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Shidi Ma

Shidi Ma, also known as the Pearl of the East, is a place steeped in tradition. Analogous to our own Orient, Shidi Ma is home to the bushido culture, samurai, ninja, and ritual magics. Their language, Shidi, is a dialect based heavily on Japanese, though in the northern-most reaches of Shidi Ma, the culture is based far more heavily on Chinese culture and language, where the concept of a peaceful fighting monk somehow makes sense.

Shidi Ma has a rich history of cultural significance. Shidi Ma artisans are said to be the finest craftsmen among humanity, and even the most stoic of dwarves would be remiss to claim their blades to be of higher quality than a Shidiman sword. Their culture permeates the farthest corners of Wyrmshadow, testimony to their vibrant, exotic civilization.

  • Twin-capital city of Shidi Ma, located on the southern island of Madou.
  • A bizarre blend of tradition and futurism, Kouten is the city that has best exemplified the benefits of Crystech construction techniques.
  • Hundreds of sky-scraping buildings were erected over the past 25 years since the island of Shidi Ma was reborn.
  • An underground cabal of rogues known as Nagare (the Current) had its start in the shadow cast by these enormous edifices.

  • The twin-capital of Shidi Ma, located on the northern island of Garou.
  • Built with simplistic traditions in mind, Kouga is a rolling countryside garden as much as it is a thriving metropolis, with much of the major construction done below ground so as to keep the surface free for temples, rock gardens, and other traditional structures.
  • The Kouga Understreets are patterned after those of Freeport and span beneath the Bay of Taiga to join with its twin city of Kouten.
  • Nagare is not as influential in Kouga, or at least its influence is not as noticeable.
  • Kouga has the third-highest Nomoid population on Wyrmshadow, behind Imperia and Sky Island, though the heaviest Nomoid population resides on the moon city of Ce’Virah.