• Adon Thunderclaw

    Adon Thunderclaw

    A Felite Weren Monk and former member of the Sharpclaw Crusaders
  • Aelanah Beastfriend

    Aelanah Beastfriend

    A Current spy within the Order's midst. A staunch defender of animals and nature.
  • Alistaire Cambul

    Alistaire Cambul

    A wisened knight in the Order of Draconius, and the chosen bodyguard of Mame Solenara Calbane.
  • Amducias Basara

    Amducias Basara

    On his own, Amducias is a talented bard. However, with is band, Rageferno, he is far more than a mere magical minstrel. He is a true guitar hero!
  • Arekos Rageblade

    Arekos Rageblade

    A goliath whose memories were destroyed by the Illithid Gygax during his insidious experiments. Arekos befriended Khulvos, another of Gygax's prisoners. After they escaped, the two were practically inseparable.
  • Borgamat


    A Nomoid member of the elusive Death's Scythe religious sect. A relentless hunter of those who defy the will of Veil, God of Death.
  • Boris Silverstem

    Boris Silverstem

    A mountainous man-turned-Weren against his will.
  • Bulroq T’Orn

    Bulroq T’Orn

    Long-time prisoner of the demon Testament and enemy of the Ebon League. The first Dwarf to see the light of a Wyrmshadow day in nearly five-hundred years.
  • Cade "Blindsight" Haarkoth

    Cade "Blindsight" Haarkoth

    A blind Kao whose innate gifts enable him to bend ambient light and grant him magical sight.
  • Crodonvos


    Destroying a Hellryft requires a blood sacrifice. Crossel and Adon were willing to make such a sacrifice. Khulvos wasn't willing to let his brothers disappear forever into the Infernal aether. Thus was Crodonvos born.
  • Crossel


    A loyal, powerful warrior whose finite vocabulary belies a deceptive intellect.
  • Daegys Sahii

    Daegys Sahii

    An Elemn (Blue Elf) Dreamer who escaped from the Cauldron, a slave labor camp in the City-State of Farlan in Infernia. Daegys travels with fellow escaped prisoner T'Saira Behntrilo. The two follow Materian holy knight Laurence Van Drake on his quest.
  • Dante Herahd

    Dante Herahd

    A young mage who has seen things that cannot be unseen. He travels in an attempt to change the world for the better.
  • Darien Vale

    Darien Vale

    The half-draconic son of Silas Vale and the Black Queen, Blight. Had his father's arrogance and flair for the dramatic, dubbing himself "The Ebondeath."
  • Draconius


    The God of Justice. Draconius was once Sir Drogyn Martok, loyal knight in service of the previous iteration of the justice god, Hyronius
  • Edriq Thalonia

    Edriq Thalonia

    Formerly known as Varen Gilles, Edriq is the chosen bearer of the White Lion Legacy, a blood-bound tradition that grants him great power, but at a terrific, and tragic, cost.
  • Elosian Sylvres

    Elosian Sylvres

    A human warlock in service to Revenon, an archdemon loyal to the Pylean Restoration Army. A crafty, cool-headed charmer whose greatest weapon is his razor sharp wit and cunning.
  • Fliq Nerino

    Fliq Nerino

    An idealistic young priest in service to Draconius. His righteous fury at times got the better of him.
  • Garou


    Lone survivor of the lost race of Nasnoi. A ninja haunted by a taint drawing the Oni to his every footstep.
  • Grail


    Fallen Seraphim Angel robbed of his Arcadian powers and forced to live as a human. Returned in Broken Home as an Archangel in service to the God of Justice, Draconius.
  • Impington "Impy" Impstein

    Impington "Impy" Impstein

    Formerly the familiar of Elosian Sylvres, coming back to Infernia freed Impy to pursue a new life. Unfortunately, that new life was that of a slave in the Cauldron. Impy preferred his old master, so he partnered up with mean ol' Laurence to rescue Elo.
  • Jaden Vale

    Jaden Vale

    Son of Darien and Caerdwyn Vale. Passionate, exuberant, and over-opinionated. Judges everyone by their deeds, not their words.
  • Kesaji Canaga

    Kesaji Canaga

    A Troll thief captured by the heroes who would eventually join in their efforts voluntarily. Forms a real bond with the heroes.
  • Khulvos Hooftorn

    Khulvos Hooftorn

    A Bovite Weren (Minotaur) with a deadly past, Khulvos embraced the way of the wandering monk as a method of overcoming his savage tendencies. Still, he is haunted by the crimes, and associates, of his past.
  • Korvus Misaro

    Korvus Misaro

    A young Shidi monk studying under Master Sharakh Hexan.
  • Laurence Van Drake

    Laurence Van Drake

    Devoted to the cause of justice. He thirsts for battle and enjoys striking fear into the hearts of the wicked.
  • Laurence Van Drake

    Laurence Van Drake

    An avenger from Materia who came to Infernia via the Kouten Hellryft on a quest to hunt down and kill Stendhal, a fiendish dragon whose machinations, and connection to Ar’Kulat Fa’Sado, make him a threat to all of Wyrmshadow. Laurence has become a gre
  • Maerlyn Zau'Ombra

    Maerlyn Zau'Ombra

    Independent, decisive, and impatient with the ignorant. As one of only a handful of survivors from Testament's Chaos Engine, Maerlyn has carried a wealth of emotional baggage and became a reclusive hermit for much of the past two decades.
  • Mardak Fletcher

    Mardak Fletcher

    A fighter of Law and Order, Mardak has made a name for himself as a patrolman in the militia. His swordplay is only outmatched by his determintion to protect others.
  • Miles Vaurtehk

    Miles Vaurtehk

    A human wizard and student of Silas Vale. Has confidence and assertion issues, and deplores violence despite the need to commit it.
  • Moon Duskbane

    Moon Duskbane

    Stoic, aggressive, and easily frustrated. Moon was a victim of the betrayal and abandonment of the Drao upper echelon, and he still carries a great deal of anger toward his former people.
  • Morik Martok

    Morik Martok

    The son of Melchior and Claire Martok. Very young at heart, adventurous, and curious about the world around him.
  • Morkhan Latmour

    Morkhan Latmour

    A Drao Swordsman in service to the Shadow Knight. Possessed of a strong ethical code and a remarkable strategic sensibilities for his age.
  • Nameless


    An immortal Living Polymorph and the only creature of his kind. Working under orders of his creator, the Archangel Belthazar.
  • Regult Martok

    Regult Martok

    A shiftless, swashbuckling rogue with a past shrouded in mystery.
  • Reks Relagia

    Reks Relagia

    The son of Daythin and Kurai Relagia. Rebellious, energetic, and charming. He hates boundaries and resists rules and laws whenever they contradict his agenda.
  • Rynee Woodsong

    Rynee Woodsong

    A free spirited, uniquely talented musical artist whose world views are as naive as they are refreshing. Heir to a future she does not want to face.
  • Ryss


    The God of Nature. Ryss was once Boris Silverstem, an Ursite Weren ranger and devoted follower of previous nature god, Ehlon
  • S'zeves Fluffy V'destrii

    S'zeves Fluffy V'destrii

    A fugitive from a different time and place, S'zeves is a member of a unique race, a practitioner of a unique skill set, and a mysterious addition to The Current's already eclectic menagerie. His middle name is Fluffy
  • Saleos Me'Serachte

    Saleos Me'Serachte

    A human ranger in the Order of Draconius. Future King of Imperia.
  • Shaden Liixe (Leech)

    Shaden Liixe (Leech)

    A Rhak samurai and former Iron Fist mercenary. A Dreamer who has pledged to follow Laurence on his quest to find and rescue Elosian Sylvres from the clutches of the Archdemon Niska in Glyph.
  • Sharakh Hexan

    Sharakh Hexan

    Mentally unstable Felite monk
  • Silas Vale

    Silas Vale

    A confident master of sorcery. A cold heart with a dark past. A shining example of redemption.
  • Sir Drogyn Martok

    Sir Drogyn Martok

    A holy warrior of great renown, and even greater virtue.
  • Tarrik Martok

    Tarrik Martok

    Son of Drogyn Martok, husband of Lucinda Vale, and captain of the Peregrine. A sky pirate and skilled warrior, brave and irreverent for the Shadow Empire. A proud, stubborn young man, unceasing in his efforts to prove himself. A true hero.
  • Traag


    An unthinking killing machine with no remorse and an insatiable hunger for chaos, carnage, and death.
  • T’Saira Behntrilo

    T’Saira Behntrilo

    A female Aer Tiefling with a wicked temper and the brutality and cunning to back it up. She is a Dreamer and, like Daegys Sahii, an escapee from the Cauldron. She currently follows Laurence Van Drake, a human who, despite her prejudices, T'Saira has come
  • Veil


    The God of Death. Veil was once a man named Silas Vale, a sorcerer who was devoted to the previous iteration of the death god, Nerhul
  • Vikter Van Drake

    Vikter Van Drake

    Patient, kind, and wise priest of Draconius, and the chief medic aboard the Peregrine.
  • Adelaar Aarendui

    Adelaar Aarendui

    A Weren Avite able to transform into an eagle. A scout from the Freeli Weren colony of Grahllnacht.
  • Aelaron Da'Skandriss

    Aelaron Da'Skandriss

    A Drao Shadowmancer working for the Order of the Three.
  • Ansul Weingarde

    Ansul Weingarde

    A True-blood Vampire and the last of his kind after the demise of Baron Neklorde Muldathia thirty years ago. The conqueror of Shadow Ilras and master of the Sanguine Seven.
  • Aos


    The earliest name of the Elder God of Nature
  • Ar'Kulat Fa'Sado

    Ar'Kulat Fa'Sado

    A mysterious man whose existence is known to but a few. Fa'Sado is in fact the skull of the Valefiend, the Revenant remains of the mortal body of Silas Vale.
  • Archbishop Vikter Van Drake

    Archbishop Vikter Van Drake

    A former member of the crew of the Peregrine, and a hero of the Liberation War. Archbishop Van Drake started the religion of Draconism during the waning years of the Shadow Empire. After the war, Vikter was named Archbishop of the Order of Draconius.
  • Argentum


    Leader of the Brass Dragons and right-hand to King Thoron. A truly ancient veteran of many, many wars.
  • Augus Dennshray

    Augus Dennshray

    A student of the ancient forbidden mystical art of Runometry, and the first to ever truly perfect its use. The experience left him quite mad.
  • Auleak Qrolnar

    Auleak Qrolnar

    A massive, terrifying Bugbear and loyal member of the Current. Yadykath's best friend and an old ally of Reks Relagia.
  • Auriq Sinystre

    Auriq Sinystre

    An anti-social human wizard and student of Silas Vale. Practitioner of the forbidden art of Runometry.
  • Ayla


    The daughter of a tribal leader from the tropical island of Paradisla. The party’s healer and the youthful bride of Sir Drogyn Martok, and mother to his twin sons, Tarrik and Melchior. Later, wife to Masen Sternhammer.
  • Baron Neklorde Muldathia

    Baron Neklorde Muldathia

    A vampiric lich and one of the few remaining pureblooded vampires. Became an ally to the Shadow Knight in order to secure a foothold in his new world order.
  • Beh'Rhuna Or'Avantar

    Beh'Rhuna Or'Avantar

    An Or'Kranna Time Witch whose powers, when combined with a shard of a Soul Mirror, created a living tattoo map on the back of Kasai Ogatsu.
  • Belthazar


    Fallen Archangel of Justice.
  • Blight


    Seductive, forceful, and utterly fearless. The Eldest of King Thoron’s five Chromatic wives, and the most powerful. After her demise, Queen Blight would become an angel in service to her great love, Veil.
  • Bloodhoof


    Weren Bovite stuck in hybrid bull-human form. A former member of the Sanquine Seven turned ally to the cause of freedom.
  • Caenus


    A magically intelligent Blink Dog who was rescued from a disreputable gypsy caravan by Garou and Kasai.
  • Caerdwyn Vale

    Caerdwyn Vale

    The half-red, half-gold adoptive daughter of Drogyn Martok. One of the former Five Queens of Thoron and the current wife of deposed King Darien Vale.
  • Cal'Syee Windrift

    Cal'Syee Windrift

    Wood-Elf Priestess. A scrupulous, hard-nosed freedom fighter and master of herbal curatives.
  • Chanze Stormwinter

    Chanze Stormwinter

    A Canite Weren (Were-Wolf) shaman and fortune teller. He joined the Sharpclaw Crusaders in their mission to investigate the sudden increase in bloodmadness among the Weren of Freel. He died during the Wildmaker Incident.
  • Chas Twiza

    Chas Twiza

    The youngest and most naive of the four gnomes. Gentle hearted, inquisitive, yet quite sad.
  • Claire Martok

    Claire Martok

    First mate of the Peregrine and the Peregrine 2 under Captain Tarrik Martok, her husband Melchior's brother. A flirty, casual rogue with a strong sense of justice and a great command of respect from those serving under her.
  • Clawdagger


    Stubborn, yet principled. Believes that Tiamat is destined to return.
  • Consequence


    Saha Sygra was the last female gnome to live in Wyrmshadow. She replaced her gnomish body with Consequence, one of the four Inevitables.
  • Cordelia Nes'Nuvel

    Cordelia Nes'Nuvel

    The daughter of Medrahna Nus’Naveidtra and the Archdemon Testament. Insinuated into the party in order to attain the seed of Silas Vale and produce an heir.
  • Crucia San Sagahl

    Crucia San Sagahl

    A human wizard and student of Silas Vale. Proud, perhaps overconfident, yet quite skillful.
  • Cylia Stormdawn

    Cylia Stormdawn

    Cylia was raised within a hidden grove called the Sanctuary, hidden from the rest of Infernia. Cylia was a Dreamer, and she sought out Laurence and his allies in order to join them on their quest.
  • Dargenhurst Stonefury

    Dargenhurst Stonefury

    A dwarven stonemason, fisherman, and deputy sheriff of the Greenmeadow militia.
  • Daria Sall

    Daria Sall

    A Weren Felite able to transform into a leopard. A whirling-steel monk, student of Sharakh Hexan, and surrogate big-sister to Korg.
  • Darxide Xen

    Darxide Xen

    Warroid ninja brandishing an impressive array of skills and exotic weaponry. Loyal to Sharakh Hexan and a student of the Hexan dojo on Windjammer Isle.
  • Daythos Relagia

    Daythos Relagia

    A Weren Simite able to transform into a gorilla. The elder brother of Daythin Relagia and former first-mate to Captain Sternhammer on the Peregrine.
  • Dead Aim

    Dead Aim

    The leader of the enigmatic Ebon League. A world-renowned assassin and gunslinger.
  • Dr. Garth Aquila

    Dr. Garth Aquila

    A faux macabre Hafhie obsessed with the appearance of creepiness, but also a talented doctor in the fringe medical field of Forensic Necropathy
  • Ean Sternhammer

    Ean Sternhammer

    The son of Masen and Ayla Sternhammer and half-brother of Tarrik and Melchior Martok. An eager, friendly young man whose family has gone to great lengths to protect his innocence to the horrors of the world.
  • Edwyn Riverford

    Edwyn Riverford

    A gnome hunted by demons, much like Garou and the others, whose memories act as a kind of repository for hidden secrets, only to be accessed by certain parties when the time was right. Tortured to death for this knowledge... the location of the Night Swor
  • Ehlon


    One of the many hosts of the Elder God of Nature
  • Eldranas


    An unwilling agent of the Archdemon Testament, and long-time rival of Silas Vale.
  • Elgrath Pock

    Elgrath Pock

    A Female Porcite Weren (Were-Boar), Elgrath was one of the few Sharpclaws to survive the Wildmaker Incident. She would later join the Order of Draconius after the disappearance of Adon Thunderclaw.
  • Erica Teralys

    Erica Teralys

    Erica is the daughter of a Crystech engineer, Dr. Ray Teralys. She helped install some new Crystech systems in the Peregrine, fell in love with the ship, and decided to stay.
  • Faien La'Trie

    Faien La'Trie

    Member of the Council of Seven, the parliamentary ruling body of Sud Ilras. Made a deal with Shadow Empire envoy and Vampire Lord Ansul Weingarde to remain in her seat of power in exchange for her cooperation in his bloody coup.
  • Faiste


    Female Cherubim Archangel in service to the God of Nature, Ryss. Overseer of Arcadia in the Gods' absence.
  • Faith


    Ludak Copperwrench was the Gnomish inventor of Crystechnology. His replacement Crystech body was Faith, one of the four Inevitables.
  • Farah Gremioh

    Farah Gremioh

    A resident of Greenmeadow who fell in love with Boris Silverstem and enlisted in the fight against the Shadow Empire.
  • Farah's Spirit

    Farah's Spirit

    Farah Gremioh was the only mortal to ever bear the children of a god. Upon the birth of her triplets, she passed away. However, her soul did not ascend to Arcadia, but remained at the location of her daughters' births: Paradisla.
  • Feodor Chasteyne

    Feodor Chasteyne

    A Rodite Weren (Were-Mouse), and the leader of the Sharpclaw Crusaders, a jungle-based adventuring group located in Freel. Feodor died along with most of the Sharpclaws during the Wildmaker Incident.
  • Firakkys Vale

    Firakkys Vale

    The youngest daughter of King Darien and Queen Caerdwyn of Drakyniar. The sister of Jaden Vale. Firakkys is a half-black, half-red Dragon that secretly sought to join the Order of Draconius, against her parent's wishes.
  • Flupity Pluplah

    Flupity Pluplah

    Master of the art of the Tsao-Rin stare. Eternal rival of Boris Silverstem.
  • Friar Fendlewyk

    Friar Fendlewyk

    A priest of the God of Justice who had played a role on Grail's upbringing by Ol' Saldrek.
  • Fujin Jagan

    Fujin Jagan

    Yuan-ti Ninja. Student of Master Sharakh Hexan and loyal lieutenant of Kurai Relagia.
  • Galaga Inzuroch

    Galaga Inzuroch

    Guardroid archer. Apprentice boatswain of the Peregrine under Daythin Relagia.
  • Garham the Brütal

    Garham the Brütal

    A truly hardcore, extreme force of destruction. Serves the Grooselaugg as a Pylean enforcer in Infernia.
  • Garluth Pock

    Garluth Pock

    A Male Porcite Weren (Were-Boar), Garluth was the younger brother of Elgrath and a member of the Sharpclaw Crusaders. He fell prey to the bloodmadness and killed the leader of the Sharpclaws, Feodor Chasteyne. His own sister had to put him down.
  • Gau’Rukh Or’Kavanok

    Gau’Rukh Or’Kavanok

    An Or’Kranna summoner who accompanied the party for a time, eventually gaining their respect.
  • General Twilight

    General Twilight

    A hardened warrior and half-brother of Queen Caerdwyn. Twilight once held Darien Vale with the lowest of regard, but he has since become the King's most trusted confidante.
  • Gradius Sardicc

    Gradius Sardicc

    Axe-wielding Guardroid with a poet’s soul and a flair for the dramatic. Prideful, if perhaps arrogant, in battle.
  • Gru'Khan


    A fiendish Gnoll-kin charged with the capture of the gnome Edwyn Riverford at all costs, even if it meant slaughtering every innocent in his path along the way.
  • Gyruss Vintok

    Gyruss Vintok

    Guardroid shock-blade master with a never-say-die attitude. Has a cool sense of humor and never takes himself too seriously.
  • Halvert Ganlon

    Halvert Ganlon

    Game Warden. An expert marksman and survivalist.
  • Hanze Benda

    Hanze Benda

    The eldest of the four remaining living gnomes. A bitter, thick-skulled, yet wise ruler of the Warroids and Guardroids.
  • Haridon Truebond

    Haridon Truebond

    A fallen paladin, forced to witness the deaths of all he held dear, then to become the very undead being he had always despised. A twisted, insane unholy warrior and member of the Sanguine Seven.
  • Hasao Kotou

    Hasao Kotou

    The general of all Shidi forces involved in the resistance against the Shadow Empire. An escaped political prisoner whose liberation earned Sir Drogyn his eternal allegiance.
  • Horuhl Or'Kazamor

    Horuhl Or'Kazamor

    A member of the Sanguine Seven. A gladiator who values death in battle above all else. Willingly aided Boris and Tarrik after they proved their worth in his arena.
  • Hydlide Masqarado

    Hydlide Masqarado

    Warroid air combat savant and leader of the Nomoid aerial legions. Commander of the flagship: Virago.
  • Hyronius


    One of the many hosts of the Elder God of Justice
  • Ichivon Galvan

    Ichivon Galvan

    A criminal investigator. Clever, intuitive, and uncannily observant. Loyal to Tiburon. Later accepts a position as headmaster of Saigen Academy in Drogynia.
  • Incendus


    Eldest Son of Rubinacht and half-brother of Caerdwyn. Holds no fealty toward Caerdwyn whatsoever and plots with other reds to remove her from power.
  • Inzaus


    A two-headed Dragon and veteran of the Dragon's Shadow heroes of old, suffering from wounds dealt him at the hands of what he believed was his own son, but was actually Belthazar's Nameless servant. The Guardian of the Night Sword.
  • Jasiki Kajano

    Jasiki Kajano

    A Kordothi Troll and reigning leader of the Horns of Agony, a gang of bandits and slavers comprised of various manlike monsters. Kajano once served under Khulvos Hooftorn when he was leader of the Horns of Agony.
  • Jeremiah of Quae Elfien

    Jeremiah of Quae Elfien

    An arrogant, but skilled warrior who fought to stop the return of the Shadow Knight.
  • Jessa “Edge” Lanzhir

    Jessa “Edge” Lanzhir

    The Peregrine’s gunner’s mate and quartermaster. Gained the nickname “Edge” for being incredibly sharp witted and attentive, though ironically she rarely used bladed weapons herself, instead opting to use pistols and rifles in combat.
  • Kaerysa Wildblossom

    Kaerysa Wildblossom

    Energetic, youthful, and vivacious young woman who has been tagging along with the crew of the Peregrine 3, despite several efforts to prevent her coming aboard.
  • Kasai


    A Shidi mystic skilled in the use of the elemental Fire. The bride of Garou and the party's resident healer. Eventually would become the lover of Regult Martok, and the matriarch of the entire Martok family.
  • Kasmir Valaro

    Kasmir Valaro

    A Merusian Elf and a powerful sorceress. Kasmir is the mystic agent aboard the Peregrine III. She is a devout worshipper of Veil, and is the lover of First Mate Craidos.
  • Kialla Lanzhir

    Kialla Lanzhir

    The daughter of former Peregrine crewmember Jessa Lanzhir, Kialla is a young monk whose greatest desire is to develop her own Jutsu.
  • King Arthur Deschain

    King Arthur Deschain

    The first miracle of the god Draconius, Arthur was resurrected as a boy, and he grew up to become the first of the new line of Kings of Imperia.
  • Kleyde


    Male Seraphim Archangel in service to the God of Death, Veil. Protector of Faiste in the Gods' absence.
  • Ko'Vasc Vo'Dazan

    Ko'Vasc Vo'Dazan

    The father of Kurai Deepnight and grandfather of Reks Relagia. A Drao who once worked for Queen Medrahna, but was never loyal to her cause.
  • Kohvar H'Vahl

    Kohvar H'Vahl

    An old friend of Eilora Thalonia, Kohvar was a member of the Current and he reintroduced Eilora to her estranged son, Varen Gilles.
  • Kurai Deepnight-Relagia

    Kurai Deepnight-Relagia

    Drao Ninja, student of Sharakh, and eventually the wife of Daythin Relagia. A phenomenal warrior and dazzling beauty with a haunted past and a hopeful future.
  • Largus Vendt

    Largus Vendt

    A former member of the infamous information brokerage, the Luminati.
  • Lone


    An Incubus who sought the aid of several other Dreamers in freeing Laurence and Crodonvos from the Cauldron. Unfortunately, Lone was forced to sacrifice his own life in order to buy Laurence and his new allies time to make good their escape.
  • Lord Gy Gaxarne'son (Gygax)

    Lord Gy Gaxarne'son (Gygax)

    An Illithid Lord who served the Archdemon Testament and, later, the royal family of the Drao city of Anzarach. Eventually, the Illithid was contacted by another former servant of Testament, Ar'Kulat Fa'Sado, and he allied with Fa'Sado in order to collabor
  • Lord of Locusts

    Lord of Locusts

    An ancient warlock whose last-moment bid for immortality cursed him into the form of a swarm of locusts. So long as a single locust survived, the Lord of Locusts could never be destroyed.
  • Lughana Sehn

    Lughana Sehn

    Naga Aristocrat and newly-appointed leader of the Gylverin Trade Guild in Merus Akuai. Love interest and future wife of Sir Maros Tempest.
  • Malach the Mad

    Malach the Mad

    A member of the Sanguine Seven. A twisted, perverted abjurer specializing in the growth and attachment of fiendish body parts to unwitting, unwilling subjects.
  • Malth Xevious

    Malth Xevious

    Also known as the Dread Pirate Malth or Xevious, the Scourge of the Skies, this Nomoid is a notorious sky pirate and wanted terrorist. He is allied with Ar'Kulat Fa'Sado.
  • Mame Solenara Calbane

    Mame Solenara Calbane

    An Imperian aristocrat and honorary Knight Champion of the Order of Draconius. A beautiful, graceful noblewoman. Holds Rynee Woodsong in highest regard.
  • Martin Arbalest

    Martin Arbalest

    A traveling merchant who had a long standing business relationship with both the Current and the Order of Draconius. Martin now works as a member of the crew of Reks Relagia's Merchant Marine Blacksail, the Raven.
  • Masen Sternhammer

    Masen Sternhammer

    A merchant marine who initiated the exodus of survivors from the Shadow Empire. Co-founder of the Stonehaven colony on Paradisla alongside Crossel, Masen married the widow Ayla Martok, taking her infant sons as his own.
  • Medrahna Nus'Naveidtra

    Medrahna Nus'Naveidtra

    A witch in service to the Shadow Knight whose influence on the Drao was only matched with her delight in the misery of others. A depraved sadist whose true allegiance was to the Archdemon Testament.
  • Moirah Alara

    Moirah Alara

    Spirited, passionate, and playful. Very observant and patient. The quietest of the Five Queens of Dragonkind.
  • Narys Gilles

    Narys Gilles

    The son of the last man to claim the title of Dead Aim, Narys devoted his life to avenging his father and retaking the sacred mask from Tarrik Martok. He would not succeed in either regard.
  • Nephyss Hathieri

    Nephyss Hathieri

    Cunning, ruthless, and efficient. An assassin at heart, with the domination of all Dragonkind as her eternal goal.
  • Nerhul


    One of the many hosts of the Elder God of Death
  • Nus


    The earliest name of the Elder God of Death
  • Nykathia Qlawsqrach

    Nykathia Qlawsqrach

    A powerful Kobold sorceress in service of the Dark Lady, A student of the Illithid Lord, Gy Gaxarne'son (Gygax)
  • Oblivion


    The ultimate form of Traag and prophesied second coming of the original Oblivion. Created for the sole purpose of destroying the Shadow Knight and paving the way for the Infernian Grand Invasion.
  • Onaga Nal Sathai

    Onaga Nal Sathai

    Half-Black/White Dragon. Devotee of the Shidi Bushin traditions, and loyal servant to the Black Queen, Blight.
  • Orin Gremioh

    Orin Gremioh

    The young brother of Farah Gremioh and a child citizen of Stonehaven.
  • Orius


    An archdemon lieutenant of Testament
  • Orrus Gaultaire

    Orrus Gaultaire

    A roguish human warrior who had murdered Regult's wife and child and caused the head injury robbing him of these memories. A member of Belthazar's Order of the Three.
  • Osar Argentix (aka Nameless)

    Osar Argentix (aka Nameless)

    What appeared to be the legendary hero of the old war was actually the Nameless vassal of Belthazar in disguise. Directly responsible for the return of the Shadow Knight and the fall of the party at the end of the campaign.
  • Phi


    The earliest name of the Elder God of Justice and Order
  • Poske Maxus

    Poske Maxus

    A notorious serial killer and mentally deranged pirate. Poske was hired by the Scourge of the Skies, Malth Xevious, as a member of his crew.
  • Provectus Graymane

    Provectus Graymane

    An Idrahaali warrior and great friend to Garou and Kasai.
  • Qix Manaweaver

    Qix Manaweaver

    Sorceroid war-caster with a variety of lightning-based magical abilities.
  • Queen T'sallya Jadryk

    Queen T'sallya Jadryk

    Current Queen of Merus Akuai. A potent public speaker and strong supporter of the war against the Shadow Empire.
  • Randis Kyzarde

    Randis Kyzarde

    Warroid spy for the gnomes of Windjammer Isle. A loyal servant to the Inevitable cause. Single minded, efficient warrior.
  • Rathos Qrolnar

    Rathos Qrolnar

    A massive Bugbear warrior and distant cousin of Auleak Qrolnar. Rathos led his clan of Bugbears to rally under the leadership of the Illithid Lord, Gy Gaxarne'son (Gygax).
  • Regult Martok

    Regult Martok

    Regult as he appears in War is Hell. The ancient hero yet lives, over a thousand years after Wyrmshadow: The Night Sword! He doesn't care for Cade.
  • Remonstration


    Chaz Twizadesigned the Nomoid city of Ce'Virah. Chaz replaced his own body with Remonstration, one of the four Inevitables.
  • Revenon


    An archdemon formerly known as Lord Heresy who defected to join the Pylean Restoration in service to the Groosalugg
  • Rhaine Sylvenglade

    Rhaine Sylvenglade

    Wood-Elf Paladin. Follower of the Boris, the God of Balance.
  • Roena Martok

    Roena Martok

    The daughter of Tarrik and Lucinda Martok. Proud, stubborn, and independent.
  • Roena Martok

    Roena Martok

    Descrption to come.
  • Rulock Greenblood

    Rulock Greenblood

    An orcish warrior who found a cursed set of armor, but discovered the nature of the curse far too late. Rulock is now a slave to the will of the armor, and he has since that day been forced to commit atrocities he would never have chosen to do.
  • Ryndrik Woodsong

    Ryndrik Woodsong

    King of the Faeriefolk of Wind Hollow, father of Rynn, and staunch ally of Drogyn Martok and Saigen (Osar Argentix).
  • Rythael


    The angelic daughter of the God of Death, Veil, and the Archangel Blight. A narcissistic, shallow, and bratty young angel with high aspirations and no patience whatsoever.
  • S'zeves V'destrii

    S'zeves V'destrii

    S'zeves as he appears during the events of War is Hell. He is the Emerald Knight of Imperia and the future husband of Roena Martok.
  • S'zyrinah V'destrii

    S'zyrinah V'destrii

    A female Shadar-Kai, which makes her utterly unique, as there only appeared to be three Shadar-Kai in existence whatsoever. Her connection to S'zeves was revealed to have been both strange and world-changing in scope.
  • Saha Sygra

    Saha Sygra

    An aged, kind-eyed gnome woman. One-fourth of the remaining gnomes, and the spiritual "mother" of all Nomoids.
  • Sarah Stormwarden

    Sarah Stormwarden

    Along with Aelanah and Kaerysa, Sarah is one of the triplet daughters of the God of Nature, Rys, and the priestess, Farah Gremioh. Sarah and her sisters founded the Current when they were young children.
  • Shakaar Hakkari

    Shakaar Hakkari

    An ancient Raksha Fiend and cult leader in Muhar. Was responsible for the death of Sharakh’s parents, and orchestrated much of what drove Sharakh mad over the years.
  • Shehayde Craidos

    Shehayde Craidos

    A Sahuagin warrior who once witnessed the power of Silas Vale and was moved to spread word of his might among his people. Craidos would later meet Tarrik Martok, the husband of his god's daughter, and he found a place as Tarrik's new first officer.
  • Simone Delial

    Simone Delial

    A Nasnoi, and the only one left other than Garou. A druidic witch who was in a Nas'Nos prison when Oblivion killed the Phoenix King and she was rescued from the fate off all the other Nasnoi by Nameless and Belthazar. A member of the Order of the Three
  • Singe


    A red/green dragon, Singe serves as the personal advisor and bodyguard of Queen Caerdwyn. The two do not otherwise get along very well.
  • Siyr Nal Sathai

    Siyr Nal Sathai

    Deceptively quiet and demure. Half-sister of Onaga.
  • Sordax the Merciless

    Sordax the Merciless

    A former student of Ma'Thius PaVayne and top wizard of Ansul Weingarde's Sanguine Seven.
  • Spindle


    Regult Martok's short-lived partner-in-crime.
  • Stendhal


    Fiendish clone of Thoron and commander of the Fiendrakken.
  • S’Vetya Ka’Zavosra

    S’Vetya Ka’Zavosra

    A young Drao girl who was rescued by Kelain and Yadykath from the Underdark.
  • Tagar


    A Great Troll. Laurence and his allies came to the aid of Tagar, unsolicited, and ever since he has traveled along with them. You see, Tagar has been having this recurring dream...
  • Tarrik Broadleaf

    Tarrik Broadleaf

    A homeless boy who was caught trying to pick pocket Drogyn. Drogyn took him and raised him like a younger brother.
  • Tempake the Filthy

    Tempake the Filthy

    A general of the Shadow Knight freed from prison during Good Intentions, now working for the demon, Testament. Laid havoc to the lives of Boris and Sharakh, seeing them as unnatural abominations. Secretly the father of Boris Silverstem.
  • Testament (Ma'Thius PaVayne)

    Testament (Ma'Thius PaVayne)

    The Infernal Liege in charge of preparing Wyrmshadow for invasion by his lord and master, Asmous the Foul.
  • Teyra Kyraso

    Teyra Kyraso

    A female Tiefling warrior that wielded a massive maul and had a bubbly, exuberant demeanor that seemed out of place. However, in her jubilation, Teyra proved to be cruel and ruthless.
  • The Black Lion

    The Black Lion

    The Black Lion is an ancient evil that resides within the souls of thousands of hapless, seemingly unrelated men, women, and children from all races and all walks of life.
  • The Dark Lady

    The Dark Lady

    A mysterious female magic user of immense power and influence. The Dark Lady organized simultaneous strikes by hordes of various monsters, throwing the world's governments into disarray in preparation for her master's plan to unfold.
  • The Grooselaugg

    The Grooselaugg

    A human-looking Fiendish overlord summoned into battle by Cordelia. Had a great reputation that carried over into Wyrmshadow, which aided Testament in assuaging any doubts as to his identity and motives.
  • The Legendary Wyrm

    The Legendary Wyrm

    The creator of the world of Wyrmshadow
  • The Reaper (Lucinda Martok)

    The Reaper (Lucinda Martok)

    The daughter of Silas Vale and Cordelia Nes'Nuvel, but ultimately the product of an insidious plot by the Archdemon Testament to create a new weapon capable of finding and destroying the elusive Shadow Knight
  • The Shadow Knight

    The Shadow Knight

    Belthazar’s artificial reincarnation of the Phoenix, his ‘hero’ who would repel the coming Infernal invasion and save creation from the clutches of Asmous. The campaign, while intended to prevent his return, actually wound up facilitating it, leadin
  • Thoron


    King of the Metallics, Lord of All Dragonkind. An immensely powerful ally in the war against the Shadow Empire.
  • Truth


    Truth was once Hans Benda, a gnome who helped to develop the process of transferring a soul into an artificial Crystech body.
  • Twilight


    Caerdwyn's half-brother and leader of the Gold Dragons. Calm, just, and humorless.
  • Typhus Akuis XII (Tiburon)

    Typhus Akuis XII (Tiburon)

    Snobbish, handsome prince of the Aquatic Elven kingdom of Merus Akuai. Played an unwitting pawn in the schemes of the Archangel Belthazar.
  • Vespa Tigh

    Vespa Tigh

    Born and raised within the Holy City of Drogynia, Vespa was a free spirited young Order initiate, flirtatious and naive, until the Kobold Uprisings of 25 YE.
  • Viscount Hayd Koskoval

    Viscount Hayd Koskoval

    An Imperian noble, owner of much of Freeport, and secret liaison to the Order of the Three.
  • Vizrah Ehrgeiz

    Vizrah Ehrgeiz

    Vizrah Ehrgeiz was one of a new generation of native-born Nomoids whose souls never inhabited a Gnomish body. She serves as one of the messengers of the Inevitables.
  • Vok'Tarrak Or'Akral

    Vok'Tarrak Or'Akral

    Sub-Commander of Warmaster Aganon’s Or’Kranna Orc brigade.
  • Warleader Braddick

    Warleader Braddick

    The Azer leader of the Iron Fist mercenary clan and Leech’s former commander. Braddick transferred command of Leech to Laurence and made the Materian an honorary captain in his mercenary regiment.
  • Warmaster Aganon

    Warmaster Aganon

    An ancient elf from a long-dead tribe. A soothsayer who had foretold the heroes' coming and whose knowledge of the future helped to shed some light onto the mysteries surrounding the demons chasing after them.
  • Willis Danakis

    Willis Danakis

    A young, brash, somewhat naive knight in the Order of Draconius. Alistaire Cambul's partner-in-arms, and personal guard of Mame Solenara Calbane.
  • Yadykath Rathsqar

    Yadykath Rathsqar

    A Kobold ninja and loyal member of the Current. A good friend of Kelain and Auleak. Harbors a fierce hatred of all other Kobolds.
  • Yll'Kragon Or'Vakyan

    Yll'Kragon Or'Vakyan

    An Orc, loyal to Pavanoth, who made a failed attempt on the life of Warmaster Aganon.
  • Zapht


    A Zardian (Lizardman) from Freel who joined the Sharpclaw Crusaders after they helped him rescue his raptor-drake, Ruskale. He was saved by Crossel from being killed by a mob of bloodmad Weren, but later died trying to return Crossel's favor.
  • Zyynh Fal'Lavio

    Zyynh Fal'Lavio

    Sadistic Draoish Vampire whose life-sustaining witchcraft prolongs the agony of her dark works. A member of the Sanguine Seven.