Journal of the White Lion

The White Lion …

The “blessing” of the White Lion.

It’s more of a blessing within a curse if you ask me. Many have bared witness to the power and grace of the white lion, and to the warrior that wields the mighty beast. The feats of this mighty warrior and the bravery he bestows are stranger to few. Many already know the tales, whether true or fabled, of the White Lion, the beast… the warrior… the “hero”.

That is why it is not the glories of the White Lion that must be told, but of the horrors. The White Lion is not some champion who rose against all odds, or who trained day and night to acquire the power he now exercises. The blessing of the White Lion is a birthright taken by choice by a foolish youth who wanted to make a name for himself.

If you know of the White Lion then you’ve surely heard of the Black Lion, a name that fills my very being with fear, disgust, and hate. The Black Lion is a coward who withdraws himself deep within the soul of an innocent, possesses it, and uses it as a piece of human armor to fight within. It is the duty of the White Lion to fight the Black Lion and the innocent puppet it has taken only to repeat the process the next day, again and again… for all eternity. I have wanted so badly to run away from the fight, to let the innocent, tainted by the Black Lions grasp, live.

However, it is impossible for me to do so. With every fiber of my being, from within my very core, I am pulled toward the Black Lion’s roars of battle. I am forced to engage him in a fight that only ends when I’ve stained my hands with the blood of some young girl or some elder man. Each new day brings a new death and, as if that weren’t bad enough, each battle with the Black Lion is a constant reminder of all my past “victories”, a list that will forever grow. Every now and then I’ll luck out and the Black Lion will assume control over the body of some wanted criminal or some cold blooded murderer, whose life I have little guilt in ending. That, however, occurs to few times to lift my spirits.

I have heard people refer to me as a hero. They couldn’t be more naive. A hero fights evil to protect the innocent. I fight the innocent to protect the name of the White Lion, only to have the same evil live day after day in some new unsuspecting soul. To form close bonds and friendships is nearly impossible for fear that they too will have their eyes blackened and their heart breached by the cowardice Black Lion. So this is what it means to be the mighty White Lion. To forever fight, to forever kill, and to forever… shed the tears of the White Lion.

Your “Hero”,

The White Lion (Edriq Thalonia)

Journal of the White Lion

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