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First constructed by the Empire of Man over 50 millenia ago, the city now known as Imperia was erected in the shadow of the Rohn Highlands, centrally located between the woodlands of Anzel and the steppelands of Prair. Imperia was the northernmost city in the Idrahli-run Empire of Man, and as such, Idrahaal-inspired architectural elements can be found throughout the city, even tens of thousands of years later.

Rule of Imperia (and even the city’s name) changed many times over the past 50,000 years. For nearly 10,000 years, the city was abandoned and fell into a state of ruin, reclaimed by the wilds. Muhari conquests brought the city under the rule of Photep Ra’Hazul circa the eight-thousandth year of the Age of the Gods. Evidence supports the legend that Ra’Hazul eventually burned the entire city to the ground, killing every human within.

Eventually, the charred ruins of the city were reclaimed by affluent human nobles from Freeport in Anzel. The reconstruction of Imperia took nearly 800 years, and saw the rise and fall of hundreds of highlords, but there would not be another Emperor declared until the rise of the Phoenix King in Nas’Nos in the 1,000th year of the Age of the Phoenix.

Prior to 1030 YP (Year of the Phoenix) there was no unified empire. The continent was filled with independent nation-states that usually consisted of a central city and the surrounding territory. Imperia was such a city-state, ruled by noble lords that sometimes fought over territory and other times signed trade agreements with one another.

That all changed with the rise of the Phoenix King. A Nasnoi nobleman of unfathomable charisma and grace, the Phoenix King united the world under his banner, and created the first global empire, the Phoenix Kingdom, with the Great Tree of Nas’Nos as its spiritual center, and the ancient city of Imperia as its seat of government. That all changed when the demonic weapon, Oblivion, destroyed all of Nas’Nos and killed the Phoenix King, leaving the global empire in a state of disarray.

Those who held power in Imperia reclaimed the Emerald Banner, the symbol of the great hero Ashvar, and began a new line of Imperian Emperors. Since the formation of the Imperian Empire, some rulers have been called tyrants and others heroes. Some allowed crime and decay to threaten the city, others have worked tirelessly to restore and preserve the grand temples and monuments that are associated with Imperian culture.

Emperor Koslov was the last Emperor to rule over nearly all of mainland Wyrmshadow until his assassination at the hands of the Shadow Knight. Regardless the city itself is considered to be the most important in the world and whomever controls it is recognized as the major power of Wyrmshadow.

    Districts of Imperia
  • Ouldengaard – The mercantile district of Imperia. Archaeological evidence of previous ruling cultures can be easily found in Ouldengaard. The Emerald Arena is one of the few structural elements of the city that has largely remained intact over the past 50,000 years.
  • Eastgates – The cultural district of Imperia. The Farseer’s Tower was built by the Phoenix King in commemoration of Imperia’s commitment to the Phoenix Empire. During the rule of the Shadow Empire, the tower was refitted into an airship dock, only to be destroyed in the final battle of the Liberation War in 22 YS.
  • Fiuracht Glen – The bourgeois district of Imperia. The upper-middle classes of Imperian society work and live in Fiuracht Glen.
  • Easforte & Ouesforte – The military districts of the Imperian Army and Navy, respectively. With the advent of airships, Ouesforte was devoted to Shadow Imperia’s Blacksail Armada, led by Admiral Hayd Koskoval. After the fall of the Shadow Empire, Ouesforte was rebuilt as a center of learning, a massive university called Saigen Hall while the Imperian armed forces were consolidated in Easforte.
  • Reignton – The royal district of Imperia. A collection of castle estates reside within the high walls of this vast, manicured stretch of land bisected by the Emerald Court, where the Imperian Parliament, the Royal Court, and Castle Imperia reside.