Campaign of the Month: October 2010

Wyrmshadow Campaign Setting

War is Hell - Shimekiri Sankatte (Part 1 of 2)

Matt Mann as Laurence Van Drake
Paul Vilbig as Shaden “Leech” Liixe
Derek Romano as Cade “Blindsight” Haarkoth
Greg Mann as Khulvos Hooftorn
Michael Graziano as Daegys Sahii
Christine Scott as T’Saira Behntrilo

Slowly, groggily, we began to awaken. Something about this place brought on a dream-like state so vivid and powerful that everyone on the skiff was overcome. However, as everyone else on the skiff regained consciousness, they began to look in my direction, suspicion, anger, and fear in their faces. Then, the reality of the situation came into focus…

Losing Control
    As I looked around at the rest of my team, Adon said that in the depths of our brief subconscious state, Crossel instinctually lashed out and attacked everyone on the skiff. I asked Adon to assume control of the body and explain the situation to the rest of the party while I descended into the Inner Sanctum to try to calm the violently upset Crossel.
  • Adon assumed control as I requested, and though everyone on the skiff was aware of our threat, they knew that we would never consciously hurt any of them. In fact, with few exceptions, everyone seemed more concerned about Crossel than themselves.
  • Within, I confronted Crossel, who was pacing and growling madly. I asked him to calm down and tell me what visions sent him into such an uncontrolled rage, but he continually repeated the same three words… ‘I’m a monster.’
  • When I tried to convince him that he was still suffering from the aftereffects of a supernatural vision, he attacked me! He screamed that he knows now the lie he has been living, that with no body of his own, he could no longer contain his primal fury.
  • He ran off into the depths of the Inner Sanctum, leaving the center. It wasn’t something I have ever experienced, as guests in my mind usually fell under my control for the most part. His defiant furor was powerful enough that he was able to delve further and further into my subconscious. I gave chase, hoping to stop my Sankatte brother before he got himself hurt, or worse.
  • Adon, realizing the danger I was in, asked for a volunteer to enter the Inner Sanctum and assist me in locating Crossel and calming him down. Leech volunteered almost immediately, and Adon performed the technique to bring Leech into my Inner Sanctum.
  • Leech and I chased after Crossel only to find that the environment surrounding us was suddenly and jarringly changing. Instead of the eternal shadows and perfect dojo floor, the sanctum suddenly was filled with ferns and fallen palm leaves. A stiff wind picked up from behind us, and as we spun to look back to the center of the Inner Sanctum, it was not there for us to see.
  • Leech was beside himself in awe of the scene, but I recognized this place, even though I have never been there. It was Paradisla. Leech was astounded that anyplace outside the Standing Stones could look so glorious. He marveled at the clear blue skies, at the birds of paradise and the tiny monkey-squirrels in the trees. I was more concerned with why I had no control over my Inner Sanctum.
  • Sensing my concern, Adon informed the group that I was in trouble. I conjectured that because one-third of my body was that of Crossel, it was possible that in his savage rage he corrupted my Inner Sanctum. I tried to eject Leech, then myself, but I could not escape. I had become trapped within my own mind, and Leech was trapped alongside me. Our only hope was to find Crossel and get his cooperation.

Nobody Home
    Meanwhile, unknown to me at the time, Laurence had awoken on the shore where boarded the skiff a day earlier. He heard a scream in the distance and began to run into the water, intent on swimming downstream as fast as he could to reach us. Instead, to his great surprise, he discovered that he was running a few inches above the surface of the water…
  • A few hours later, Laurence reached the skiff and climbed aboard. There, he found me, Crodonvos, standing catatonic, staring out into the darkness blankly. Everyone else was unconscious, their blood on my hands. Laurence tried to get my attention, but soon discovered that there was literally ‘nobody home.’
  • As he tried to physically shake my body back into consciousness, it reacted with incredible speed, strength, and brutality. Though my face was expressionless, my actions were violent, aggressive, and deadly.
  • Suddenly, my body managed to catch Laurence between breaths with an arching heel-kick to the throat, slamming him to the ground, then followed up with a downward tail smash.
  • Before he could raise any kind of decent defense, my body lunged down to him and planted a forward palm thrust against his forehead.
  • For Laurence, everything went black…

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