Wyrmshadow History: The Age of the Dragons

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The Age of the Dragons

ca. 100,000 – 50,000 years ago

Unbeknown to the Elves and Humans and other races of Wyrmshadow, their moment of peaceful reign would be short lived thanks largely to the introduction of Dragons into the world. Tiamat and Bahamut. Despite being eternally bound to one another as mates, Tiamat and Bahamut came to despise one another. As the first of the Dragon race, possessed of creation powers as a remnant of their Ancient heritage, both the female Tiamat and the male Bahamut were capable of creating children without the aid of one another, and so they began to multiply in earnest, drafting their children into service as soldiers of a brewing war. After a thousand years of peace, a war between the children of Tiamat and Bahamut erupted in the skies over Wyrmshadow, a war which humanity, elvenkind, and the other races would find themselves in the middle of.

It was agreed among the mortal races that none should ally themselves with either side of this ferocious conflict between the Dragon clans, despite the efforts of both Tiamat and Bahamut to recruit their aid for their side of the war. As a result, the mortal races grew tighter in their bonds to one another and, as a result, grew stronger in the face of adversity beyond their means to control.

Eventually, during a lull in the combat between the Dragon clans, Thoron, firstborn of Bahamut, and Reignyth, firstborn of Tiamat, met in secrecy to discuss with one another the idea of a truce among the clans, an end to their pointless conflict. Their entire war was based on what amounted to the worlds most violenly bitter divorce between the Dragon King and Queen, and rather than allow their family to be torn further apart, they sought out those who would prefer to settle things more amicably.

The first half of the Age of the Dragons was spent in constant and horrible war, whereas the second half was spent in a state of cold war, a truce essentially halting direct combat but doing nothing to bridge the chasm built between those loyal to Queen Tiamat and those on the side of King Bahamut. These were the times worst on the other races of the world, as the dragons took to roost in the citys and settlements of man, elf, dwarf, and the other races.

Due to their commitment not to involve themselves in the Draconic Wars, the other races agreed to tolerate the presences of the dragons, though in most cases they had little choice but to do so. Thoron and Reignyth had fallen deeply in love with one another but, as a result of their parent’s stipulation for the truce, they had to remain separated from one another. Thoron took on the form of a human Idrahaali general, Thranos, and settled among the humans, all but denouncing his own kind in desperation over the loss of his love, Reignyth.

Thranos met a young human warrior, Ashvar, who was the first to challenge the Draconic occupation of Idrahaal. Thranos acted as an advisor to Ashvar in a campaign against the resident dragons, children of his own father, Bahamut, in an attempt to force these dragons to leave Idrahaal once and for all. Ashvar would grow very powerful and influential, and many believed that he was the “second coming” of Idrahl himself. Eventually, Ashvar came to conquer Idrahaal’s capital with General Thranos’ aid. Legends say Ashvar walked right up to the dragon sitting in the king’s throne, removed his gauntlet and threw it in the dragon’s lap, demanding a duel. Despite being a human, Ashvar won the duel and, being a honorable dragon, Argentum abided Ashvar’s demands and ordered all dragons to vacate the island nation of Idrahaal at once.

Thranos revealed himself to be Thoron to Ashvar, saying that he, too, would leave and never return. However, Ashvar then changed his mind, saying that he felt a bond with these dragons, a bond of honor beyond mere blood, an “ancient” bond he could not describe. He asked instead for the dragons to be allies in Ashvar’s planned conquest of the Northern continent, a request Thoron, Argentum, and the other dragons of Idrahaal were happy to comply with.

After nearly thirty years of conquest, the Idrahaal Empire of Man would stretch all the way from the forests of Ilras to the seat of the new nation of Imperia, with Ashvar himself sitting as the First Emperor of Imperia. Outraged at the humans more for their disregard of the agreement not to ally with the Dragons than for their violent conquest of the North, the Elves of Quae and the Dwarves of Kordoth each declared war on Imperia.

Soon thereafter, the millenia-long truce between the dragons would crumble as well, leading to the first world-wide war since the Age of the Lost. Ashvar, as the resurrected Phoenix, managed victory after victory against all foes until, eventually, Tiamat and Bahamut themselves appeared to confront him. Thoron, feeling wholly responsible for this escalation, attempted once again to broker a truce, joined once again by Reignyth in the attempt. Ashvar had grown too hungry for conquest, however, and decided to take his chances against Bahamut and Tiamat on his own. For his hubris, Ashvar was killed, and soon thereafter, the war came to an end.

Bahamut and Tiamat came to a new agreement, creating a haven for dragons among the stars, a new cosmic plane to call their own, Draconia. From The Perch, Aos, Nus, and Phi were awestruck that the Dragons had grown so powerful as to create entire realms of their own. It was then that The Legendary Wyrm pointed out to the three Elders that the Age of the Dragons was coming to an end, bringing their attention to the approach of a new threat to the sanctity of Materia… the long-lost Ancient, Asmous.

Thoron and Reignyth were among the few dragons to decide to remain among the humans, the majority of dragonkind migrating to Draconia to etch out a new place for themselves in a world uncorrupted by elf or dwarf or man. Thoron and Reignyth wed one another, cementing rule over the dragons from both families that decided to stay behind. Thoron took on the role of General Thranos once again, returning with his bride, Lady Rena, the human-form of Reignyth, to help rebuild Idrahaal after the tumultuous power vacuum left behind when Emperor Ashvar was killed in battle.

From the bowels beneath Imperia, a bright glow of crimson drew itself up from the soil, tainting the earth and sprouting forth a massive rift adjoining the realms of Materia and Infernia. From this rift poured forth monsters and demons, agents of chaos, children and creations of Lord Asmous the Foul. A world just recovering from a devastating war was ill equipped for the dark times to come.

The Age of the Demons was at hand.