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Sir Drogyn Martok
– A veteran Paladin coming out of retirement to deal with a returning threat from his past. A principled hero whose recent tragedies have served to bring his heroic nature to the fore once again.

Silas Vale
– A sadistic, arrogant sorcerer whose powers and aid are lent to the cause of preventing the Shadow Knight’s return at all costs. His friendship with Sir Drogyn, despite all reasoning, endures for all time to come.

Boris Silverstem
– A Weren Ursite ranger and friend of Sir Drogyn Martok. Boris is the strong, silent type. Able to transform into a Grizzly Bear.

Sharakh Hexan
– A Weren Felite monk and traveling companion to Boris Silverstem. Has a hero worship complex and a weak sense of the realities of war. Able to transform into a Bengal Tiger.

– A Zardian Blackscale warrior found by Sir Drogyn and his band in their travels. Loyal, brave, and deceptively intelligent. Resembles a massive humanoid salamander.