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Quae Elfien

One of the oldest still-standing cities in Wyrmshadow, Quae Elfien is the ancestral home of the Elven race. Perverted by the Drao during the Shadow Empire’s occupation (1 YS - 22 YS), Quae Elfien grew from a beautiful, vibrant city to a macabre nightmare of towering structures, at the center of which stands Arachadis, a mile-high fortress and the home of the Shadow Empire’s Blacksail Fleet.

Quae elfien2

Prior to the occupation (and after the city’s liberation), Quae Elfien served as the hub of learning in Wyrmshadow. The greatest wizards throughout history were either born in Quae Elfien or spent much of their lives in the city, poring over the myriad tomes of the grand library in search of the great secrets of life, magic, and creation itself.