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The Story of the Shadow Empire
The Adventures of the Shadow Empire
The Shadow Empire and their Allies (Player Characters)
The Shadow Empire and their Allies (Non-Player Characters)

The Story of the Shadow Empire

Insurrection grips the nation of Imperia! A mysterious warrior calling himself the Shadow Knight entered the court of Imperia’s Emerald Emperor Koslov and slew him in his own throne! Panic gripped the nation and indeed all of Wyrmshadow, as this assassination was but the first shed blood of a massive, sudden, and brilliantly executed coup. With Koslov dead, the Shadow Knight assumed his throne, forced his armies into retreat, and declared all of Wyrmshadow his sovereign Shadow Empire. Our story follows the Shadow Knight’s greatest generals, the Drao Strategist Morkhan Latmour, the enigmatic Living Polymorph known by many names, yet referring to himself as The Nameless, and the brutal Fiendish Troll, Traag.

The Adventures of the Shadow Empire

Please click here to visit the Crash and Burn campaign page, where a by-memory account of the adventures of the Shadow Empire can be found.

The Shadow Empire and their Allies(Player Characters)

Morkhan Latmour
– A Drao Swordsman in service to the Shadow Knight. Possessed of a strong ethical code and a remarkable strategic sensibilities for a Drao of his young age. Knew Sir Nathan Gellar from before he was the Shadow Knight.

– An immortal Living Polymorph and the only creature of his kind. Often mistaken for a Doppleganger, but far more powerful. Serves the Shadow Knight while actually working under orders of his creator, the Archangel Belthazar.

– A brutal, merciless brute, resembling an impossibly large Troll with Ogre-like qualities. An unthinking killing machine with no remorse and an insatiable hunger for chaos, carnage, and death.

The Shadow Empire and their Allies (Non-Player Characters)

Medrahna Nus’Naveidtra
– A witch in service to the Shadow Knight whose influence on the Drao was only matched with her delight in the misery of others. A depraved sadist whose true allegiance was to the Archdemon Testament.

The Shadow Knight
– Formerly a knight in loyal service to Emperor Koslov of Imperia. Conquerer of nearly 70% of the globe within a mere 9 months of committing regicide and declaring the world his for the taking. A remorseless killer, driven to madness by some unknown force in the past.

Baron Neklorde Muldathia
– A vampiric lich and one of the few remaining pureblooded vampires. Became an ally to the Shadow Knight in order to secure a foothold in his new world order.