Campaign of the Month: October 2010

Wyrmshadow Campaign Setting

War is Hell - A Long Black Day

Paul Vilbig as Shaden “Leech” Liixe
Derek Romano as Cade “Blindsight” Haarkoth
Greg Mann as Khulvos Hooftorn
Michael Graziano as Daegys Sahii
Christine Scott as T’Saira Behntrilo
Vincent Pecoraro as Amducias Basara

As surprised as we were to see Tagar, Cackle, and Colin Martok in Glyph with Borgamat, Darien Vale, and Maerlyn Zau’Ombra in Infernia (especially considering that Laurence told me he killed Darien a few days ago), we had survival to concern ourselves with. Legion forces were encroaching on our position at the door of the tower, and we had to break free if we were to survive long enough to find and save Elosian. We had no idea, however, that there were allies to be found amongst the citizens of Glyph…

A Hard-Fought Battle
    A force of Berbalang and Fire Archons were led toward us by two massive Blood Fiends. We were pinned within the outer walls of the tower’s grounds, which were flanked by red-leaved trees, filled with decayed tombstones, and bathed in a dull blue glow from a nearby magical light source.
  • We met the enemies head-on and did not relent in our attacks, which proved to be far more than their ranks could handle.
  • A group of locals, musicians playing energetic, magically-enhanced music, threw in with us and helped defeat the majority of the enemy forces.
  • In a display of astounding power, Laurence leapt into the air over a prone Blood Fiend, glowing fiery wings materializing behind him, and his sword once again took on a phenomenal heat and light that stretched out dozens of feet from his hand. He stabbed the length of the blade into the Blood Fiend and caused the very ground at our feet to tremble from his savage strike.
  • As the divine light faded from Laurence, I caught him before he fell unconscious. Seeing that a massive Legion force were on approach from the east, we followed the musicians out of this district and into the slums of D’hakla’sz, known by the locals as “Scarytown.” According to Cade, the place was a real s#!thole, but Amducias said it depended on where you go.

Finding Shelter
    We ran through “Scarytown” and saw immediately why the place got this name. Although the city was controlled by the Legion of Asmous, they never bothered to patrol in D’hakla’sz, making the place a veritable no-man’s-land…
  • Upon entering a place the band leader called “Squatter’s Paradise,” an old abandoned housing structure commonly known in Glyph as an apartment complex, Tagar remained in the lower level, a long-vacant, looted storefront.
  • As we ascended the stairs to the band’s refuge on the eighth floor, we learned the band leader’s name, Amducias, as he passed by a strung-out wastrel half asleep on the fourth-floor landing.
  • Once in the band’s apartment, we formally introduced one another and learned of how Tagar and Cackle came to rescue Colin Martok from the Hunters, then encountered Borgamat, Maerlyn, and Darien as they approached the walls of Glyph.
  • Borgamat explained that they used the Belt of Champions to traverse the Hellryft at the Seat of Asvhar in Idrahaal. They appeared in Pylea and met the Groosalugg who, upon hearing of their mission, gave them a Phial of Instantaneous Retreat (a potion that, when smashed at one’s feet, instantly teleports one unerringly to a predetermined location marked with the same-said potion) and had Revenon teleport them to within striking distance of Glyph.
  • We heard a scream from the ground floor and decided that this was not the best time to catch up with one another. Cade spotted a large number of Legion forces filling the streets, searching for us.
  • Laurence asked whether or not Amducias was a Dreamer, as he suspected. Indeed, the young tiefling was a Dreamer, and he believed that following Laurence would be the surest way to achieving his dreams. Laurence then asked whether he knew of anyone who would be willing to magically disguise the humans in the group, as here in Infernia, they were in a great deal of danger…
“The humans in our group need to find a way to disguise ourselves from being detected. Amducias has informed me of a gypsy who can conjure illusions, and told me how to reach her. I will lead a group to the gypsy. Borgamat? I need you and Cackle to scout around the city and see if you can learn anything about the whereabouts of Elosian Sylvres. Leech? You’re in charge of the rest of the group. Find the Soothsayer and get us some answers to all these questions that have been plaguing us. We need to know what all this means. We need to understand our shared dreams. But above all else, we need to survive this place, so be careful.”

With that, our large group split into three smaller forces. Laurence took Tagar, Regult, Cylia, Darien, and Maerlyn with him to visit the gypsy. Borgamat and Cackle, who were already getting along extremely well, headed off on their scouting mission. Amducias and his bandmates, including their most recent recruit and replacement bassist, Colin Martok, joined Leech, Daegys, T’Saira, and myself in seeking out the Soothsayer. According to Amducias, the Soothsayer was most likely located in the C’Teris Circle, a dense population center in the heart of Glyph.

We all agreed to meet back at the squatter’s apartment complex within two days…

    Going our separate ways once more, Borgamat and Cackle went to follow the trail of the Arcadaemon and his entourage while we continued into the city, hoping to find someone who could point the way to the Soothsayer…
  • Using back alleys, we came upon a Rhak leaning against a wall in a seedier area of the already quite repulsive Glyph.
  • Through keen observation, we determined that this man was a drug dealer, and that he had a well-organized criminal enterprise here. He was likely to know the lay of the land, and as such, he was our best chance to find out where the Soothsayer was located.
  • T’saira used her feminine assets (for the first time I can remember) to woo the man into dropping his guard, but when he made advances on her, Leech could not resist the urge to attack the man.
  • A Legion patrol came into the square with two of the drug dealer’s cronies in tow. Knowing that we would have to do battle with the Legion, Leech made the drug dealer an offer: fight alongside us or die alongside them.
  • With the aid of the local street thugs, we were victorious, and the Legion forces fell quickly. T’saira impressed the leader of this gang, the Hellhawks, enough for him to tell us where the Soothsayer could be found. He left us with his thanks, and promised to watch our backs anytime we were in his neighborhood again.
  • Upon locating the lair of the Soothsayer, a twelve-story stone tower with a thatch-work roof and an ornate stained-glass window running its entire length, we realized that the entire tower was surrounded by Legion forces.
  • We recognized the Fiendish Ogre from earlier, and in the shadows cast through the stained glass window at the top floor of the tower, we could make out the rough shape of the Arcadaemon…

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