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The Story of Sir Drogyn’s Party
The Adventures of Sir Drogyn’s Party
Sir Drogyn’s Party and their Allies (Player Characters)
Sir Drogyn’s Party and their Allies (Non-Player Characters)

The Story of Sir Drogyn’s Party

Our story begins on the crossroads town of Sylverton, along the Yonsal Road connecting Imperia to the Prair Shirelands. Sir Drogyn Martok is a hero who aided in the defeat of the Shadow Knight’s Insurrection and the dismantling of the fledgling Shadow Empire. Sir Drogyn retired to Sylverton after the war, hanging up his sword and armor, and opening up a bar in the bustling frontier town. He married a sweet girl he met in Sylverton during his tenure as a Paladin of Hyronius, and, content with the life of a helpful, friendly barman, Drogyn finally felt like he found the life he always wanted.

But threats once thought long subsided began to surface into the world once more, and monsters loomed in the dark shadows of Wyrmshadow again. After the mysterious death of his wife, Sir Drogyn began to pine for his adventuring days, and he began to venture out on occasion, testing his resolve, regaining his strength, and investigating the recent disturbances that so closely echoed the rise of the Shadow Knight a decade before. After being approached by Mayor McCaseus of Sylverton for his aid in ridding the surrounding lands of the ever-encroaching forces of goblins, trolls, and kobolds, Drogyn sent word for his old friends, the ranger Boris Silverstem and the infamous sorcerer, Silas Vale, informing them of his intention to crusade for Hyronius once more, and asking for their help in doing so.

Drogyn, Vale, Boris, the Weren Felite (Were-Tiger) monk Sharakh, and the Zardian (Lizardfolk) barbarian Crossel ventured forth to defeat the mysterious forces conspiring to free the Shadow Knight from his mysterious prison. Along their journey, these indomitable warriors met many friends, bested many foes, and shared times both joyous and tragic. Their quest became a hunt to find the Guardians, an ancient order of powerful beings entrusted with the fragments of the Shadow Knight’s prison. Catastrophe reared itself as the heroes discovered that they were but pawns, mere instruments of manipulative forces maneuvering Sir Drogyn’s Party into being the catalysts for the Shadow Knight’s return. The world would fall into darkness, despite Sir Drogyn’s Good Intentions…

The Adventures of the Sir Drogyn’s Party

Please click here to visit the Good Intentions campaign page, where a by-memory account of the adventures of Sir Drogyn’s Party can be found.

Sir Drogyn’s Party and their Allies(Player Characters)

Sir Drogyn Martok
– A veteran Paladin coming out of retirement to deal with a returning threat from his past. A principled hero whose recent tragedies have served to bring his heroic nature to the fore once again.As played by Gregory Mann (SirDrogyn)

Silas Vale
– A sadistic, arrogant sorcerer whose powers and aid are lent to the cause of preventing the Shadow Knight’s return at all costs. His friendship with Sir Drogyn, despite all reasoning, endures for all time to come.As played by Matthew Mann (Darknova)

Boris Silverstem
– A Weren Ursite ranger and friend of Sir Drogyn Martok. Boris is the strong, silent type. Able to transform into a Grizzly Bear. As played by James Hoffman (No Account)

Sharakh Hexan
– A Weren Felite monk and traveling companion to Boris Silverstem. Has a hero worship complex and a weak sense of the realities of war. Able to transform into a Bengal Tiger.As played by Michael Scott (Duskreign)

– A Zardian Blackscale warrior found by Sir Drogyn and his band in their travels. Loyal, brave, and deceptively intelligent. Resembles a massive humanoid salamander.As played by Cory Carling (WhateverShutUpPither)

Sir Drogyn’s Party and their Allies (Non-Player Characters)

Ayla Martok
– The daughter of a tribal leader from the tropical island of Paradisla. The party’s healer and the youthful bride of Sir Drogyn Martok.

Tarrik Broadleaf
– A homeless boy who was caught trying to pick pocket Drogyn. Drogyn took him and raised him like a younger brother.

Rynn Woodsong
– The daughter of Ryndrick Woodsong and an unknown Nymph who had seduced him. Taken in by Sir Drogyn and his family. Friend and lover to Boris Silverstem. A tragic fate befell her.

Shaleria Hakkari
– Daughter to the ancient Raksha Fiend, Shakaar Hakkari. The heroes’ sacrifices in saving her from the wrath of her brethren led Shaleria to make the ultimate sacrifice in their honor.

Caerdwyn Martok
– Half Red/Gold Dragon – A young dragon whose egg hatched in the arms of Sir Drogyn, whom she would come to accept as her own father.

Cordelia Nes’Nuvel
– The daughter of Medrahna Nus’Naveidtra and the Archdemon Testament. Insinuated into the party in order to attain the seed of Silas Vale and produce an heir.

Prince Jeremiah of Quae Elfien
– An arrogant, but skilled warrior who fought to stop the return of the Shadow Knight. His hatred of Silas Vale prevented him from ever becoming a part of Sir Drogyn’s party.

Sir Osar Argentix (Nameless)
– What appeared to be the legendary hero of the old war was actually the Nameless vassal of Belthazar in disguise. Directly responsible for the return of the Shadow Knight and the fall of the party at the end of the campaign.

Typhus Akuis XII (Tiburon)
– Snobbish, handsome prince of the Aquatic Elven kingdom of Merus Akuai. Played an unwitting pawn in the schemes of the Archangel Belthazar.

– An unwilling agent of the Archdemon Testament, and long-time rival of Silas Vale. A war priest turned bounty hunter whose obsession with Vale’s activities made for a dangerous encounter between the two at the end of the campaign.

– The archangel whose machinations would bring about the return of the Shadow Knight. Used Sir Drogyn and his blood-bond with the Night Sword as yet another tool for his use and disposal.

The Grooselaugg (Testament)
– A human-looking Fiendish overlord summoned into battle by Cordelia. Had a great reputation that carried over into Wyrmshadow, which aided Testament in assuaging any doubts as to his identity and motives.