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Sud Ilras

Nestled within the heart of the continent-spanning Ilrasi Woodlands, known to many as the Lonely Forest, Sud Ilras is a civilization built to emulate the systemic perfection of a tree’s anatomy. At the center of the nation is a provincial domain known as “The Root.” In fact, the elven word Ilras roughly translates into “Strong Root.”

A collection of the kings and queens of seven royal families preside over the Root. Calling themselves the Council of Seven, no one king or queen holds dominance over all of Sud Ilras, just as no part of a tree is more important than another. Each of the seven ruling council members controls one of seven counties surrounding The Root. These counties are called “Limbs.”

    Qukaryys (aka. The Grapevine)
  • One of the cornerstones of the Ilrasi infrastructure has been the Qukaryys (Coo-car-ease).
  • The Council of Seven presides over The Root. Communications between the Limbs to the Root are managed via a conduit of magical vines that run beneath the surface and connect every tree and stump in the tribal lands.
  • This system is called The Qukaryys, though it is commonly referred to as the literal common translation, “The Grapevine.”
  • The Grapevine has traditionally been utilized as a method of reporting between the Governors and the Council. However, in 1,780 YP, the Grapevine was used by a group of dissidents in an attempt to overthrow the aristocracy.
  • The coup attempt failed, but as a result the Grapevine was abandoned in lieu of the “Little Bird”, a phantasmal messenger in the guise of a glowing bird, color coded by the severity and tone of the message.
  • The Little Bird has been such a success that the Grapevine fell into complete obscurity until the Shadow Empire occupation led resistance leader Ryndrik Woodsong to utilize the Grapevine once more, both as a method of gathering allies and as a way to spy on the Sanguine Seven, the Shadow Empire’s twisted, Vampiric analogue of the Council of Seven during the occupation (2 YS - 21 YS).
    Ilras Faire (aka Wind Hollow)
  • In the Woodlands of Faelania southwest of Sud Ilras, hidden within a copse of trees as ancient as the gods themselves, there is a charmed place of beauty and magic called Wind Hollow.
  • Also known as the Ilras Faire, Wind Hollow is the birthplace of the Fae, the original home of all faeriefolk, hama, dryad, treant, and many others.
  • Elves share a blood link to the Fae, and thus many of the chosen Kings of the Ilras Faire have been elves. Perhaps the most famous of these kings was Ryndrik Woodsong, who would personally oversee the evacuation of thousands of displaced wood elves during the Shadow Empire’s occupation of Sud Ilras in the Age of Shadow.
  • It was within the grove of the Ilras Faire where Boris first met his great love, Rynn, the half-nymph daughter of King Ryndrik. It is also where Boris would return, as the reborn God of Nature and the Balance, to aid Ryndrik in wresting control of Sud Ilras from the Shadow Empire’s hand-picked Vampiric puppet-ruler of “Shadow Ilras” Margrave Ansul Weingarde and his Sanguine Seven. (This tale was told in sessions 25-28 of Wyrmshadow: Broken Home”).