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Medrahna Nus’Naveidtra
– A witch in service to the Shadow Knight whose influence on the Drao was only matched with her delight in the misery of others. A depraved sadist whose true allegiance was to the Archdemon Testament.

The Shadow Knight
– Formerly a knight in loyal service to Emperor Koslov of Imperia. Conquerer of nearly 70% of the globe within a mere 9 months of committing regicide and declaring the world his for the taking. A remorseless killer, driven to madness by some unknown force in the past.

Baron Neklorde Muldathia
– A vampiric lich and one of the few remaining pureblooded vampires. Became an ally to the Shadow Knight in order to secure a foothold in his new world order.


Sir Drogyn Martok
– A heroic knight loyal to the fallen Emperor’s regime. Recent victor in the Battle of Whirlwater against the Weren of Freel. Leader of a successful group of loyalists, along with his contemporary, Sir Osar Argentix.

Silas Vale
– Youthful sorcerer and member of the Arcane Response Militia (ARM). A long-time friend of Sir Drogyn’s and companion of Boris Silverstem. Secretly a student of the enigmatic Master Ma’Thius PaVayne, an alias of the Archdemon Testament.

Boris Silverstem
– A human ranger loyal to Sir Drogyn. Recently befriended the young addition to Sir Drogyn’s unit, Silas Vale. Dislikes ‘civilization’ and tries to avoid lengthy conversation.

Sir Osar Argentix
– A knight loyal to the fallen Emperor Koslov, and a recent hero of the Impero-Freelian War. A secular knight, unlike his paladin friend Sir Drogyn, who believed that a fast victory should not be held back for the sake of honor. A victim of a near-fatal attack by Nameless, forced to endure decades of arduous recovery, the scars of which would never truly heal.

– A war priest that took an immediate dislike to the young sorcerer Silas Vale. Miserable and utterly unapproachable, but immensely powerful.

Typhus Akuis XII (Tiburon)
– A recent arrival in the above-water realm eager to complete a rite of passage and return to his home beneath the waves. A true lover of freedom whose excessive ego was perhaps his one, greatest downfall.