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880 Miles off the eastern coast of the main continent lies a volcanic tropical island called Paradisla. Formerly inhabited by a savage tribe of cannibalistic jungle trolls, the Tamech, a tremendous volcanic eruption wiped the Tamech out over ten-thousand years ago, paving the way for the indigenous humans, once prey to the Tamech, to rebuild and thrive.

Undiscovered by mainland explorers for nearly ten millenia, one of the Guardians, a golden dragon named Solareigne, chose to hide herself (and the “key” she was charged with protecting) deep within the inner reaches of the jungle, in the ruins of the Tamech temple. On a mission to recover Solareigne’s “key”, Sir Drogyn Martok and his party landed on the uncharted island, guided by the unearthly voice of the Archangel Belthazar, who had become infused with Sir Drogyn some time before the party’s arrival on Paradisla. (These adventures were told in Wyrmshadow: Good Intentions).

Sir Drogyn and his party met the local tribal humans and befriended them. The chieftain, Uwatani, gifted Sir Drogyn with his daughter’s hand in marriage. Later, the children of Sir Drogyn and this woman, Ayla, would seek refuge on the uncharted island of Paradisla. With Sir Drogyn now deceased, Ayla met and fell in love with a shipwright and sailor named Masen Sternhammer. Together with the Zardian Crossel, Masen built a new refuge for those who sought freedom from the tyrannical reign of the Shadow Empire; Crossel and Masen built the Island Refuge of Stonehaven.