Wyrmshadow History: The Age of Creation

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The Age of Creation

ca. 1,000,000 – 500,000 years ago

History from the Age of the Creation is vague, but what is known (by very few) is that approximately one million years before the Era of Good Intentions, the Legendary Wyrm created the world that would come to be known as Wyrmshadow.

The Wyrm awakened on a desolate planet, a place stripped of all life, unable to recall who it was or from where it had come. The planet that would soon be made into Wyrmshadow had relics from previous civilizations, ruins of cultures torn asunder, the whole of the world stripped bare of all vestiges of whatever lives once thrived there.

In its search for answers, the Legendary Wyrm felt within itself a great destiny, a yearning to create a new world in its shadow using this dead planet as its vast canvas. The Wyrm cried for the lost souls of the World Before, its tears forming the oceans. It breathed its intense breath upon these oceans, rendering it into mists, creating a new atmosphere, causing the rains to wash down upon the stark crags of the world. The Wyrm gathered the relics of the World Before and set about dividing these relics up, placing them around the globe and planting them like seeds, willing them to sprout into the first beings of its creation, the Ancients.

Like the relics from which these beings sprung forth, the Ancients were reminders of the World Before, acting as muses to the Legendary Wyrm as it sculpted Wyrmshadow into a living world once more. For 500,000 years the Wyrm toiled upon its creation until it was satisfied in its efforts. The Wyrm felt an urge even stronger than the one to create this new world: an urge to seek out other worlds than this. One of the Ancients, a creature named Asmous, volunteered to begin searching for more worlds upon which the Legendary Wyrm could create its beautiful tapestries of life. The Wyrm accepted Asmous’ offer, laying its three heads down to rest for the first time in 500 millenia and allowing its children, the Ancients, to continue its great works in its name.

Asmous disappeared in his search for new worlds and, so it was thought, was lost forever. However, it would be millenia later when his true fate would be revealed.

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