Wyrmshadow: The Night Sword

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Matthew Mann as Regult
Greg Mann as Garou
Andy Kilduff as Grail
Cory Carling as Quill
Gerson Sanchez as Kesaji Canaga

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O1Once a quaint agrarian society, Anzel was one of several countries rendered utterly nonexistent in the War of the Night Sword. Absorbed into neighboring Imperia and drained of all wealth and means of defense for Imperia’s aggressive war effort, Anzel became a place riddled with all manner of insidious sorts: pirates, plunderers, scavengers, and exiles from far-off lands. Greenmeadow, being located far enough from the war-front and low-enough in importance to present an attractive target for attack, became something of a village-wide hostel, a refuge for the world’s unwanted, those recently rendered homeless, countryless, and dangerously alone.

After the war ended, Greenmeadow became an example of the proverbial melting pot, folks who had been relative strangers from exotic lands and distant shores were now neighbors, friends, and partners. However, there was need of justice, and without the oversight of direct governance, Greenmeadow became vulnerable to all manner of bandits and monstrous hordes. Fiendish gnoll-kin in the Northeast, river-dwelling Kuo-toa in the South, and dread pirates from the nearby corsair city of Freeport were a constant threat to what little semblance of normalcy Greenmeadow had regained despite all odds.

A mysterious figure named Aganon, leading a band of Orcish mercenaries, erected a fort North of Greenmeadow, beyond the Illfauss Forest. Calling themselves the Or’Kranna Clan, these Orcs made an offer to the free peoples of Greenmeadow, pledging their services as protectors in exchange for whatever food, supplies, or funds they should ever require, and the right to draft anyone in town they saw fit into a para-mercenary militia. Seeing no alternatives, the people of Greenmeadow reluctantly agreed to this Aganon’s demands, despite never actually laying eyes on him to ascertain his true identity or motives. For a time, Greenmeadow enjoyed a newfound peace.

That was all to change with the arrival of Garou, Regult, and Grail, the heroes of our campaign.

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Session 1 – Not A Moment’s Peace
Session 2 – A Small Town’s Justice
Session 3 – Malign Passage
Session 4 – Brothers in Misfortune
Session 5 – Disaster Heralds Destiny
Session 6 – Freeport Blues
Session 7 – Showdown in Solomel’s Saloon
Session 8 – Unlikely Allies, Unforeseen Enemies
Session 9 – The Hunt for Blackblood
Session 10 – The Luminati
Session 11 – Shidi Ma
Session 12 – Guardian Dragon
Session 13 – The Order of the Three