Campaign of the Month: October 2010

Wyrmshadow Campaign Setting

War is Hell - No Justice in Hell

Paul Vilbig as Shaden “Leech” Liixe
Derek Romano as Cade “Blindsight” Haarkoth
Greg Mann as Khulvos Hooftorn
Michael Graziano as Daegys Sahii
Christine Scott as T’Saira Behntrilo

As we left the squatter’s apartment complex, Amducias and his band said that they had other business to contend with, but that they would meet back with us as soon as they could. I did not get the feeling that they meant us harm, but that they had something to do that made them uncomfortable. I would later learn that the band was laying to rest their fallen bassist in a private, personal way. It was a shame that they could not accompany us into the C’teris Circle, but their reasons could not have been more noble.

Saving the Harpies
    While travelling through a narrow corridor between towering structures, we encountered a small group of Harpies being attacked by a pair of powerful Oni slavers…
  • The Harpies were under a spell that slowed their movements and kept them grounded. We looked to one another and each knew what had to be done.
  • Leech challenged the Oni, saying that we would make far better slaves than the Harpies, if they had the guts to try to take us.
  • The battle went well, and after a fashion, one of the Oni lay on the ground with a broken leg. However, they used a noxious breath attack that knocked Leech and Cade unconscious. It was up to myself, T’saira, and Daegys to finish the fight.
  • One of the Harpies came to the defense of T’saira, and soon, the rest of the creatures followed suit.
  • As the last Oni fell, the spell binding the Harpies’ movements faded, and they descended upon the bodies of the Oni, tearing off anything of value that they could find.
  • In a gesture of thanks, one of the Harpies nodded to us, and they flew into the dark skies overhead. I think we may have made some interesting allies today.

The Busy Thoroughfare
    We entered a crowded street and saw the approach of an Arcadaemon and his entourage, including a massive Oni and a fiendish ogre, who was barking orders at a line of crimson-robed tieflings marching in-line behind the Arcadaemon…
  • Cade pointed out an array of Legion snipers at various locations along the rooftops surrounding the street.
  • I noticed a shadowy form behind one of the snipers, an arm coming around his head and dragging him back into the shadows. It was Borgamat and Cackle!
  • We heard a ‘psssst!’ It was coming from the alley nearby. It was Cackle, who blinked down from the rooftop as soon as he noticed us in the streets.
  • Cackle helped us to get hidden while still being able to listen-in on the passing Arcadaemon’s conversation. The Arcadaemon said:
“I am not optimistic of the one Lord Nyska has placed in command,” the arcadaemon said, holding a chain leash connected to a collar around the neck of the giant Oni. “Laying such authority on a low bloodline… but I love a good banquet all the same. We must find the best tailor in Glyph if I am to find formal vestments worthy of touching my skin.”

Borgamat met us in the alley and explained that he believes if Elosian is anywhere in this city, that banquet would be a great place to look. I agreed. It was entirely likely that he would be up on display as one of Nyska’s trophies. Leech suggested that he might even be the meal, which shook me to my very core.

Normally, when the reality of this place got the better of me, Crossel would concentrate on all the anger, freeing me of the burden, and Adon would help me regain my center. I felt so much smaller and more frail without my Sankatte, despite my newfound powers. Borgamat and I had a brief conversation about Darien Vale, and I learned that he was no longer the man he once was (though I am still uncertain what that really means). He is apparently in Infernia as part of a test devised by the God of Death, Veil.

Borgamat and I realized that we both still felt the tug of our gods’ power and influence, as death and nature thrive here, even if not in the form they are comfortable with. However, Laurence was not so fortunate. There is no justice in hell.

    Going our separate ways once more, Borgamat and Cackle went to follow the trail of the Arcadaemon and his entourage while we continued into the city, hoping to find someone who could point the way to the Soothsayer…
  • Using back alleys, we came upon a Rhak leaning against a wall in a seedier area of the already quite repulsive Glyph.
  • Through keen observation, we determined that this man was a drug dealer, and that he had a well-organized criminal enterprise here. He was likely to know the lay of the land, and as such, he was our best chance to find out where the Soothsayer was located.
  • T’saira used her feminine assets (for the first time I can remember) to woo the man into dropping his guard, but when he made advances on her, Leech could not resist the urge to attack the man.
  • A Legion patrol came into the square with two of the drug dealer’s cronies in tow. Knowing that we would have to do battle with the Legion, Leech made the drug dealer an offer: fight alongside us or die alongside them.
  • With the aid of the local street thugs, we were victorious, and the Legion forces fell quickly. T’saira impressed the leader of this gang, the Hellhawks, enough for him to tell us where the Soothsayer could be found. He left us with his thanks, and promised to watch our backs anytime we were in his neighborhood again.
  • Upon locating the lair of the Soothsayer, a twelve-story stone tower with a thatch-work roof and an ornate stained-glass window running its entire length, we realized that the entire tower was surrounded by Legion forces.
  • We recognized the Fiendish Ogre from earlier, and in the shadows cast through the stained glass window at the top floor of the tower, we could make out the rough shape of the Arcadaemon…

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Okay, Sally, heeere’s the plan (in my best Doctor Cox impression).

I am too far behind, and it’s killing my morale, so I have decided to go a different route with these adventure logs. What you see here is the most recent session we played (Friday, September 3rd, 2010). It was the 30th session. I am now going to work my way back from this session every day, writing at least marginal notes for each session (more when I have the time) until I catch up. Every time I run a new session, I will do that adventure log immediately, then go back to the backlog of work and eventually, with any luck, I will catch up with these logs.

To anyone unfamiliar with this situation, we never stopped playing Wyrmshadow! I have simply been taking on too many side-projects and let the adventure logs slide for far too long. Most of the above links will not work yet, but I am devoted to this task, and I intend to get caught up as soon as possible.

This goes back to the half-way point of the previous campaign, also, so I do have my work cut out for me…

Wish me luck. Any suggestions, toss them my way.

- Duskreign.

War is Hell - No Justice in Hell

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