral history rather than the written word.

During the Age of the Phoenix, Idrahaal became a haven for corsairs and explorers, and it was discovered and nearly conquered by Naga from the nearby underwater city of Losarrill. Pirates banded together under the banner of Captain Reishi Kazuo, a Shidi-born aquatic elf, to defend Idrahaal from the Naga, who were so impressed at the tenacity of the “pirate nation” that they offered a truce and became fast allies with the nation. The Treaty of Maer Da’Nael, signed in the heart of the ancient city the Naga destroyed during the war, brought peace and free trade between Idrahli privateers and the Naga mercantile guild, the Gylverin.

An order of mystics called the Sect of Ulreyvan settled on the southern shores of Idrahaal in the year 330 YP, building an elaborate magical citadel south of the tranquil waters of Alghus Lake. Ulreyvan has been one of the preeminent sources of mystical agents, and at various times over the past few centuries, the sect has contracted its services to the highest bidder. It is conjectured that the sect is led by a fallen angel, but as yet none have proven this theory to hold weight.

Within the heart of the mist-shrouded mountains, there is said to be an ancient palace that was once home to the legendary human hero, Asvhar. This palace, known as the Seat of Asvhar, was found by Captain Tarrik Martok. Hidden within the Seat of Asvhar is a Hellryft which can only be accessed by one being from either realm, the champion whose worth had been proven in battle. The champion is granted a magical belt that grants passage through the Hellryft into Infernia. Specifically, the Hellryft in the Seat of Asvhar leads to the palace of the Groosalugg in Pylea.